What is the Shopee international platform? When you sign on as a Shopee seller, you simply do so per market that you simply reside in. For example, if you’re from the Philippines, you join up for Shopee PH and if you’re from Singapore, you’ll be able to join up as a seller at Shopee SG.

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But even once you visit Shopee to fulfil our own buying needs, you notice that some products should ship overseas. Sellers from one region that may sell their products from any Shopee-supported country are called a Shopee crossborder seller.

This means if you’re a Shopee seller from China, potential buyers from the Philippines or Indonesia could order your products.

Lazada has its own version of the crossborder seller program. On their platform, they call it being a Lazada Global Seller. Meanwhile, Shopee refers to that because of the Shopee International Platform.

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The Process of Shopee International Platform

How to buy from Shopee international platform? Shopee international Platform (SIP) could be a newly-launched feature that may allow sellers to sell on overseas Shopee platforms and promote their products on a global level. Currently, Singapore is the pilot market.

SIP is Shopee’s very own cross-border program that lets sellers do the following:

  • Expand current operations and consumer outreach to potentially sell to six different countries using the localised Shopee platform in each country.
  • Enjoy value-added cross border services by Shopee which include logistics support, payment, and customer service arrangements at no additional cost.
  • You will even be engaged with local selling experience without the necessity of putting in place a far off office.

There are two business models being followed within the SIP program. These are the Managed By Seller and Managed By Shopee models.

Choosing Managed by Seller means after you receive an order you’ll arrange shipment of the products towards Shopee’s warehouse. Going for the Managed by Shopee model implies that Shopee personnel will acquire the package so will ship it to the customer. The successful delivery of the package will take 7 to 14 days.

Here are some process of Shopee international platform (SIP):

  • Once a remote buyer places an order, the vendor is informed and can send the item to Shopee Malaysia Warehouse.
  • Sellers must treat such orders almost like other orders so that they may be shipped in time to buyers. you do not have to change any addresses as this process is done by the Shopee Malaysia Warehouse.
  • Once the parcel arrives at Shopee Malaysia Warehouse, the parcel is going to be processed by Shopee to be sent overseas to the buyer’s location.
  • Should there be any return/refund cases, Shopee will liaise with buyers directly via the local Customer Service Support.

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Benefits of Joining SIP

The aim of Shopee international platform Philippines is to assist businesses grow and expand internally with zero cost. once you join this program, you may reap the subsequent benefits:

  • Boost in income
  • Minimise business risks through market diversification
  • Expansion in customer base
  • Amplify your brand (since cross-border sellers have more exposure in campaigns)
  • Grow your business using only local business experience
  • Access to free SIP customer service

Best Practises of SIP Sellers 

Here are some tips that could facilitate your get the foremost out of your Shopee international shipping program experience:

  • Product names and products descriptions should be written in English
  • Make sure that the merchandise weight is accurate and updated
  • See to it that SIP_shopee_agent and commerce trading isn’t blocked from both your emails and Shopee messaging function. (The first one is that the Shopee USA customer service team will contact you just in case issues arise along with your orders. The other is that the SIP buyer account)


Do You Need To Pay Additional Charges To Join The Program?

Don’t worry! No additional cost is required to participate during this program. Shopee International Platform Indonesia aims to supply you with cross border services which will ensure no additional effort required to sell overseas. At the same time, local selling experience is maintained!

How Long Will It Take For The Parcel To Arrive To The Overseas Buyer?

Shopee Vietnam partners with a network of established logistic providers which is able to ensure reliable and efficient delivery for both our sellers and buyers. The delivery time would be obsessed with the overseas destination. For delivery to Singapore, it’ll take approximately 5-10 days.

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Do You Need To Respond To Overseas Buyers?

Yes, sellers must use either integrated Poslaju/ J&T Express/ DHL eCommerce and fulfil the shipment as was common. The delivery process will still be the same because the process you’re using now. Nothing is going to change. Please don’t proceed with manual shipment for SIP orders.

Do You Have to Respond to Queries Made by Overseas Buyers?

As one of the assorted services provided by Shopee International Platform, overseas customer queries are going to be handled promptly by Shopee’s customer service team.

How Will Your Total Stock be Allocated to the Respective Overseas Markets?

Shopee has performed an in depth stock allocation analysis by conducting an overall assessment which compares the merchandise demand within the respective local markets. supported this assessment, an accurate stock allocation logic has been derived which ensures sufficient stock allocated to local and overseas markets.

How is the Price Determined in Overseas Shops?

The price in overseas shops is predicated on system calculation. Product weight (shipping fee) and conversion rate are going to be taken into consideration.


Shopee International Platform is the new feature launched by Shopee to assist you expand your business to other countries and regions. you’ll get many benefits when joining this programme, not only expand your business, your order will increase surprisingly. you’ll also enjoy free cross border logistics, customer services and payment solutions.

The SIP programme actually works the same as selling things in Shopee Philippines, you would like to pack and ship the order and when the customer receives the products, the payment will go on to your seller’s wallet. Once you’re selected to affix the programme, click the accept button and see what proportion it’ll affect your business.

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