If you’re looking for a new product to sell online, you should be aware of the requirements of the “coming soon” page. It is not necessary to wait until the official store launch to raise brand awareness. You can do it sooner, and it is the first step required when starting a new business. Here is how to edit Shopify coming soon page to gain more brand awareness.

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What a Coming Soon Page Is All About

A Coming Soon page is a landing page used to generate excitement for a new product or store. The page describes your product and when it will be available for purchase. This is accomplished through the use of copy, images, videos, sign-up forms, and live chat.

Coming Soon pages are used by ecommerce brands in two ways:

  • Product introduction: This type of Coming Soon page is used when a company launches a new product. The page is published on an already operational store, and visitors can and do visit the entire store. 
  • Brand launch: When potential customers visit the brand launch Coming Soon page, they will be unable to access any other part of the site, and it is frequently password protected. Typically, the brand has not yet launched.

In general, all Coming Soon pages serve the same purpose: to connect with potential customers who want to learn more about your upcoming products in a way that leads to sales.

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The Elements of a Great Coming Soon Page

It is better to create Shopify coming soon instead of sold out page. Below are the elements there must be in your coming soon page.

Create a Captivating Headline

Writing an eye-catching headline is the first step in creating a Coming Soon page that generates buzz around the launch of your new product.

Tell them about your product and your brand. It’s the first thing your visitors will see, and it should give them a good idea of what you have to offer.

The headline is an important part of your Coming Soon page, just as it is on other e-commerce landing pages.

Your headline should demonstrate that you understand your potential customer’s pain and can provide a solution. Keep your copy brief and to the point. You can also search for free coming soon page Shopify to use as a coming soon page template.

Remember that your customers will skim your Coming Soon page from the moment they arrive. Keep your copy brief because studies show that you only have 0.05 seconds to make an impression and capture their attention.

However, make certain that you do not skimp on the important details!

Include a few sentences highlighting what’s coming and what they’ll receive if they sign up. This is an excellent location for displaying the date your store or products will be available.

You can also use power words that imply scarcity or display limited inventory warnings to create a sense of urgency in your copy. Increase engagement by including a strong call to action.

Your Coming Soon page should include a clear and noticeable call to action that stands out from the rest of the copy.

The goal of your Coming Soon message and call-to-action is to make it clear to your customers what action they should take before leaving the page.

If you want to include social share buttons, make sure they don’t overpower your main call to action. It recommended using large, bold fonts and contrasting colors for the CTA button, as seen on the Spotify Car Thing product launch Coming Soon page.

Widget for Live Chat

What if someone who comes across your Coming Soon page has a question about your upcoming product?

Rather than leaving the question unanswered, adding a live chat app to your Coming Soon page allows you to interact with potential customers in real-time and solve their problems.

You can also use live chat to send targeted messages based on your visitors’ actions, such as the distance they scrolled down the page, their time on the site, and other factors.

Live chat gives you the chance to bring your brand to life.

And by greeting customers and providing assistance, you ensure high customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Buttons for Social Sharing

Visitors can use social sharing buttons to share your new product with their friends, family, and followers.

When users share your product information on social media platforms, you increase brand exposure and site traffic.

In a similar vein, displaying social proof on your Coming Soon page may be beneficial.

Display the number of likes, testimonials, tweets, or shares received by your product. This will reassure future visitors that others have used and enjoyed your new product.

Email Subscription Form

An opt-in form collects email addresses from visitors to your Coming Soon landing page and adds them to your email list.

The goal is to contact your subscribers on a regular basis about your product and build a relationship with them. You can gather contact information such as an email address and a name, for example.

Contrary to popular belief, not all forms generate leads.

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If you follow a few best practices, you can increase the likelihood of your email opt-in forms converting—and thus growing your audience before you even launch your product:

  • Long forms should be avoided.
  • Use images and colors that draw attention to specific features.
  • The call to action should be prominent.
  • Distractions should be avoided on the Coming Soon page.

Make a Countdown

Countdown timers heighten the sense of urgency by emphasizing how little time your visitors have left to act.

By including a countdown timer on your Shopify Coming Soon page, you’re sending a clear visual message to your visitors that they only have a limited amount of time to interact with your product.

Make sure you put your countdown timer in the right place so that people can see it on your Coming Soon page.

Provide an Incentive

Your prospects have an innate desire to win prizes or earn rewards, whether you own a small business or an enterprise ecommerce brand.

This means that using marketing incentives in your pre-launch strategy can increase sales.

Display incentives on your Coming Soon page to accomplish this.

These incentives encourage your visitors to take the desired action in order to receive the reward. It’s a win-win situation for both the ecommerce brand and the customer.

You can use the following incentives on your Coming Soon page:

Coming Soon Page Examples from Innovative Brands

These are Shopify coming soon page examples from some innovative brands.

Harry’s Success Was Fueled by Credible Referrals

Harry’s is a men’s grooming brand that offers low-cost razor blades.

With the help of their Coming Soon page, they gathered nearly 100,000 emails in just one week of their pre-launch campaign, hyping the launch of their brand.

How did the business achieve such outstanding results?

Through reliable recommendations. This means they gave out tangible rewards to people who referred a certain number of friends.

At the end of the pre-launch, it was discovered that the referral campaign had collected 77 percent of the emails.

Soma Took Advantage of Their Personal Networks

Friends, family, and personal networks were used to launch the brand. They also concentrated on creating a buzz about their products on social media platforms such as Facebook. Soma’s Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded at over $147K after it went live.

How to Create a Coming Soon Page on Shopify

Beside Shopify maintenance page when you are in maintenance, coming soon page is also required. Learn how to add coming soon product on Shopify in the following steps.

Step 1: Enable Password Protection by Going to Online Store > Preferences

Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard to create your Coming Soon page. Then, in the left-hand menu, select Online Store, followed by Preferences.

Scroll to the bottom of the Preferences window once it has opened.

By clicking “Enable password” in the Password protection, you are able to create the Coming Soon page.

Then, when your customers arrive at the password page, you can customize the basic message they see. Unfortunately, there isn’t much room for customization on this page.

Step 2: Customize Your Page by Navigating to The Theme Editor

To continue editing your Shopify Coming Soon page and gain more control over its appearance, navigate to the theme editor.

Navigate to Online Store and then Themes in your Shopify admin dashboard. Then, click the “Customize” button.

In the theme editor, go to the Password page by clicking on the dropdown menu of pages at the top.

This will take you to the password page’s page editor. You can change the page’s header, footer, and body content.

Step 3: Add, Move, and Customize Sections on Coming Soon Page

Stores that use the Online Store 2.0 theme can add and move sections on their password page. You can select from a variety of sections such as blog posts, collection list, email signup, collage, and others.

You can add and resize your logo in the Header section. You can include social icons and change the background image in the Footer section if you want.

The paragraph text and text style can be further customized in the body section.

How to edit password page Shopify is by going to the password.liquid in Shopify password page template if you want to make additional customizations that aren’t available in the theme editor.


With the information overload mentioned above, you can begin your e-commerce business right away. And the first thing you should do is create a coming soon page for your ecommerce store.

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