One of the most sought problems when running an online business is shipment handling. As a buyer, we hope to receive the item we bought immediately. Meanwhile, as a seller, we also wished our customers could receive their packages as soon as possible. Let’s see how the Lazada shipping process is going to be able to estimate how long you will wait for a package to arrive. 

Through this article, you will not only get information about how many days Lazada delivery Philippines usually occurred but also discover the Lazada delivery process overseas, how to claim the free shipping, and how will your shipment be handled based on Lazada’s SOP. Without further introduction, here is the article.

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How Do I Get Free Shipping?

Aside from being so simple and easy, Lazada is also offering lots of benefits for its customers. One of the most common offers is to gain a free shipping coupon on daily basis. But how can a user get this free shipping coupon? If you are also wondering why then this article is tailored for you because we will also talk about free shipping on this sub-topic.

Free shipping or free delivery is a program launched by Lazada which let its customer enjoy online shopping on their platform without having to worry about the courier fee as it has been shouldered by either Lazada or Lazada’s seller. But, buyers need to understand that not every store offers a free shipping program so make sure you do a double cross-check before placing an order.

To check and claim the free shipping coupon, customers can look out for the “Daily Free Shipping” banner on items and collect the coupon through the product page. Remember that for each checkout, you can only use one free shipping voucher so you have made up your purchasing plan before placing the order to be able to maximize the discount.

For regular free shipping, the shipping fee is usually calculated by the number of packages that the seller sets as part of the promotion’s terms and conditions. This kind of promotion usually required buyers to spend on a minimum amount or minimum quantity.

What is the Process of Shipping in Lazada?

Talking about the shipping process in Lazada Philippines, here is the scheme:

Placing an Order

The customer will place an order and once the order is verified by the Lazada team, the seller will get the notification via registered email and the Lazada App notification (only for sellers who get the Lazada Seller App installed on their phone) asking the seller to proceed the order immediately.

Once the order appears in the Seller Center, sellers are given 24 hours to complete the processing, packing, and handing over the package to the Lazada delivery partner. The seller is strictly required to fulfill orders within the deadline to avoid order cancellation and eventual deactivation of the store.

Receive Order

The order that comes in will appear under the “To Pack” tab on the seller’s “Order Management” page. 

Check the Fulfillment Type

There are two types of order fulfillment that sellers can check by following the steps:

  • Go to the Profile page in “My Account”.
  • Choose the “Shipping Provider” tab, there, sellers can check their shipping fulfillment type.

Shipping provider fulfillment is divided into Pick-Up and Drop-Off types. On the Pick-Up fulfillment, once the seller has prepared the customer’s order, the Lazada Pick-Up team will arrive at the seller’s warehouse address to proceed with the order pick-up.

If the shipping provider fulfillment is Drop-Off, the seller has to be dropping off the package at the nearest Drop-Off Point near the seller’s location once the seller has done with their order preparation.

Pick Items

Sellers are required to get the specified item in the picklist from inventory and conduct a quality check to make sure the product is working and in a good condition before shipping them out to customers. 

Packing Order

The seller is strictly asked to follow Lazada’s packing guidelines to ensure the package is protected from any external damage during the shipment to reduce the complaints and return requests.

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Print Documents

There’s an option under the “To Pack” tab where sellers can print the airway bill before dropping off the package or arranging the pick-up. All the seller has to do is:

  • Select the orders that are ready to be fulfilled.
  • Click the “Create and Print Selected Orders”.

Print out the shipping document or airway bills to waterproof thermal paper. Make sure the barcode is properly printed. Sellers are suggested to practice the FIFO (First In First Out) method when fulfilling the shipment to meet the deadline of shipping.

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Arrange Shipment

After printing the airway bills, the order status in Seller Center will automatically change from “To Pack” to “To Ship”. The seller can click the “Arrange Shipment” button if the package is ready to ship out. 

Once the seller has clicked the “Arrange Shipment”, there will be a message confirming that the order is ready to be handed over to the Lazada courier partner.

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Hand Over the Package

The seller’s last process on shipping is when the assigned courier comes to pick up the packages and the status order changes from “To Ship” to “Shipping”. When handing over the package seller has to pay attention to:

  • The number of packages that are being handed over to the courier, make sure to count them all.
  • Make sure all of the packages have successfully been scanned before being handing over.
  • Ensure the total number of scanned packages is equal to the number of packages recorded into the pick-up driver’s scanning device and the number of actually handed packages.
  • Sign the mobile scanning device.

How Long is Lazada Delivery in the Philippines?

The arrangement of shipment works like the following:

  • For order which created between 12:01 am to 10:59 am will be delivered on the same day.
  • Orders created from 11:00 am to 11:59 pm will be delivered on the next day.

Both buyers and sellers can check the status of the package by accessing the Lazada delivery tracker. 


Usually, every order will be processed by the seller the moment they receive the notifications to avoid cancellation of the order and getting SAL branches for the inability to handle the order on time.

To answer consumers’ questions about how to choose courier in Lazada, unfortunately, Lazada’s system will automatically choose the courier options that will reach the consumers as fast as possible. However, sellers can choose to activate and disable certain courier options. 

And for questions about “can I order Lazada from USA to Philippines? “, if the sellers are part of the cross-border sellers of Lazada, then you will be able to make an order and have the product delivered to you through LGS courier. However, for Philippines sellers, currently, the shipment is only nationwide. This means you will not be able to order Lazada from the Philippines to the USA.

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