How to start online business from home, what is the online business ideas 2021, what is the fast growing online business. Are you curious about these questions? This article will share about the successful online businesses and the best online business in the Philippines. Check this out.

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What Is Online Business?

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Online business means selling the goods or services using the internet. You only accept online payment such as the transfer of money to execute these transactions. The main advantage of having an online business is to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

See also: Online Business Ideas 2021

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Which Philippines Business Is The Best For Online?

Here the best best online business in the philippines:

E-commerce store

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One of the most popular businesses during this pandemic is e-commerce stores. People like to do online shopping nowadays and e-commerce can be an option. Any product can work with this business model, as long as you have the products and can work out the shipping and logistics with the courier. 

You sell a lot of things with an e-commerce store, whether it’s your homemade pastries, a hobby or craft, clothing, or even some random stuff that you just feel like selling. The only challenge is marketing your store and products. Setting up is only the beginning, getting your store out there and finding customers who are gonna buy is the important part.

You can use social media like facebook ads and instagram ads to help you to reach out your customer but if you don’t have a budget for that, you have to use the traditional way and need time to build up the audience.

To start an ecommerce business, you have to follow these steps:

  • Find a niche or a product that you want to sell
  • Set up a store in Shopify or Woocommerce (and pay for the subscription which roughly costs around PHP 500 to PHP 600 per month)
  • Sign up with an e-commerce logistics provider like JT Express, LBC, and DHL. But this can be optional unless you’re selling outside your area or city, which would really call for some professional logistics intervention 
  • Set up  and learn  Facebook page


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One of the best ecommerce business ideas is dropshipping. With dropshipping, you don’t need capital or investment. This business model is a form of an e-commerce store, the only difference is you are reselling products from suppliers who sell in bulk or who are doing business for Dropshipper. In these business ideas,you sell a product for more than how much you paid for it. And the best thing about it is that you don’t need to keep inventory.

The thing with dropshipping is that you need to find a product that sells or also known as a “winning product”. This part of the business is probably half of the burden that you have to conquer, and it might take some back and forth to test products out in the market. 

There isn’t really a definitive answer as to what product will work because it can change over time based on the most popular items or style that time. While you can still stick with general products like pet supplies and accessories, home and living products, health and beauty, and etc, chances are, most of these products may also be available in more prominent e-commerce stores.

Here are the steps you need to take to be a dropshipper

  • Decide whether you want to ship locally or internationally. Local stores will be easier and cheaper to advertise via Facebook Ads
  • Find a niche and a product you want to sell 
  • Set up a Shopify store and install Oberlo to import products from Aliexpress to your store because
    The Aliexpress supplier will cover the shipping fees to anywhere in the world. But for a smoother logistics process, find suppliers who can ship to other countries. 
  • Set up a Facebook page and a Facebook ad manager account 
  • Test different products by running ads until you find a product that will give you a good conversion rate and profit.

Print And Design On Demand

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Another idea for online business in the Philippines is print and design on demand. This business model where you work with a supplier to customize white-label products such as shirts, mugs, caps, and etc with your own designs and sell them on your store on a per-order basis under your own brand. 

This business model is purely made for white label products such as the following Clothes like shirts and hoodies, Caps, Mugs  and any products you can personalize with a logo or design

To start Print and design on demand business, you have to follow these steps:

  • Come up with a set of designs
  • Find a print on demand provider
  • Choose a product and a market
  • Set up your website 
  • Set up a Facebook page
  • Learn Facebook ads 

Freelancing Services

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This type of online business isn’t similar to those mentioned above. Unlike businesses where you sell goods for profit, you will sell your expertise to clients who need help instead.  It doesn’t really matter what skill you possess, as long as it’s relevant to the digital landscape today, you will find a market for it.

In case you don’t really have a idea on what skills you should possess, you can start on writing, Social Media management, SEO, Facebook and Google Ads, Graphics and web design, Video editing, Software development, VA Skills, Any skills that have the potential to be delivered via the internet

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