ShopeePay is an official Bangko Sentral  of the Philippines in-app e-wallet from Shopee. This enables clients to update, spend and refund using ShopeePay fast and effortlessly. You can purchase offline now with your ShopeePay.

ShopeePay is a function that cuts costs from your reimbursements and supplements and could be used to purchase your future transaction over the web and perhaps even offline agreements. We also offer a simple payment procedure and a range of promos when shopping with ShopeePay.

You probably opened this article looking for answers for a number of questions regarding ShopeePay. Questions like “how can I use student ID in shopee”, “can I use shopee pay without verification”, “how to verify shopee account using student id”  or “how to verify shopee account without phone number.” Or maybe you’re just wondering how Shopee email verification works or what ID ShopeePay needs for your ShopeePay login. 

Not to worry though cause this article has got you and all your Shopee questions covered.

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How to Activate ShopeePay?

Ensure that your Shopee App is constantly updated by deleting and then reinstalling your Shopee App if you are unable to see the ShopeedPay option. Make sure that all your other account details like Shopee username are already set. 

Click the “ShopeePay” option that you can find on your homepage. 

You will be redirected to a page that confirms your actions. 

Click “Set up ShopeePay” in order to reach the page that asks for important information and details for your ShopeePay account. 

Make sure that you are using a secure device or account for this. 

Fill in all the blanks with your necessary information like name, and email, and check the Terms and Conditions section.

Make sure that all of the information you will provide is correct and true. If not, it might incur certain problems with your transactions in the future and you do want to avoid that. 

How to Verify a ShopeePay Account?

Avoid that dreaded “shopeepay verification failed” by following these simple steps. After you validate your profile, you will have access to further ShopeePay features. When making top-ups or reimbursing for your Shopee purchases with ShopeePay, there is no need to verify your identity.

Click the settings icon on the topmost right corner of your screen. 

This will lead you to the many settings in ShopeePay.

Click the “ID Verification” option to get started.

This will lead you to the page dedicated for information verification.

Fill up with all the information necessary, make sure they are accurate and match your ID. 

Make sure that you give accurate information that will match whatever is in the ID that you will submit. This is a way for Shopee to ensure maximum security. 

Verify the details by uploading a legal ID of choice along with a self-portrait holding the ID.

Shopee will ask you to upload two different photos. One is a photo or scanned copy of your legal ID, and second is a photo of yourself holding the ID that you submitted. For verification on Shopee student id, drivers license, and passports will work.

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How to Ensure that Your ShopeePay Verification Request Will Be Approved?

Shopee has a firm regulation that states that only one ShopeePay wallet can be used per user. A functional and current Wallet will instantly deny you future applications. In the event that you have two or more open Shopee accounts, Shopee will need to terminate all of your ShopeePay records and save only one of your Wallets. For shopeepay verification how long will it take you might be asking. Not to worry though cause it’ll only take a few days at most.

ShopeePay’s staff will contact you over your phone to work out the next steps such as verification of more than one account, history of transactions, and termination of accounts.

ID Must Be Valid

ShopeePay would not allow IDs that have expired. The identification card that will be uploaded must have an expiry date that is at least 30 days in the future from the time of date of submission.

All Information Must Be Readable

Don’t try to bury any of the facts. When it comes to your legitimate ID, make sure you get rid of any stickers that obscure any vital information. When snapping your picture, reduce glare by first removing your ID from the plastic casing.

Your Self-Portrait Should Be Clear

You should avoid blurry or unclear pictures with your legitimate ID. And remember to take a selfie with your ID! Ensure that all photographs are taken in a well-lit setting.

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