How can I grow my online store might be the question you keep thinking about. Are you looking for the experts to grow their businesses online? Growing your business is not easy, you have to find the mistakes so that you can solve them. Grow your business with website tips for beginners might be the solution. In this article we will discuss 5 ways to grow your business online. So are you ready? Check this out!

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5 Way To Grow Your Online Business

Here is how to grow your online business in the Philippines.

Use The Technology And Social Media

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Technology and social media play an important role in business nowadays. So for those who are non-millennials, technology can be intimidating. You can’t deny that just how much technology makes everything easier for your business. Using technology in your business will help you so much. You can send email, saving documents easily nowadays with technology.

Beside technology, you need to understand social media too. Social media will have a big impact on your business. You have to use social media to promote your business and increase your sales.  In 2016 is the year where Social Media is evolving at such a rapid state that if you still aren’t taking it seriously, you will be very much left behind.

You can try to create your business facebook and instagram. Try to promote your business and see how much it works and boost up your sales accordingly. If you’re running a restaurant or retail store, now’s the best time to establish a presence on Social Media. 

After you invested enough time building your brand pages and community on social media. It is time for you to hold a contest on instagram. Social media platforms are the perfect venues to hold a contest. 

Holding a contest will give you a huge boost to customer engagement and carving out a loyal following:

  • Contests can increase new audiences by 34 percent on average
  • A third of entrants don’t mind receiving email updates from participating brands
  • Running your contest on mobile increases the number of entrants by eight times
  • Sweepstakes is the most effective way to hold a contest if your goal is to increase fan base that entrants can turn into subscribers while photo contests work best if you wish to boost customer engagement

By and large, a social media contest can provide you with these two game-changing benefits:

  • Whether you get 50 or 500 entries, contests will generate buzz and drive people to your restaurant’s social media page.
  • Once you have this people’s attention, you can collect valuable data (such as email addresses for future newsletters or mobile phone numbers for weekly special reminders) from the entries. Be careful not to ask for too many details though.

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Leverage Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews play an important role. Their review can be one of the promotion parts so that your business can get known by others. Whether you are running a restaurant in the Philippines, a hotel, retail store, or a startup, one thing that you can’t ever have enough of is positive customer reviews.

For those positive reviews from customers, you have to give them a great service and you should consider giving incentives to your customers to write a positive review on your business products or service.

Better Inventory Management

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A small business owner should keep close track of inventory in relation to seasonality because inventory costs can run up to a big amount despite the fact that it can be managed. It’s highly important that you monitor your inventory because being prepared is always best for business. It might not seem like a powerful way to grow your business, but sometimes it really works for your business.

Keep Your Employees Happy

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Another way to grow your business is to keep your employees happy. There is a quote that says that happy employees are good for business. When your employees are happy, they will work well and give good services to your customer which will impact your business review too.

You can also ask them for advice. This could range from personal advice like book recommendations to professional advice such as asking their opinion about social media platforms that they deem are ideal for your digital marketing campaign that suits your business.

Beside that, you can ask your employees to be your brand ambassador for free. Make sure that they are heard and empowered in your company. You have to motivate, understand and hear them out. Sometimes employees are not focused and work hard because they might feel that the company trusts them. 

So that you have to trust your employees and give them a chance to show their skills and see what a big difference they can make. Once you know what’s on your employees’ mind, you can then help them reach their full potential. Sometimes, growing your business should start from within.

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Build Your Business Website

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Having a business website will give you an online presence. People are more likely to trust a business that owns a website and active social media pages like facebook or instagram than a brand that has no company website. So if your business is the one of those who still don’t have a website business, it’s about time you get one built.

You can ask and find a local freelancer who can help you to build a website. Try to find talented people who are willing to work at an affordable rate. You can find Ginee ads and ginee platforms to help you with it. After your website is done, it is the time to use it to generate more sales for your business. Believe it or not, these businesses are generating a lot of revenue via email marketing and the best part is that you too can join in on the fun!


How to grow my business on Fast way? There is no shortcut or fastest way to grow your business. You have to take all the steps properly so that your business will grow significantly in the Philippines.


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