Once you know how to start selling in Lazada Philippines, you’re going to want to know how to start shipping as well. In order to do that, you need to print your air waybill and luckily, you can do it through Lazada. This will help your shipping processes go smoother, more efficient, and will also help you fulfill your orders. Air waybills are helpful for both customers and couriers alike so you definitely should know how to handle them

Air waybills contain the most important details of an order. This means that without such, drivers might get confused or sorting centers might sort inaccurate information. This might also lead to customers not being sure of what they ordered or even refusing to accept whatever was being delivered to their doorstep.

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What is Shipping Label or Air Waybill?

When an item is shipped, a shipping label, also known as an air waybill (AWB), is produced and attached to it for delivery purposes. In order to ensure that a package is transported correctly, it must include information about its contents, its origin, and its destination. Using a desktop computer. Go to Orders & Reviews > Orders > Pending or Ready on the Seller Center’s navigation bar. 

An air waybill (AWB) is a document that is sent along with items transported by international air courier in order to offer detailed information about the shipment and to allow it to be tracked throughout the world. The bill is printed in numerous copies to ensure that each party engaged in the shipping has a copy to keep on file.

An air waybill (also known as an air consignment note) is a sort of bill of lading that transports goods by air. An AWB, on the other hand, performs a similar purpose to an ocean bill of lading, but it is issued in non-negotiable form, which means that it provides less protection than a bill of lading.

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How to Print Shipping Labels?

Many things come with shipping out orders, one of which is knowing how to drop off Lazada Orders in the Philippines. This will be accomplished if you follow the steps and guidelines on how to print Shipping Labels. 

Using a desktop computer you may do the following:

  • Orders & Reviews > Orders > Pending or Ready to Ship can be found on the Seller Center page.
  • Select the orders to be handled by selecting the checkboxes next to the order numbers in the list.
  • After you have selected the orders, pick “Print Shipping Label For Selected Items” from the print drop-down menu.
  • Verify that the printer’s settings are correct, then press the “Print” button.

You should only print one (1) copy of a sticker label and paste it over the clear sleeve of the pouches or on one of the box’s largest sides if you’re using one. If you are using standard paper, print two (2) copies and place one inside the document sleeve and the other outside the document sleeve. Only black ink should be used.

Make certain that all three barcodes are visible and clearly printed. There should be no missing or fading barcodes on the product. Remember to not fold labels. These are safety precautions that you need to do to make sure that the logistic process will be smooth and that no hurdles or mishaps will happen. Everyone wants to avoid hassles in tier shipping anyway, right?

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Should You Provide Sales Invoice?

It is a piece of correspondence between a business and its customers, detailing the things that have been acquired. Among its contents are the following details:

  • Price of the item 
  • Sales tax 
  • Total amount
  • The date on which the company’s TIN was assigned

Neither the Seller Center Invoice nor the Collection Receipt, which we issue to the buyer upon delivery, are the same as this document. Sales Invoice is issued for the products sold.

An official receipt is given in exchange for the services delivered. It is recommended that you insert the sales invoice inside the pouch or box before you seal it. You can learn more about how to correctly pack an item by clicking on the following link.

Everyone must issue a sales invoice for anything that has been purchased. It will serve as the foundation for the determination of the seller’s output tax duty and the buyer’s input tax claim, as specified by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (B.I.R.) in Sections 237* and 264** of the Philippine Tax Code. Lazada, in accordance with the Business Invoice Receipt (B.I.R.) Act, reimburses customers when a legally-registered shop fails to deliver a sales invoice.

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