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How to perform Shopee Product Clone on Ginee Listing APP?

What is Shopee Product Clone: It means that the seller has settled in one of the sites of the Shopee platform, and can clone the products to other stores on the same site and other sites simultaneou


How to use the category recommendation of Ginee Listing App?

The category recommendation means that when we claim these products on different platforms, the system will make an automatic category matching for the products, so that users do not have to choose t


How to authorize and publish TikTok products in Ginee Listing App?

The listing app supports the authorization and publication of the TikTok shop. Users can directly handle all TikTok online shops with one mobile phone, saving time and trouble. So how to operate it?


Ginee Listing FAQ Summary

 Q: What features does Ginee Listing currently have? Ginee Listing mainly includes Authorized Shopee and Lazada stores; Create products, edit and publish products; Product Scrape; Auto-Bump; Discount


How to create a shopee discount promotion in Ginee?

I believe that many sellers will stimulate buyers’ desire to buy by setting discount promotions, thereby increasing their sales. In Ginee, you can create shopee discount promotions for multiple


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