Top selling products in Shopee Philippines? The growth of Shopee during the pandemic gives out a glimpse of how eCommerce is prospering. Around 47.33 million month visitor count is recorded back in 2020.

Though this massive e-commerce venture contains a global footprint, geographical region reported having the very best visitor’s count. The unique aspect of the shop is its diverse inventory.

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From women’s fashion to kids’ wear, electronics to home appliances, you’ll be able to browse whatever you would like. So, if you’re progressing to create a store on Shopee here are top selling products and categories in 2021.

Top Selling Products in Shopee Philippines

Top selling products in Shopee Philippines 2022? Product selection may be a crucial step in becoming a successful Shopee seller. It leads to energetic growth for large brands and is that the reasonably push small businesses must propel forward.

1- Home and Living

As per the research, the geographical area buyers on Shopee are spending more on purchasing home appliances. French cookware and other appliances have recorded an uplift of three,408x times in sales. Among the commonly purchased appliances a number of them are listed below:

Muji Humidifier

Muji Humidifier is preferred for its soothing outcomes. It fills the air with fresh fragrance and lifts the mood. It works best to alleviate stress and soothes the mind and body. It provides a LED night light feature further. Shopee has sold 5800 units of Muji Humidifiers.

Xiaomi TV Box

Due to the COVID outbreak, people were locked down or shifted to remote working. What accelerated was the sale of entertainment gadgets and stuff. Xiaomi TV Box has witnessed a surplus in sales on Shopee. it’s clothed to be one amongst the top-selling products in Shopee Philippines 2021.

BTO Group Buy Mat Mop

It’s a goal of each homeowner to seek out the simplest ways to stay away from nasty bugs, and insects far away from their property. This becomes possible by using the BTO group mat which was purchased on Shopee massively. The effectiveness of the mat attracted many buyers and its competitive rates with free shipping garnered attention.

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2- Health & Beauty

Shopee top selling products? Health & Beauty has been the foremost popular and in-demand category in Singapore back in 2019. within the Philippines, Maybelline became the highest selling brand with a mean increase in traffic of 4,227 times.

However, in Thailand, L’Oreal Paris became the highest brand with average growth in sales of 480 times and in lead generation of “5,306 times’ ‘ on Shopee. except this, COSRX’s Acne Pimple Master Patch became the highest Singapore’s brand for beauty products.

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Purifying Face Mask

If you wish to create a decent profit on Shopee, you want to add Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Purifying mask to your bucket list of products. Acne could be a common issue among people aged between 15 years to 35 years. This product is understood for its 4 in 1 treatment. It helps in detoxifying the skin and brightens it up in 10 minutes.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

With 5 stars rating on Shopee, Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer is among the top-selling products. It’s more like an eraser to cover away wrinkles, and dark spots from the skin. It makes the attention area bright and smooth. you’ll be able to go away from fine lines. thanks to all of those properties, it seems to be in huge demand.

3- Mobile and Gadgets

Top selling items in Shopee 2022? In Southeast Asia, mobile usage is reported to be the very best with a median rate of about 3.6 hours daily.

Moreover, Thai and Indonesian users spend quite 4.2 and 3.9 hours on a daily basis, which is far greater than that of the U.S., which reports 2 hours per day usage. The states clearly indicate how favourable it’s to control during this region. Furthermore, within the Shopee’s 12:12 Sale Event, power banks made the very best sales within the Philippines.

Pokemon Go Auto Catch + Spin

Pokemon Go is reported to own quite 147 million monthly active users. you would like to tap into the market and you’ll be able to make double folds on your investments. Shopee has sold quite 1700 units of Pokémon Go, where the products received 5-star ratings.

Xiaomi Amazfit

In 2019, sales of smartwatches reached 20.1 million within the us. Prime quality watches with diverse features have won the hearts of consumers who have left 5-star ratings on Shopee with some remarkable feedback. The platform has quite 200 Xiaomi Amazfit buyers.

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4- Toys, Kids & Babies

How to sell in Shopee without a product? There is an enormous demand for kid’s products on Shopee. If you have a look at the states you’ll know that over 10% of households have kids, per Nielsen. Furthermore, PetPet Disposable Diapers and Babylove Power Pants are the 2 most well liked brands on Shopee.

Jeju Wet Wipes

Baby wipes should be soft, moisturising and free from any added chemicals. Shopee gives a great outlet to reach out to your target audience. This is the reason why Jeju gained the most popularity. Its high-quality wipes have captured the market.

Mamypoko Diapers

Baby wipes should be soft, moisturising and free from any added chemicals. Shopee gives a good outlet to achieve a bent on your audience. This can be the explanation why Jeju gained the foremost popularity. Its high-quality wipes have captured the market.

Mamypoko Diapers may be a top-rated product on Shopee. over 6300 units are sold on the platform with over 4.8-star rating. As Mamypoko Diapers have exceptionally good quality compared to other brands, it’s been listed among the top-selling products.

5- Food and Beverages

With a record breaking sales of about 80 million products within 24 hours, Shopee shocked the globe back in 2019. From baby food items to snacks, the platform reported an enormous sale. Here are a number of the bestselling products below:

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Milo Packet Drink (24 x 200ml)

Shopee products? Who doesn’t like to have chilled Milo, which was proven on Shopee which reports it to be their top selling food item. Consumers brought the pack of 30 Milo over and all over again. The shop, after witnessing its sale, even offered a large discount of Buy One Get One Free.

Kiki Noodles

Kiki Noodles may be a perfect snack for teenagers of all ages. Shopee has sold around 100 units of Kiki Noodles which maintained an enormous rating of 4.9 stars. it’s the taste to achieve a dead set for a bigger group of target market.

Apart from all of the things listed above, there are other trending products that may take your eCommerce store to new heights of success. supported statistics reports these products have either witnessed an astounding demand during the COVID or have gained popularity because of their premium quality.

Face Masks

Face Masks has received a Google search volume of 1,100,000 within the UK, US and Philippines. Although the market is competitive, the demand is increasing daily. The fancier the masks are the greater would be the demand.

Posture Correctors

Posture issues lead to many physical health problems. As people are usually choosing remote working, they need to limit their physical movements because of which a high demand in posture control gadgets and supplies was seen. Nearly 162,000 searches were made on Google.

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There is an ample room to pick out the niche you would like to travel for when it involves establishing your store on Shopee. you’ll get on the shop to see for the trending categories and find insights through the feedback section.

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