GCredit on Shopee? Maybe you want to buy a pretty pair of shoes on Shopee but you don’t have enough money to pay for it right now. Then why not buy it now and just pay it later? Thanks to GCash and GCredit, you can shop at Shopee and pay for your orders at a later date.

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Use GCredit on Shopee

How to use GCredit in Lazada? Maybe you wish to shop for a fair pair of shoes on Shopee but you don’t have enough money to pay for it immediately. Then why not perish now and just pay it later? Because of GCash and GCredit, you’ll be able to frequent Shopee and get your orders at a later date.

GCredit may be a trust-based personal credit line available to qualified GCash users. It offers short-term loans to individuals who have achieved a high enough GScore, which could be a trust rating supporting the amount and volume of a user’s GCash transactions.

With GCredit, you’ll borrow amounts up to ₱30,000 (the maximum credit limit). The higher your GScore, the larger your credit limit is going to be.

GCredit may be accustomed to pay bills and patronise business establishments that accept GCash payments via QR code. It wasn’t possible to use GCredit for online shopping til now. you’ll now order anything on Shopee and buy it using your GCredit balance.

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Shopee GCredit not working? So whether or not you don’t have enough money in GCash, you’ll just use your GCredit balance and purchase your Shopee orders immediately.

This is definitely exciting news for Shopee users who want to shop for something but might not have enough cash at the instant. rather than borrowing GCash funds from an acquaintance or whipping out your mastercard, you’ll be able to pay using GCredit.

But keep in mind that GCredit loans are short-term and due in 45 days, so pay your loan as soon as possible or on your next salary so as to avoid costly penalties.

In this article, we’ll teach you the way to use GCredit to pay money for your Shopee order so you don’t have to cash-in from your checking account or top up your ShopeePay wallet. If you would like to grasp more about GCredit, you’ll try our comprehensive guide. it’ll walk you through the steps in using GCredit and paying your GCredit loan, among others.

How to enable gGCredit for online payment? Before you proceed, confirm that you simply have an energetic GCredit account whose total order amount isn’t larger than your available credit limit. you’ll check your available credit limit by tapping Manage Credit within the GCash app.

Step 1: Choose GCash as the Payment Option

Can I use GCash credit in Shopee? This article assumes that you simply have already verified your order. If you haven’t tried your order yet, add the item to your go-kart and tap “Check Out.” On the checkout screen within the Shopee app, scroll all the way down to Payment Option and tap it.

On the list of payment methods, tap Payment Centre / e-Wallet so select GCash. Tap “CONFIRM.” Review your payment details and ensure that GCash was selected because of the payment option. Tap “Place Order” to proceed. Confirm that the overall payment amount and your email address are correct, and tap “Pay.”

Step 2: Login to Your GCash Account

Now it’s time to login to your GCash account to complete the acquisition. You don’t need to open the GCash app for this purpose.

Enter your GCash mobile number (if it’s not pre-filled), and tap “NEXT.” A 6-digit authentication code is going to be sent to your mobile number. Enter that code and press “NEXT.”

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Step 3: Select GCredit as Payment Source

Enter your 4-digit GCash MPIN and tap “NEXT.” you’re presented with two funding sources, GCash and GCredit, together with their available balance and credit, respectively. Choose GCredit.

If your total order amount is larger than your available credit, GCredit can’t be chosen because of the funding source. Therein case, you’ll either pay using your GCash balance or return to Shopee to update your order.

Step 4: Pay for Your Shopee Order

Why is GCredit unavailable in Shopee? Review the full amount and confirm that GCredit is chosen, then tap the “PAY” button. stay up for the payment process to complete, which can take some seconds. Don’t close the app or click the rear button.

Congratulations! you have successfully acquired your Shopee order using GCredit. you’ll receive an email from Dragonpay confirming your successful payment. you’ll be able to also check your GCredit balance within the GCash app by visiting “Manage Credit.” There you’ll be able to view your used and remaining credits also as your billing details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here some examples for you about frequently asked questions:

How Can I Unlock GCredit on the GCash App?

GCredit is merely available to totally Verified GCash users with high GScores! Once your GScore is high enough, you may be allowed to unlock GCredit.

Once you’re already eligible to unlock your mobile credit line, you’ll apply for GCredit by tapping Manage Credit on the GCash app to proceed together with your application. Approval for your credit line is instant with no additional requirements.

Where Can I Use my GCredit?

For online purchases, you will use your GCredit as a backup payment method for Google Play Store and Apple App store once you have insufficient GCash balance to hide your purchase. For just the once payments, GCredit is currently available as a payment method on Shopee.

You may also use GCredit as a payment choice to Pay Bills within the GCash app and Pay QR with our partner merchants nationwide! Click here for more information on where you’ll use GCredit.

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Where to use GCredit? Should you conceive of using GCredit to pay money for your Shopee orders, make it a degree to pay off your loan at the soonest possible time. By paying your GCredit loan early, you’ll minimise your interest fees and avoid possible penalties.

Remember, you have got up to 45 days to settle your loan dues, after which, you may be charged penalties until you pay off your loan completely.

It’s nice to grasp that you just should buy anything on Shopee and pay money for it later, because of GCredit. It’s like having your own mastercard but without the annual fees. The downside is that it’s a comparatively low credit limit and short payment schedule, but otherwise, it’s an excellent option for times when budgets are tight.

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