Have you ever thought about having your own business? Are you confused about deciding Business ideas philippines? If you are a beginner, online business ideas might suit you. In this article, we will list the Top ten online business ideas for you. So are you ready? Let’s read this article for more information.

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What Is The Best Business In 2021 In Philippines?

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When you decide to own a business, you have to find the Unique online business ideas which are different from others. So what is the best business in 2021 in the Philippines? Nowadays online business is the best for you to try. Online business is popular nowadays. If you are a beginner, it’s better for you to try the online business. You can try to find business ideas without investment like dropshipping.

What Are The Top 10 Easiest Businesses To Start?

Here are 10 successful online businesses ideas from home for you to start.

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Make The Aromatherapy Candles

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Aromatherapy candles can help people relax after a tiring day and are popular nowadays. Aromatherapy candles are perfect to cap off a busy workday. It’s easy to make these aromatherapy candles.  You only need to add your own flair and essential oil blends to create the most calming candles. You need the capital of PHP 5,000 to PHP 20,000 to start this business.

Aromatherapy candle making is one of the easiest online business ideas because you can do it at home or even a small space. The profit margin is also high, with quality, artisanal candles selling for as much as PHP 1,000 each.

Offer Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials | Queens Public Library

In this pandemic and the quarantine, online tutorials will be the most looking for. If you are an educator and want to earn extra cash on the side, you can offer online tutorials in Math, English, Science and other subjects. The starting cost for this online business idea at home is low. To start this business you have to have your own laptop and also wifi. You can also use open-source materials for modules. 

Craft Your Own Beverages

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Boba, Coffee and milk tea become the best seller beverages nowadays. Why don’t you start to own your beverages business.You can turn your love for beverages to an online business idea for beginners. Craft your own blend and sell it for profit. To start this business, you have to prepare the capital which starts from PHP 3,000 to PHP 7,000.

Sell Home Cooked Meals

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Are you good at baking and cooking? If yes, why don’t you try to make it a business. You can get the money while doing the things you like. You can cook or bake the popular meals and sell them online. For this home cooked meals business, you need to have a capital of PHP 2,000 to PHP 5,000.

Sell Your Preloved Items

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If  you have a lot of stuff at home which is not used anymore. You can try to sell them on the application. When you sell your unused stuff, you will clean your wardrobe and also get money. So what are you waiting for, check your closet right now and see whether there is an unused item that is still usable and in a good condition.

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Resell Skincare Products

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People love to pamper themselves. Self-care is just one of the many ways people do to cope with pandemic-related stress.You can try to resell beauty products and kits with a starting capital of at least PHP 5,000 to PHP 15,000.

You can try to sell essential items like face masks, face shields, disinfectant, and various grocery items. You can offer your products on social media and provide free delivery to attract customers. Start by buying your products in bulk and selling them for retail prices online.

Build Apps And Websites

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If you are good at coding and design skills, you can make decent money by offering your services. You can create mobile apps, e-commerce websites, and other digital products. All you need are your skills and a decent laptop or personal computer. You need the capital of PHP 5,000 to PHP 30,000 to start this business.

This online business idea is profitable and worth trying because there will always be a demand for tech-savvy people. Companies are also looking for professionals who can help build their apps or websites. 

Start An Online Loungewear Store

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One of the best business ideas in this pandemic is to start an online loungewear store. Since all people stay at home due to this quarantine, they might use the loungewear at home. You can offer pajamas, dasters, slip dresses, and even nighties. Make the clothes yourself or buy them in bulk. Prepare PHP 3,000 to PHP 15,000 for this business capital.

Loungewear and casual clothing are seeing a rise in demand, especially from people spending most of their time at home. You can take advantage of this demand by offering comfy and stylish clothes at affordable prices. The profit margin is enticing too. 

Monetize Your Own Art 

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This is one of the many online business ideas that tap your existing skills. If you’re an artist who offers digital and/or traditional paintings, why not sell them online? You can sell pieces you’ve already made or offer your services to make custom art. You might need a laptop, graphic tablet or other art material for this business and the capital might take PHP 3,000 to PHP 30,000.

What Are The Best Online Business Ideas For Me?

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What are the best online business ideas for me? It’s a difficult question. All business will work if you do it based on your passion. If you are good at cooking, you can start a home cooked meals business, if you are an educator, you can give the online tutorial. So there’s no best online business ideas for you. You are the one who knows yourself . You have to start your own business based on what you love and what your passion is.


If you want to start a business and don’t know what you want to do. Read this article for your inspiration. Don’t forget to choose the ideas that suit your passion so the business will work well. 

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