1. Ginee Template Switch

Go to order settings and click shipping settings, you can find the Ginee template switch. This switch is used to control whether the the system is using Ginee shipping label template to print shipping label used to print (Currently only supports Shopee, Tokopedia and Bukalapak).

2. Print Shipping Label Flow

2.1 Click [Print Shipping Label] (Maximum 1000 orders can be checked).

2.2 Select print type.

2.3 Go to print task details.

Order will go to “Printing” status.

When the pdf of certain channel is generated, the order will go to [Print Sucess] and open the pdf file in the new tab.

If the pdf failed to generate, the order will go to [Print Failed]

3. Print History

User can view the shipping label print task list history and download PDF of shipping label in Print History