Lazada is the most popular e-commerce platform that continually evolves logistics, technology, and payment infrastructure, offering and connecting South Asia. Lazada is a promising marketplace that offers you a wide range of payment options. The question is how to have a payment option in lazada Philippines?

You can choose the payment method as you want. You can see it from your Lazada Apps in the select payment method, you can see the payment options that are available there. In this article, we discuss how to change payment methods in lazada and how to add payment option lazada. So are you ready? Let’s check this out!

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How To Have Payment Option In Lazada?

A local or even an international seller can choose the Lazada payment options that suit them. Here are the information you must know about the payment options of Lazada.

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Cash On Delivery 

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Cash on delivery (COD) is one of the Lazada payment options. COD has made people in the countries, including the Philippines and Indonesia. With this COD payment method, those who do not have bank accounts can buy things from Lazada. 

The customers don’t need to make a prepayment for the products they want to purchase. If there is a delivery failure or the customer refuses to accept the package. In that case, Lazada will take care of everything for free, and the package will be sent to the local authority and will be used to dispatch it to other customers. If there is no buyer of your package for four weeks, Lazada will send it back to the warehouse for free.

Lazada Wallet

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Lazada wallet is another Lazada payment method. For those who have a Lazada account can use this payment option. The user can top up their Lazada wallet by using the bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards. Beside that, users can also top up their Lazada wallet with cash through 7-Eleven stores and If there is a return, you will get instant cash back within one to two days.  

Lazada platform also offers various discounts, quick refunds, and rebates to attract its customers. The customer might get the discount when using the Lazada e-wallet. You will find it the most convenient payment solution with a single click. Customers can also avail of instant access to rebates and enjoy one of the protected payment options. 


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Gcash is the Philippines mobile wallet. This Gcash is also one of the Lazada bills payment. You can do payment using Gcash by following this steps: 

  • From the GCash dashboard, tap Pay Bills
  • Choose the biller category of your bill payment.
  • Choose the biller and fill out the amount to pay and the account details.
  • Review your bills payment details before tapping Confirm.
  • Wait for the text confirmation of your transaction

Credit Or Debit Card

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A recent survey shows that around 45% of Lazada users prefer the prepayment option. This credit and debit card is becoming the Lazada mode of payment because the users don’t need the cash ready near you. Credit and debit card is one of the most preferred Lazada payment methods because every seller will not provide a COD option for your shopping.

You can use your mastercard or visa credit card when you do the payment in Lazada. Your credit card information is secured and safe due to SSL or Secure Sockets Layer that apply in the Lazada system.


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Another Payment option lazada is installments. Installments is a payment solution through which you can make the payment for your purchase for six until twelve months. You can use your credit cards when you want to pay for this installment.

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BDO Installment

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BDO installment offers several payment installments to all BDO credit card holders. You can choose whether you want the installments of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or even 24 months.

Non – Credit Cardholder Installment Plans

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Lazada also offers non credit card holders through Billease, Cashalo, invested, juanhand, paylate, tendopay and unapay.

Payment Method Selection

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How to change the payment method lazada? You can do the Lazada add payment method by following this steps:

  • Click buy now and add to cart
  • Select place order to select the payment method
  • Click view more payment method to see all the options
  • Choose your preferred payment method

Or you can follow these steps if you want to change your payment method in your Lazada Apps.

  • On your Account page, click View All Orders.
  • Select the item that you need to cancel. Make sure it hasn’t been packed yet by the seller.
  • Click Cancel.
  • Choose Change payment method as your cancellation reason.
  • Type in an explanation. Then click submit.

How To Choose Preferred Payment Option? 

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You can choose your preference from Lazada payment methods during checkout. Once you click on “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now,” you need to select “Place Order” and “Select Payment Method.” If you want to see the available payment options, you can click on “View more Payment Methods.” 

In this process, you can select your preferred choice of Lazada payment options as you want. Lazada offers you various payment options. You can choose the one from the choices available, including Lazada Wallet, Credit or Debit card, Cash on Delivery (COD), BDO installment, and GCash. Choose one of your convenient payment options. 

If you need additional assistance, you can call Lazada customer care which is available for 24 hours everyday. You can also contact the customer care through chat and they will help you with your queries.

You are able to choose any of your convenient option for payment in Lazada Philippines. Lazada uses World First and Payoneer as its payment providers. The products are provided in the local currency of each country. It delivers real value to its buyers to boost the end-to-end shopping experience.


Lazada is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the Philippines. There are a lot of payment options you can choose such as cash by using COD, credit card, debit card, e-wallet and installments are also available in Lazada. You can add and change the payment method as you want. 

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