Are you curious on how to process refund in Lazada? Let’s check this article to get more information about it!

How Many Days Do Buyers Have to Return an Item?

Most people in the Philippines must know what Lazada is. Lazada is one of the most favorite marketplace in South East Asia which offers many kinds of products such as household goods, toys, baby products, fashion, electronic devices, sports equipment, groceries and many more.

Online shopping is easy nowadays. All people can buy and sell things in an online marketplace at any place but how if you receive or order the wrong product, is it possible to cancel and do a Lazada cancellation refund? And yes, you are allowed to cancel your Lazada’s order when it is still being processed but once it has been packed the order, you will not be able to make any cancellation. 

Are you curious on how to cancel refund in Lazada? Here are the steps you need to take to cancel your Lazada’s order.

  • Go to Lazada account and go to My Account Page. 
  • Choose Track My Order at the top menu then select View All Orders.
  • After that, find the orders that you want to cancel and you need to ensure that your order’s status is still “To Pack”.
  • If you have already make sure the status, click cancel and input the cancellation reason then tap “Confirm”.
  • Then you will be asked to input the detailed explanation of the cancellation reason you submitted before. Once it done, click submit.
  • The cancellation request approval will be automatically. You can check the order status by clicking “Check your order status here” button.
  • There will be an email that sends to your email address informing that your order has been canceled.

You might be curious whether you can cancel your order in Lazada after payment. Yes, you can cancel your order even after payment unless it has not been shipped. To check your orders cancellation, you can take these steps: 

  • Step 1 – Go to account.
  • Step 2 –  Select returns & cancellation.
  • Step 3 – Choose the order you want to cancel on the returns & Cancellation page.
  • Step 4 – Then you will be able to see the cancellation details including the refund information in that page.

If you want to return the product you buy, you need to fill the Lazada return form first. There is a time limit to return your order. If you miss the time limit, you might get a Lazada return rejected. Here is the time limit.

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How Long Will It Take For The Item To Be Returned To Sellers?

Are you curious about how to request refund in Lazada and how to ask refund in Lazada? Before we discuss on how to refund in Lazada, you need to know the return process first. Here are the steps on how to return Lazada items.

  • Tap on view all orders.
  • Click the item you want to return.
  • Select on the button of return or refund.
  • Fill the online Lazada return form.
  • Select your return delivery method you want.
  • The last step is to hand over your item to the courier and remember to download the return label because it is important in returning items in Lazada.

For your additional information, not all items can be returned. The digital goods, vitamins, groceries and underwear are not returnable. It takes 45 days to return the failed delivery to the seller and 25 days to the customer return (Non-DRTM).

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What Should a Seller Do Once They Receive the Item?

Once the item is received by the seller, here are the following things that the seller needs to do:

  • Seller will be asked to give the valid ID when accepting the order back.
  • Sellers have to do product and visual quality checks. After check, you can accept or reject the return product.

How Many Times Will The Courier Attempt To Return An Item To The Seller?

The courier will only attempt the return items twice only. If the first attempt is not successful, the courier will make the second attempt within 48 hours. If the second attempt is still unsuccessful, the seller can request for the third attempt (last attempt) by submitting the seller request form within 24 hours.

Refund Types

How to refund missing item in Lazada? Before you request for gcash refund Lazada, you need to know that there are several refund types such as:

  • Refunds from canceled orders – refunds will be made automatically once the order cancellation is successful
  • Refunds for return – refunds will be made when the return item has been received and checked by the seller
  • Refund from failed deliveries – refunds that process when the item has been received back by the seller

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Refund Time Frame

How to refund in Lazada wallet? The refund will be processed once the items has been received back by the seller or the cancellation is completed already. Lazada refund how long? It depends on what payment method you use. Here is the estimated time the Lazada refund process is completed.

  • Credit card – 5 to 15 banking days
  • Debit card – 45 banking days
  • Lazada wallet – 24 hours
  • Gcash – 1 to 3 days

More About Refunds

How to refund money in Lazada wallet? Your refunds will be automatically processed based on the payment method you use. Here are the steps you can take to withdraw the refund you receive in your Lazada wallet.

  • Go to Lazada seller center homepage and click wallet icon
  • Select the refunded amount that you want to withdraw
  • Select on withdraw button
  • Add your bank details information
  • Insert the verification code that you receive via SMS
  • The amount will reflect to your bank account within 4 to 7 business day
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Not only can you sell and buy things, you can also return and ask for a refund if you order or receive the wrong products but remember there is a time frame for it. If you are curious how to change refund method in Lazada, you can ask Lazada customer service.

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