Lazada is one of the fastest growing e-commerce marketplaces in the Philippines. Southeast Asia is an area that is experiencing rapid growth in e-commerce. There are numerous cross-border vendors who wish to get into this market, and Lazada is the most effective way to do it.

According to Google and, the Southeast Asian online economy reached $100 billion in 2019, and it is expected to triple in size by 2025, according to the companies. In addition to having a high rate of internet and smartphone penetration, the population in this region is generally young, making it a desirable target for cross-border vendors.

As the world’s leading ecommerce website to Southeast Asia, Lazada has established a lively and distinctive online shopping mall that connects consumers across Southeast Asia with merchants around the world. Lazada is headquartered in Singapore. It is one of the most straightforward methods for eCommerce companies to increase sales in the region.

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What is Lazada Philippines? 

Lazada, launched in 2012, is SouthEast Asia’s number-one online shopping and sales destination over countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. As the pioneer of Southeast Asia’s ecommerce ecosystem, Lazada has 155,000 sellers and 3,000 brands servicing 560 million people through its marketing platform supported by a wide range of tailor-made marketing, analytics and service solutions.

You may set up your own Lazada shop, personalize your products, descriptions of the products, delivery timings and client prices in each country. As for who owns Lazada, the Lazada Group is majority owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited. In 2016, Lazada became Alibaba Group’s regional flagship and is backed by the high-end technical infrastructure of Alibaba.

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What Can You Do in Lazada? 

As mentioned earlier, Lazada is primarily an ecommerce platform and as such it specializes as a site that hosts online transactions. Lazada connects buyers and sellers on their platform to optimize the experience of all parties involved. Moreover, it optimizes these experiences through the addition of their many features. 

Online Transactions (Sell and Buy)

So, how do you go about making a purchase from LAZADA? To place an order, you can choose between two distinct methods. If you already know what you want to buy, all you have to do is type the product name into the search field and wait for a list of the items that match your search to emerge. 

For those who want to browse first and see what things are available, the many tabs and menus available on the website and app’s layout will allow you to see the offers and other related items available at LAZADA. As soon as you’ve finished browsing and selecting things, you may “add the items to your cart,” select the amount of items you want, and then “checkout” to see a summary of your order.

Fill out the website with your email address, your coupon code, and any other essential information, as well as the method by which you choose to pay for your purchases. Finally, click on the orange box to submit your order, and LAZADA will take care of everything else.

Multiple Payment Options

LAZADA has been a pioneer in the use of Cash on Delivery for a long time, and it has been one of the most significant contributors to the group’s success. By placing an order and having the option to pay upon delivery, you are guaranteed to receive the greatest things from the group, all at the most competitive prices. In order to make things easier for you, LAZADA now offers you more payment methods.

GCash, PayMaya, and credit and debit cards are all accepted on the website. Aside from these, the established LAZADA Wallet system provides you with more ease of payment for the most popular items, while also allowing clients to take advantage of additional bargains and discounts on their orders through this option. Examine the various payment options offered by LAZADA to determine which are most convenient for you.

Return Program

Return and Refund is also covered. ​​LAZADA places a high importance on customer care and after-sales support, much like any other top group in the online shopping sector. After all, the relationship that exists between the company and its clients is critical to the business’s development and the provision of high-quality services in the future. 

Among these is the dependable return and refunds procedure that has been implemented by the organization. Returning broken or defective items to sellers is now easier thanks to LBC, and progress with reimbursements is completed more quickly when LBC is used in conjunction with LazWallet. Easy shopping in the Philippines is becoming more popular today, thanks to services that are geared toward the customer.

Nationwide Shipping

LAZADA has always been associated with the concept of hassle-free shopping in the Philippines. After all, this firm provides top-notch Nationwide Shipping to bring your ordered things right to your home, as well as cash-on-delivery choices for your convenience. 

Beyond the services that this group offers to its consumers, the top online shopping group also has a big catalogue of high-quality products and top items from reputable brands, as well as exclusive things that are shipped directly from the manufacturer. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to take advantage of major bargains and enjoy the convenience of free shipping on some of the products you want to purchase.

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Wide Variety of Products

The online shopping company has one of the largest catalogues of things in the Philippines, with items from a variety of the most popular and trusted brands, all of which are organized into categories and available for purchase on the website and the mobile app, respectively. 

Because of the hundreds of companies linked with the e-commerce firms, as well as the increased number of products A wide variety of products, ranging from PCs and laptops to mobile phones and tablets, as well as toys, clothing and fashion accessories, as well as home appliances and household accessories, will be fulfilled by LAZADA. 

These large libraries of things are sold and delivered by the group to your door, allowing you to experience the Effortless Shopping philosophy that the brand has incorporated into their service. Furthermore, you can choose from the numerous possibilities provided by LazMall, which supports the top and most exclusive retailers in the country at any given time.

Customer Support

Both buyers and sellers have access to Lazada’s customer service department. For any concerns or issues you may have about a particular feature, you can visit the website, phone the 24-hour customer service hotline, or write an email to the support team. To learn more about how the platform works and how to be successful on it, check out the self-service materials available in the Lazada Seller Center.

In Southeast Asia, Lazada is considered to be the pioneer of the eCommerce ecosystem. The company presently serves 560 million customers and is the ideal spot to begin expanding into the SEA area.

Scan Image Option

By snapping a photo of an object and uploading it to Lazada, buyers can search for a product listing that matches the image they uploaded. To give an example, a user can take a photo of a shirt in real life and upload it to the Lazada app, and the app will search its inventory for a matching shirt. 

While it is not yet known how accurate the tool will be, it appears to be a convenient and useful alternative to text searches – especially if you don’t know what specific terms to use to search for a product you’ve seen in person but don’t know where to look for it online.

Is Lazada Legit and Safe?

As a platform that started in 2012 and has now become the largest ecommerce platform in all of SouthEast Asia. As such, the platform itself is generally well-established and is a legitimate company within the SouthEast Asian region. However, while the platform itself is legit with mostly trustworthy and legitimate sellers, it’s popularity makes it bound to have lots of sketchy deals or counterfeit products sold by not so legitimate sellers. 

Despite this though, all sales are controlled and safeguarded in certain ways by Lazada for defective items, shipment problems or returns in general. So even if there is some risk involved, Lazada’s features, safeguards, and feedback systems will help keep you safe more often than not.

To double check, you can go over the requirements with care. If it is a technological device, be certain that the hardware is not outdated. The majority of laptops and comparable devices with hardware that is 2–3 years old are offered for extremely low prices. 

Examine the reviews to see if there are any detailed negative experiences that point to the product being real. It suggests that the goods are most likely a forgery. Genuine products have good and complete packaging as a distinguishing feature. In addition, the goods will fit well in the packaging material. For branded products, the stitching is exceptionally neat and refined. Products that are not authentic are unable to keep up with the neat and straight stitching.

Can Lazada Ship Internationally?

Yes, Lazada can help you sell your products internationally. Lazada is designed to help make sales in China, Hong Kong, the USA and Europe easy for eCommerce enterprises. The Lazada International Fulfillment Centre, located in Hong Kong, is one of the most enticing aspects because it helps businesses make international trade with the platform extremely easy. 

The fact that Lazada is a Cross-Border (CB) seller means that the company can provide a unique end-to-end shipping option known as Lazada Global Shipping (LGS). Using LGS, your qualified listings are instantly made available to millions of customers in various countries at the same time.

Whether you’re an online shopper looking for your next purchase or an online seller looking to achieve business success, Lazada might just be the right ecommerce platform for you. As the largest ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, Lazada has the popularity, the features, and the protection you need to get the best ecommerce experience online. With industry leading technology and unparalleled customer service, Lazada might just be what you need.

Though the listed price of all overseas products on Lazada Marketplace includes customs taxes and import duties, you will incur no additional costs when purchasing them from the marketplace. There are no additional charges or taxes that you are required to pay.

If you are asked by Customs or our logistics partner to pay duties or to provide a personal ID, please contact Customer Service to tell them of the situation so that they can arrange for a return of the payments or cancellation of the transaction on your behalf. When customs clearance processes are required, it is possible that we will be delayed in delivering our products beyond our original delivery estimates.

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