Are you curious on how does Lazada shipping work? Let’s read this article to get the information.

Order Tracking FAQs

Here are several order tracking frequently asked questions such as:

What Does The Status Of The Package Mean?

The status of your package means how is your package Lazada shipping process. By looking at the status, you can see how long the package might come to your front door.  Here is the status of the package you need to understand.

  • Packed by seller or warehouse means that the seller is on the way to packed your order and wait for shipment.
  • On the way to logistics means your products are on the way to logistics facility after it being hand over to courier.
  • Arrived at the logistics means your package has arrived in the logistics and now in the process of sortment for shipment.
  • Shipped means your package has been shipped to the courier hub.
  • Out of delivery means your package are in the courier hand and will deliver to you soon.
  • Package arriving means you will receive your package soon.
  • Delivered means your package has been delivered and received by your own or your family at home.
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How To Check My Status Order?

If you want to see the Lazada process flow chart, you see it in your Lazada account by taking these steps such as:

  • Step 1 – Log in to Lazada account.
  • Step 2 – Click account.
  • Step 3 – Choose settings icon the top right side.
  • Step 4 – To get the notification, toggle button on your order.

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What Are The Available Shipping Options?

How does Lazada shipping work? The Lazada shipping works based on the delivery address so as they receive your package, they will sort your package based on the delivery address. The shipping fee will depend on the product’s dimension and destination.

Are you curious what are the available shipping options? Here are the available shipping options in Lazada such as:

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Standard Delivery

The first available shipping option you can choose to deliver your package is standard delivery. This standard delivery is available in the Philippines with the cost of Php 38 but if your package is bigger and heavier than usual one, the cost might increase. This standard delivery might take 2 to 6 days to deliver your package.

Express Delivery

The second one is Express delivery. Express delivery or also known as the same day delivery. The package can enjoy the same day delivery if the orders are made before 1 p.m. This express delivery is only available for the products that are sold by Lazada and it has to be less than or equal to 3 kg.

The express delivery shipping fee might take Php 96 and might increase depending on the package weight and destination. The express delivery is only available in several cities including Greater Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Cebu and Davao.

Delivered By Seller

Another delivery option is delivered by the seller. This option means the seller will deliver your order on their own. The seller will directly call you to confirm your order shipment.

Collection Point

The last option is collection point which is the new delivery option that allows you to pick your package in the chosen location. There are 60 available collection points you can choose. This collection point is only available for fashion, accessories, health and beauty products.

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How Will I Know The New Delivery Lead Time Of My Order?

You might be curious about where is Lazada warehouse. Before we discuss it, let’s discuss the order delivery lead time. So, your order delivery lead time will depend on where the order origin and destination is.This also apply to the Lazada shipping fee. The delivery lead time is the estimated time for your order to be delivered and received. It might arrive sooner or later depending on the situation.

Here are the situation that might caused delays:

  • Localized quarantine.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Flight cancelation.

You can get the delivery status updated in these 3 ways such as:

  • Lazada apps – by turning on the Lazada apps notification to get the update information of your package.
  • Check your email and phone – monitor and check your email and phone regularly to stay updated.
  • Delivery Adjustment Checker – you can also check your delivery status lead time in the delivery adjustment checker.

What Should Sellers Do When They Receive An Order?

As a seller you must understand the shipping and delivery status like waiting for fulfillment Lazada meaning. This delivery status is the information on the process of the package shipment. So to be marked as a good seller, you need to ship the customers’ orders as soon as possible.

Once your customer places an order in Lazada, then the Lazada seller center will inform you regarding the order through email notification and if you use the Lazada apps, your order will be informed through notification. Lazada sellers are only given 24 hours to process the order, pack the order and also hand over the package to the courier. Don’t forget to print the Lazada shipping label sample and stick it in the package.

Guide On How To Prepare And Fulfill Orders

Here are the guidelines of the Lazada shipping seller you need to follow to avoid any cancellation.

  • Print The Stock Checklist – To know what products are in an order, you have to print out the stock checklist on the seller center.
  • Picked The Item As Listed In The Stock Checklist – Once you have printed the list, you need to pick and prepare the order.
  • Prepare The Sales Invoices – Then you need to prepare the sales invoices in compliance with local laws.
  • Packed The Items – You need to pack the order properly and make sure to follow the Lazada packaging guideline.
  • Attach The Shipping Label – After you have packed, you need to attach the shipping label so that the courier will know the destination.
  • Ready For Shipment – You can change the order status into Ready To Ship and hand the package to the courier.


The Lazada shipping fee and your shipment lead time will depend on your package weight and how far the destination is. Once you have received your order, you need to confirm it. How to confirm received order in Lazada? You just need to click the order received button.

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