Are you looking for business plan examples? You go to the right place. Let’s read this article to know what a business plan is and its benefits.

What Is Business Plan?

A sample business plan doc is an important thing to have when you are starting a business. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. Business plan is a guide that helps you to make decisions for your business success.  Business plan can be used in many business aspects such as finance, marketing, products, operations, services and others.

Business it plan purpose is to make your business strategy and make you better than your competitor. A good Business Plan should be updated annually and must consist of your business goals, the products and services you want to offer, how to promote your business, how your business structure and also your finance operations.

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Business Plan Format

Business plan is the recreation business document that helps business owners to take the steps to achieve their goals. How to make business plan? Here are cara membuat business plan you need to know.

Executive Summary

The first example of business plan format is executive summary. So this executive summary is the most important company business plan sample you may not have missed because it is the company overview that will help to attract the investors attention.

Here are things that should be written in executive summary such as:

  • Mission statement
  • Company goals
  • Company history and leadership
  • Competitive advantage overview
  • Financial projections
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Market Opportunity

You also need to input your market opportunity when creating the civil engineering business plan sample. In this section, you need to includes several things such as:

  • The market size
  • Potential market share
  • The new industry trends 
  • Consumer behavior

Competitive Landscape

Other things you need to include in your business plan sample is your competitive landscape. In this section, you need to list down who are your competitors in the business scale. You need to do some research and analysis about your competitors’ strategy, products and services they offer, and also their strengths and weaknesses.

Target Audience

Now we go to the target audience. Before you create your business, you need to determine who your target audiences are. It needs to be specified like kids, teenagers or adults, women or men, is your business available in a country or worldwide. So before you create your business, you need to ask and analyze these questions to get your target audience.

  • What are the demographics of the people most likely to need/buy your product or service?
  • Is your product and service available in one demographic or not?
  • Who can use the product and service you offer?
  • What are the psychographics of this audience? 
  • Why do you need to offer your products and services to them?

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is important when you have a business plan cake shop. You need to answer the several questions below to help you determine your business strategy.

  • How the brand positioning vision and how it be cultivated.
  • The goal targets you want to achieve in your business.
  • What metrics you will use to measure your business success.
  • What channels and distribution tactics you will use in your business.

Business Plan Examples

Are you curious on how to make a business plan example and looking for free business plan software? Here are business plan examples for you.

HubSpot’s One-Page Business Plan

This HubSpot’s business plan is one of the most complete business plans and great for any business size. In this business plan, you need to input your data such as  your Company Description, Required Funding, and also Implementation Timeline. This business plan is only one page so make sure you can summarize your company details in a page.

HubSpot’s Downloadable Business Plan Template

Another business plan template is HubSpot’s Downloadable Business Plan Template which is a perfect match for entrepreneurs. This business template can be used as a business guidance and the checklist when starting your business.

BPlan’s Free Business Plan Template

One of the simple business plan sample is BPlans free business plan template. This plan is a financially oriented sample business plan which dedicates many of its pages to your business’ financial plan and statements. Once you have filled in this business plan template, you can see your company’s financial health and help you take actions to improve and maintain it.

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What’s The Benefit Of Writing Business Plan?

Are there any benefits when writing a business plan? Of course yes, here are the benefits for you.

Increased Clarity

By writing a business plan, it can help to increase the clarity to help the business owner to make decisions like leases, resourcing and capital investments. A good Business Plan will help you to identify your business critical priorities and what matters you need to focus on.

Creation Of A Marketing Roadmap

Marketing is an important thing to list down in a business plan which helps to define and determine your target markets as well as your customers target. It also helps you to determine how you will promote and place your product / service to these markets / customers.

Support For Funding

When you are looking for funding from investors or asking from a bank, a business plan is one of the requirements. Usually they will ask on your business plan to see your target, profit and revenue generation.

Helps To Secure Talent

One important thing in business plans is to get the right talent at the right time. Before they join your company, they also want to see your business vision and how they can contribute to achieve the business goals.

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Provides Structure

A business plan helps to provide the business management structure which can be used as a reference tool to keep the business on track with the business sales targets and operational. This business plan will help to measure and manage your priority areas of your business focus.

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A good Business Plan should be updated annually and must consist of your business goals, the products and services you want to offer, how to promote your business, how your business structure and also your finance operations.

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