Free shipping is a common business and marketing practice because it assures customers that they will not be charged a surprise high shipping fee when they place their order. You can make free shipping the only shipping option in your store, or you can make it available only if certain conditions are met. These criteria can be based on orders that exceed a certain value or weight. Learn how to make a product free shipping on Shopify Philippines.

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Why Offer Free Shipping?

Free shipping potentially increases your store sales. But, how to set up free shipping over $35 on Shopify? It will still increase your sales. Let’s know the other benefits.

Increase Sales

Clients are more likely to purchase from an online store that provides free shipping on orders placed online. Here are some stats that will undoubtedly convince you to enable the free shipping bar on your shipping profile:

  • Shopify stores that provide free shipping can increase revenue by up to 10%.
  • Offering free shipping can increase conversion rates by up to 50%.
  • Free shipping on online orders increases orders by 90%.
  • With the allure of free shipping and Shopify shipping discounts, you can gain up to 48% more new customers.

Increases Average Order Value

Free shipping is so appealing that customers will spend more and more to meet the minimum and maximum free Shopify shipping rates. To get free shipping, 52 percent of shoppers will buy more items. So you can offer free shipping over $50 Shopify.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

According to one study, 58 percent of buyers abandon their carts because shipping rates make everything appear expensive. Yes, the cost of shipping is one of the major reasons why potential buyers abandon their items in a cart rather than purchasing them.

Free shipping rates will persuade customers to complete the purchase process, which is something that every owner wants for their Shopify website.

If you are unable to provide free shipping entirely, sending such an offer to those who have abandoned carts may entice them to complete the purchase once and for all.

Promote Customer Loyalty

It’s not enough to get new customers, you’d also like existing customers to buy from you again and again. You can easily accomplish this by offering free shipping.

Aside from shipping discounts, providing an excellent shipping service will keep your buyers returning.

Better Marketing Techniques

Why not invest $5 in shipping rates instead of paying $5 for each paid advertisement? The advanced shipping rules Shopify is considering free shipping rates to be one of your operational costs. 

To illustrate, you do not charge your clients for website hosting or SEO; rather, you consider them necessary expenses for store operations. You can offer it for free without losing much money if you factor in shipping the same way you do for others.

How to Cover Free Shipping Rates

After knowing the benefits, how to add free shipping over 100 on Shopify? Here is how you can cover free shipping rates.

Calculate Shipping Rates Into Product Pricing

Before you list your product on your Shopify app, how to set up shipping on Shopify is to think about the shipping rates and associated fees. After all, it can be influenced by a variety of factors, including:

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  • Product weight. 
  • Dimensions of the package.
  • Zone of destination/shipping.
  • The cost of insurance.
  • Time of delivery (standard or express).
  • Duties and customs (for international deliveries).

Optimize Packaging

Most shipping companies base the cost of shipping on the product’s weight, size, and volume. Having said that, the best way to save money on shipping is to optimize packaging.

It’s critical to have a variety of packaging options on hand, especially if you sell items of varying sizes. You don’t want to pack your cosmetics in a larger parcel because you’ll end up paying more for shipping.

Different Service Providers

Staying with the same courier company may result in a shipping discount. However, if you sign up with multiple courier companies, you can get even more shipping discounts.

Consider this: USPS regional services are less expensive for nearby areas, whereas FedEx and UPS are better for cross-country deliveries.

Remember that competition is what keeps the market healthy. When one company learns that you’re dealing with another, they’re more likely to offer you a lower shipping rate in order to keep you.

Utilize Fulfillment Services

You can send your products to warehouses that specialize in order fulfillment.

While there is a fee for the services, it is still less expensive in the long run. Shipping rates are also reduced due to the warehouse’s proximity to your customers.

Limited Offers

You can still offer free shipping rates even if your Shopify website has limited resources. All you have to do is create a limited-time offer.

If your warehouse is in the Philippines, for example, you could offer free shipping within the state. You could impose lower fees in neighboring states and higher fees in farther-flung areas.

How to Set Up Free Shipping Discount in Shopify

Now that you understand why offering free shipping on Shopify is critical, it’s time to start creating your free shipping discounts! Here are the steps to enable free shipping as how to do free shipping over $75 on Shopify:

  1. Navigate to the Shopify admin page.
  2. Select Shipping and Delivery.
  3. Navigate to the Shipping Profile in which you want to include a Free Shipping rate. Click the “Manage Shipping Rates” option next to the shipping profile where you want to add a free shipping rate.
  4. Choose the shipping zones for which you want to create Free Shipping rates. Click Add Rate and enter the shipping rate’s name.
  5. Make sure the price based is set to 0.
  6. To confirm the free Shopify shipping offer, click “Done” then “Save.”

You can set shipping rules based on weight or value. After step 5, click Add Conditions and enter a weight base. You can enter the minimum and maximum value for your free shipping rate on a specific shipping zone based on weight or value and click done.


With the rise in popularity of online shopping in recent years, it has become more difficult to stand out from the crowd. This is why offering free shipping is an excellent way to encourage customers to continue purchasing from your Shopify store. It also allows you to establish a strong rapport with them.

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