1. Create TikTok Channel Product :
  • In the TikTok channel product list, click the Add Product button:
  • Go to the product addition page: select the store, enter the product name, select the category and brand, and enter the product description information
  • Select the variation type, enter the sales attribute value, and combine it into a SKU list. Input the price and inventory information of the SKU list:
  • Upload product pictures and variation pictures, enter the length, width, height and weight information, you can choose to save the draft first or submit it directly:
  1. Edit TikTok Channel Product:
  • Click the Edit button to enter the product editing page. When editing, it does not support to edit the store, but other information can be modify:
  • Can modify SKU information, options and variations:
  1. Activate-Deactivate / Delete TikTok Channel Product:
  • For product that already “Live”, you can click “Set Unavailable” and it will move to “Disable” tab:
  • For product in “Disable”, you can click “Set Availabel” and it will move to “Live” tab:
  • Delete operations can be supported for products that have been Live/Disable/sold out/drafted/in the process of publication/failed publication: