Many leaders out there are looking forward to using hybrid work model example of hybrid business from big companies. If this new work model has had success in large enterprises, it’s going to not be that impossible for smaller companies to form it work.

Hybrid businesses are companies which will be classified in addition to one sort of business. A restaurant, for instance, combines ingredients in making a fine meal (manufacturing), sells a chilly bottle of wine (merchandising), and fills customer orders (service).

What Is Hybrid Business?

Hybrid business definition and examples may be a kind of business operation that functions with the employment of multiple means of reaching clients. There are two common uses of this term to explain slightly different approaches to the business model.

One involves a corporation choosing to form use of different selling methods alongside maintaining a brick and mortar location that customers can visit. A rather different approach involves diversifying the operation of the corporation to incorporate related companies that serve different sectors of the marketplace.

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One of the older definition of hybrid business would involve an organisation that chose to work concurrent operations geared toward meeting the requirements of two or more consumer markets. In many cases, consumers who are drawn to one set of products will have use for the products and services offered by the companion operation.

An example of hybrid business in the Philippines, an organization may operate a string of family-style restaurants, while also marketing a line of branded sauces, condiments and other food items that are related to those restaurants. So, is a restaurant a hybrid business? Yes, it is!

The end results in the power to not only attract customers who want to eat out, but also tap into the market of consumers who need certain products so as to arrange tasty meals reception.

A more contemporary concept of a hybrid business model involves the efforts of a corporation to plug its core products in multiple settings. A business model of this kind may involve the operation of a brick and mortar retail location while also maintaining a web store, and using catalogue sales to come up with orders by way of the post.

What is hybrid business? Typically, the hybrid business will maintain its own warehouses because of the means to manage the orders that are available from the net store further because the orders received through the mail. In some cases, this brick and mortar backside function could also be outsourced to order fulfilment services united thanks to keeping general operating expenses as low as possible.

One of the advantages of a hybrid business is that there’s a chance to achieve more customers, which successively means the potential to come up with additional revenue.

While this sort of operation can become somewhat complex, the power to ascertain a presence in additional than one market means the business is a smaller amount prone to adverse circumstances which will occur from time to time in either of these markets.

In the event that one means of reaching clients begins to lose ground, there’s a decent chance that the choice strategies in situ will see some variety of increase, allowing the corporate to stay financially viable.

What Is a Hybrid Company?

The term ‘hybrid company’ may be tricky to define. Generally, there are three hybrid kinds of business organisations. These include:

Companies That Combine Nonprofit and for-profit Business Models

This hybrid business model combines the qualities of traditional nonprofit models and for-profit enterprises. While they typically have a social mission motivating their operations, the social good aspect is just a component of their company goals unlike an infatuated social enterprise.

Social entrepreneurs start this sort of hybrid business to create a profit while making a positive social impact. They sometimes have several social ventures running alongside their daily profit-making operations.

Companies with Both Shareholders and Guarantee Members 

This type of corporation could be a profit entity owned by both shareholders and guarantee members. During this model, guarantee members conform to any debts of the organization.

Companies with a Hybrid Workforce 

This type of hybrid organisation has nothing to do with social responsibility or shareholder value just like the styles of business that discussed above. Instead, it includes in house employees that work from the office and remote team members who work from home or anywhere else.

What Are the Examples of Hybrid Businesses?

Many big enterprises out there are using this working model, and other organisations have begun to follow their lead. However, it’s necessary to notice that there is not one way of applying this working model before starting. 

Contrary to the current, every company adapts to support their workforce’s skills and availability and their needs and goals. Here are some hybrid business examples:


Microsoft is one amongst the various companies that have opted for using the hybrid working model, and now they’re tuned in to all its benefits.


Citigroup is a wonderful hybrid work model example because it has an exceptional balance. The corporate has started using this working model since the spring started, and since then, they have achieved an equal split between remote, hybrid, and dealing at the office.

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Amazon has stated multiple times that they like working using an “office-centric model.” However, given this state of the planet, the corporation has opted for allowing employees to remain reception two days per week.

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Popular Companies with a Hybrid Workforce

Some of the most important global corporations have adopted a hybrid working model. They need to implement strategies to transition from the full remote work arrangement (during the peak of COVID-19) to a more permanent hybrid working arrangement post-pandemic. Here are some companies that are making the hybrid model work:


Like most companies, this social media company has adopted a hybrid working model in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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According to Facebook, all employees will work from home until July 2021, and 50% of employees will work exclusively from home within the subsequent decade.


Google employees can work remotely until September 2021. After that, the corporation will have “collaboration days” when employees close within the office (three days a week). They’ll work from home for the remaining two days.

Useful Tips for Managing a Hybrid Workforce

Here are some practical ways to manage your hybrid team effectively:

Focus on Communication 

As an entrepreneur or manager, clear communication is essential when relaying important information to your team, particularly regarding project milestones and company goals.

Implement Methodical Operating Procedures

To streamline workflow, managers should establish ordered and detailed processes. you’ll be able to follow company procedures within the employee handbook. This way, all employees can access the identical information, tools, and resources whether or not they work from home or in-office.

Promote Social Interaction and Culture Building

If your team contains a hybrid system of both in-house and remote workers, social interaction won’t be easy.

Conversations with a social purpose are important because they build team morale and trust. Teams that trust one another are better at collaboration. And this positively impacts productivity.

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Adopting a hybrid model like Microsoft and Google can facilitate your accomplishment of your company’s goals and supply a higher working environment. However, if you wish to confirm overall company productivity, employees need adequate resources and therefore the right online solutions, whether or not they work in-office or remotely.

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