As a seller of Lazada, you have to know that Lazada allows you to drop off your order at certain locations to help you fulfill your orders so the customers who have been waiting to receive the items can get their package sooner. If you are wishing to get the list of lazada drop off points and understand it better, make sure you have read this article thoroughly. 

What is Lazada Drop Off Point?

Some of you might wonder what the Lazada drop-off point is and how it works? According to Lazada, a drop-off point (DOP) is a partner establishment that accepts parcels from Lazada sellers before delivering them to the customers. 

There are a few benefits you might gain from this Drop Off Point system, for example:

  • You can drop off your parcel anytime between 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday (except holidays).
  • You can freely choose any drop-off point near you (make sure to check on Lazada drop off point locations first).
  • Get faster order shipments with Lazada’s same day pick up that guarantees a shorter lead time for deliveries.
  • LEX Drop Off Point helps sellers ship out their products efficiently, helping the business to grow faster and guarantee customer satisfaction resulting in improvements in service ratings given. 

Most of the drop off points usually target the major locations such as Lazada drop off point Caloocan and Lazada drop off point Cainta.

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How Do You Drop Off?

Now that you know what is the Lazada drop off point and how it benefits you as a seller, it’s time to know the simple steps of how a drop off works as stated below:

  • Print out the documents and airway bills (AWB).
  • Pick the items and conduct a quality check to ensure products are in good working conditions.
  • Pack the items together with the sales invoice and attach the shipping label (airway bills) on the parcel.
  • After that, validate or update the status order to “Ready to Ship”.
  • Proceed to the nearest drop off stations (you can check your LEX drop off point at
  • Ensure your package scanning is successful before handing it over to the representative.
  • Only hands out the package to the representative when the scanning is successful.

Before proceeding to drop-off stations, you have to ensure the orders you need to hand over are already packed, fulfilled, and prepared. You don’t need to bring a carrier manifest because the system will send a confirmation email address indicated in your Seller Center for the list of packages that will be dropped for that certain day.

You have to ensure these few following things before dropping off your package, such as:

  • Your package status should have changed to “Waiting for Drop Off”.
  • You have to arrive before the cut-off time of the Drop Off Point.
  • Your package is not heavier than 20kg or bigger than 70cm x 70cm x 70cm.
  • Your package has been scanned properly before you leave the station.

In case your package is above 20kg or exceeds the volumetric size of 70cm x 70cm x 70cm, then you can proceed your package to the nearest Lazada OTCs which accept packages up to 50kg and the volumetric size of 150cm x 150cm x 150cm. 

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Where are Lazada Drop Off Points?

To access the Lazada Drop Off Point list, you can follow the following steps:

  • Go to the DOP Locator HERE.
  • In the search bar, enter your location and click the “Search” button.
  • The map will show you the 20 nearest available drop-off stations that are currently available within your area.

For example, you can type Quezon City Metro Manila and the DOP Locator will show which is the available Lazada drop-off point near Quezon City Metro Manila. You can move your cursor over the blue pins on a map to see more information about the station name, the distance from your current location to the DOP stations, the complete address of the stations, the operation hours, and the maximum size and weight they are willing to accept. 

You will sometimes get additional info about the contact number of certain DOP stations too. Aside from it, you might also see the “Direction” button appearing on the DOP station result list which will connect you to the Google Map and give you detailed instructions to get to the DOP stations from your current place.

You can also apply to become a drop-off point by visiting the application. However, you will have to fulfill the following requirements, such as:

  • The location that you registered for drop-off should have a minimum capacity of 10 to 15 sqm.
  • You have a device for video surveillance and monitoring installed.
  • The CCTV/Monitoring device should have been located in the vicinity of the transactions area.
  • You have a reliable internet connection with at least 5mbps and accommodated with internet backup and a strong data connection.
  • You have a space for a 6-wheelers truck to be parked around this area.
  • Have someone who can dedicate or support the drop-off and pick up times.
  • Has a Seller rating of at least 85% or above with less than 1% canceled reservations and less than 1% return rate.
  • Has a Seller rating of at least 90% to 96% of on-time shipping.
  • Has responded to at least 85% of IM messages.
  • Has deducted points for noncompliance below 24.
  • Can operate for 10 hours a day from Monday to Saturday except on holidays.

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Aside from making money from being a seller in Lazada, you can also consider becoming part of the Lazada drop-off point if you meet the requirements. Lazada drop-off point income will be transferred by Lazada’s team every month to the partner’s bank account against the invoices that you have submitted.

The exact amount per package will vary from each partner based on variables such as location, type of stores, working hours, storage space, etc.

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