The Store Sales Report table contains Sales data from each valid Store that has been integrated in Ginee.

  • Supported platforms: all platforms currently synchronized with Reports on Ginee.
  • Report Timeframe: Report data will be displayed by default the day before, but users can change the Report time frame by themselves.
  • Report Requirements: Report time reference is the order time. By default, today’s incoming orders will be included in Tomorrow’s Report. Data changes caused by the instantaneous change of order status are also anticipated to increase the accuracy of the Report data.

Feature Description:
1. Able to filter specific searches, set filters and click “Search”.

2. Able to see the meaning and filter of the Report, move the mouse over it and click on the upper right corner to see the specific meaning in two different ways.

3. See the specific display, hide, and sort orders, click the Custom button to apply.

4. Download data reports, please set the number of pages to be downloaded and the amount of data per page.

You can download statistical data for a period of up to 1 year.