To fully understand how to start selling in Lazada, you must know how to pack your items while following the proper guidelines. When you do this, items are ensured to arrive safely and properly to the customers who bought them. This will lead to amazing comments and feedback about your shop and your products as well. 

Once you gather good feedback, you are bound to attract more customers. Attracting more customers is always good for business, right? Because more customers equals more sales. And this will all start when you know how to pack your orders properly in Lazada Philippines. 

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Reasons Why You Need to Pack Products Before Shipping

Packing items in the proper manner allows you to save money by reducing the likelihood of having to ship a new product if the original product is damaged during shipping. It also helps to maintain the integrity of your store’s brand by preventing your consumers from receiving damaged goods or items that are dead when they arrive.

For the security and safety of your goods while in transit, as well as to prevent claims, damages, and losses from occurring. When preparing your Lazada packaging materials, it is extremely crucial to consider the type of cargo you are sending as well as the route that it will be taking.

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Adds Protection

One of the most important roles of packaging is to protect products from the ravages of time and the environment, whether they are natural or manmade. The protective function can be classified into several categories, which are as follows:

Heat, cold, desiccation (arid environments in deserts and high-altitude places), pollutants, and insects and rodents are all factors that contribute to the development of this condition.

Additionally, the packaging is used for physical protection, which includes enhancing shock protection, internal product protection, and reducing shock damage caused by vibration, snagging, friction, and impact. The packaging is also utilized for environmental protection.


This entails the consolidation of unit loads in preparation for shipping. A pallet of merchandise is wrapped in a variety of materials, beginning with adhesive places on the individual shipments that hold them together, steel and plastic straps, whole shrouds of shrinkable or stretchable plastic films, and paper or corrugated wraps that completely encircle the entire pallet.

The method used to construct special bulk boxes or pallet bins, which are composed of unusually strong corrugated boards or built from plastics or metal, is dependent on the nature and weight of the goods being transported, as well as its protective requirements. Giant cranes are used to lift cargo containers made of aluminum, which may accommodate numerous pallet loads of products, to and from ships, railways, and flatbed trucks, among other modes of transportation.

For Product Information

Consumers can get the information they need from the product package. The overall characteristics of the product, the components, the net weight of the contents, the name and location of the makers, and the maximum retail price are all examples of common information provided by packaging (MRP).

The packaging of medicine and some food goods must include information on the preparation techniques, recipes and serving suggestions, nutritional advantages, as well as the date of manufacture, the date of expiration, warning messages, and cautionary information, among other things. Occasionally, the color of the container itself can convey some information about the product. When you see orange on the bottle of Mirinda or Fanta, you know that these are orange-colored soft drinks, for example.


Convenience packaging has been developed for a wide range of products, including foods, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, paints, cosmetics, paper goods, and a variety of other items. Dispensing devices, packed hot metals, and disposable medical packaging are all examples of this type of packaging design.


Companies utilize eye-catching colors, logos, symbols, and captions to sell their products, which can have an impact on the purchasing choice of customers.

Pouch vs Box: Which One Should You Choose? 

Items that are fragile, pointy, odd-shaped, or of high value must be packed in boxes. It is necessary to employ this method for risky commodities and caustic substances.

Pouches are suitable for storing tiny, non-delicate things. Only Lazada pouches (designs 2020 and 2021) are permitted to be used. In order to avoid using outdated patterns and colors, they must be replaced. If a Lazada pouch is not currently available, new sellers may utilize regular, non-transparent pouches with adhesive seals for the first ten orders they receive from the marketplace.

In short, you may use any of the two as long as it fits what your items are. Make sure that you use these according to your needs and according to what will protect your products more. 

Product Guidelines

These product guidelines are made to help you understand how you should pack certain products based on their needs as well as their category or kind.

Small, Non-Fragile Items

Small, non-fragile materials such as fabric, cords, small wires, and other items of a similar nature. Securely wrap the item in bubble wrap or honeycomb wrap before placing it in a pouch or box. Make sure the pouch or box is the proper size for the item to minimize shipping complications.

Non-Fragile Items in Box

Use at least two layers of bubble wrap or shrink wrap to protect an item that is being shipped in its original product packaging (unless otherwise specified). Using bubble wrap or shrink wrap to protect the outside of the original packing box (the box-in-box approach) is optional if you are putting the original box in a separate packaging box.

Liquid Items

An adhesive tape or shrink wrap must be used to seal and fasten the container’s lid during transportation. Wrap the object in at least two layers of bubble wrap or shrink wrap before placing it in a box or pouch (pouches are only appropriate for items 500m/ or less in length) to protect it from damage.

Label the box with the words LIQUID, FLAMMABLE, and/or THIS SIDE UP to ensure that it is handled properly. Please keep in mind that if a liquid item exhibits any signs of leakage, the parcel will be refused by 3PL and will not be delivered.

Fragile Items

Place the fragile objects in a box and cushion them with cushioning, fillers, or many layers of bubble wrap (if necessary). It is necessary to use a FRAGILE sticker or label in order to properly handle fragile items. Products weighing more than 20kg in package weight or dimensional weight must be transported in crates, with the exception of non-fragile items such as tires, mattresses, and furniture.

Metallic and Sharp

In order to ensure safe handling, place the item in a box and fill it with cushioning, fillers, or thick layers of bubble wrap. Wrap the box in bubble wrap or shrink wrap to protect it from damage. Please keep in mind that if a sharp item is not properly packaged and is likely to cause damage, the parcel will be instantly refused at the pick-up or drop-off location.

High Value Items

Items with a value of Php2,500 or more are high value. Place the item in a carton box for safekeeping. Boxes should be sealed with appropriate seals and tapes, bubble wrap, or shrink wrap. Recommended: Make use of shipping labels and packaging tape that have your company’s name printed on them.

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Packing Guidelines 

These guidelines are the standard for packing your items. Make sure to observe proper etiquette in packing, and that no guidelines are being breached. 

Packaging Box

Boxes should be made of double-wall corrugated paperboard if possible. Make sure that the boxes are the suitable size to avoid shipping issues. Using bubble wrap or shrink wrap to protect the outside of the packaging box is optional if you’re sending an item that’s already been packaged.

Packaging Tapes

It is permissible to use clear packaging tape with the merchant’s logo or branding on it.

Fillers and Wraps

Keep your belongings safe from shock and damage. The item contained within the box should not be able to move. Only use the amount of bubble wrap that is absolutely necessary (minimum of 2 layers). You can also use honeycomb wraps as fillers or interior wraps if you want to be environmentally conscious. If the item within has already been wrapped, the use of external bubble wrap and shrink wrap is not required in this case.

Attaching the Shipping Label

Create a shipping label on A6 paper and tape it on the package. It is recommended that orders that generate two different tracking numbers be packed separately. Refill printer ink as soon as the first signs of fading appear. Do not pass over packages that have faded prints on them. Place the shipping label on the surface of the package so that it is flat. The shipping label should not be crumpled or folded.

Paper Label

Make two copies of the document. Insert the first copy of the document inside

the container or pouch. Place the second copy in the appropriate location. Whether to think outside the box or inside the box, subsequently with the document sleeve. Using tape, secure the sleeve.

Sticker Label

Make a single copy of the label for shipping. Attach the shipping label to the package.

the most prominent or biggest side of the box or on the flap of the package, the satchel.

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