With 12 million online stores expected to grow, driving traffic to your website will only become more difficult. Shopify makes it simple and painless to set up an online store. The increased competition has made it extremely difficult, with many stores receiving low visitors. So, how to drive traffic to your Shopify website? Here are top tips for finding low-cost, simple traffic nurturing solutions.

How Shopify Stores Drive Traffic

How do customers find your Shopify store? Knowing the answer will aid in selecting the best marketing channels for reaching out to potential customers. According to one study of 60,000 Shopify stores, the top six traffic sources were organic, direct, Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, and Pinterest ads.

Organic, direct, and Facebook were by far the most effective ways to drive traffic to Shopify stores, as shown above.

What these top Shopify traffic sources mean:

  • Organic: customers visit stores after finding them on Google.
  • Direct: customers type a store’s URL into their browser to visit it directly.
  • Facebook ads: traffic obtained through clicks on Facebook campaigns.
  • Google ads: visits from paid Google advertising campaigns.
  • Pinterest ads: traffic from Pinterest ads.

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Many people who discover these top sources decide to invest in them in order to drive traffic to their Shopify stores. But, it turns out that the top traffic sources aren’t always the ones that bring in the most sales. Otherwise, no Shopify store owner would have the issue of having traffic but no sales. Here ecommerce research to learn about these top sales sources.

Organic, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Instagram ads are all far more effective than direct.

So, on Shopify, you should drive and convert this type of traffic into sales:

  • Direct traffic—strategies for promoting brand loyalty and direct engagement are included here (customer loyalty programs, blog content, etc).
  • Organic traffic—driving this type of traffic necessitates SEO optimization, media PR, and the creation of high-quality blog content.
  • Paid social media traffic—this traffic is generated by social media ads (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest), so techniques include paid campaigns.
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So, should you try all of these methods to drive traffic to your Shopify store? No, not always. The most effective ones are determined by your marketing budget, products, and customers. 

How to Drive Traffic to Your Shopify Store

If you have no traffic to my Shopify store, these are how to increase website traffic for free in 2021 and also paid strategies. 

Create SEO-Friendly Blog Content

Blog content (product guides, how-to articles, videos, and so on) is an effective and cheapest way to drive traffic to a website and your Shopify store. This strategy is essential for:

  1. Ranking higher in Google search results.
  2. Developing a good reputation for providing customers with quality advice.

As a result, many Shopify stores have a blog.

Enfamil, a store that sells infant formula, is a great example. Its blog is amazing because of its helpful tips for parents and content categorization to make it easier to find tips.

Do Social Media Marketing

How to drive traffic to Shopify store for free is doing social media marketing. Marketing your products on social media is a great way to increase brand recognition as well as direct and organic Shopify traffic. The best strategy is to demonstrate how your products can benefit customers and provide suggestions on how to use them. This method also works on how to drive traffic to your online store free. 

To drive traffic to a Shopify store, share the following posts:

  • Product marketing.
  • Product demonstrations.
  • Product and brand news and updates.
  • Content about branding.
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BioLite, a seller of off-grid energy products, posts short product videos on Facebook. This is a good example, with a nice visual and tips for turning “your backyard into your friends’ and neighbors’ favorite place to hang out.” There’s also a link in the lower right corner to the product page.

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Interacting with customers is also an important aspect of social media marketing. This includes responding to their comments, following them, and liking the images they post about your company or products. An active participation demonstrates your willingness to be available and helpful.

Start a social media contest or a giveaway. Participants can enter by liking and following your social media pages or signing up for your newsletter on your website. It’s an excellent way to increase followers, generate leads, and drive traffic to Shopify stores.

Use Shoppable Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest, like Instagram, has introduced shoppable posts and is quickly becoming a legitimate way on how to drive traffic to your ecommerce store. Around 80% of weekly Pinterest users say they discovered a brand or product on the platform, implying that there are numerous marketing opportunities.

Pinterest’s ability to serve as a source of inspiration is a significant advantage. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, most searches on the platform are unbranded, making it an excellent platform for showcasing products in an organic manner.

After obtaining a business Pinterest account, you can create shoppable pins like this. You can create a Pinterest shop and upload product data once you’ve signed up (characteristics, categories, visuals, and prices).

Run Instagram Ad Campaigns

Instagram ads are Shopify’s 5th best revenue source, and for good reason. This platform is so popular because 81 percent of customers use it to conduct online product research.

Instagram has powerful audience targeting options for businesses—play with them and your ads will be shown to the right people. Because of this, an Instagram campaign can quickly drive traffic to your Shopify store—many businesses can get between 200 and 500 daily visitors.

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Instagram ads are shown in the feed to people who match your audience preferences. A business account is required to drive traffic to Shopify. It allows you to share various types of posts (standard, video, carousel, etc.) and tag multiple products to boost sales.

Use Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads are among the most effective ways on how to drive traffic to your website 2021. Many business owners and marketers were able to “flip the switch” and generate thousands of dollars in online sales in a matter of weeks.

Google Shopping ads appear to people who are looking for products online, so you can use them to target high-intent customers.

The fact that you can create Google Shopping ads directly from Shopify is fantastic. You only need to install the Google Channel app.


As competition intensifies, it is critical to remember your Shopify store’s marketing strategy. The success of your shop will be driven by generating the right traffic.

Remember to build your strategy on your own research and budget, and to keep an eye on your feed to maximize your potential traffic. Update it as needed and capitalize on your most profitable products.

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