Flow Description:

A. Authorization

Authorize JD Fulfillment to Ginee, activate service, and complete warehouse establishment

B. Store warehouse Association, Create a Location

View the warehouse management list and make store warehouse associates to use JD warehouse Add storage space for JD warehouse to facilitate management

C. Inbound Product

Create master product, and place the stock in the corresponding JD warehouse

Wait for JD warehousing completed, then product can be added with stock to support sales

D. Outbound Order Fulfillment

After the channel order is synchronized to Ginee, it will automatically allocate warehouse outbound for the SKU in the order, according to the store warehouse relationship

Note: For the convenience of management, Ginee recommends that you manage the SKUs in the JD warehouse separately and not mix them with other warehouses.

At present, JD warehouse will only fulfill orders from Indonesia. Orders from other countries are temporarily not supported for storage and order fulfillment. Please operate with caution

After the order generated the shipping label, the system will automatically push the order to outbound in JD fulfillment

JD will send back the processing status of the warehouse in real time. You can check it on the outbound order management list

After the JD outbound is completed, the status of the delivery order will be updated to completed. After the order has a logistics track and is updated to shipping status, the stock will be automatically deducted for you


  1. JD fulfillment warehouse currently only supports the Indonesian site, so orders from other countries cannot be fulfilled through JD for the time being;
  2. JD fulfillment warehouse can only push the order to JD performance warehouse after the express order is generated;
  3. Due to the fact that the channel does not provide a face-to-face interface, the fulfillment of Shopify and Woocommerce orders through JD is not currently supported;