Vendors should list their products on Shopee online in order to attract the attention of the enormous number of visitors (21.26 million monthly) who come to the site, which ranks it first among e-commerce sites in the Philippines. Aside from that, Shopee is the most popular marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Having a thorough understanding of Shopee sales is yet another compelling reason to do so.

As a byproduct, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore are among the countries in which it functions as an outcome. Aside from that, it has some similarities to the eBay business model, which allows market participants to contact and deal with one another directly.

Marketing on Shopee, beyond all else, opens up a new moment of time for bridge vendors from China and Hong Kong to connect with customers in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

In addition to selling goods on its global market, Shopee derives money from fee income, service charges on its website, performance level, and fee-based payment systems. Investments such as finance, delivery, and merchandise search are made possible through the implementation of essential interactions.

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How to Be a Shopee Seller Philippines

Being a Shopee seller PH is as easy as 1, 2, 3. When you follow the right instructions, it is easy to start your online selling journey on Shopee. Read the steps below to find out how you can be a seller and engage in the Shopee Seller Center. 

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Make a Shopee Account

Wondering how to make a Shopee account? Register for a shopee account by entering your information and clicking Sign Up. Register with your mobile phone number or with an existing Facebook, Google, or Apple account if you already have one. You will be required to provide and confirm your phone number and email address. Now that you know about Shopee seller center Philippines sign up, you can start listing products. 

Set Up Your Shopee Store in PC or Desktop

Once you’re done with making your account and Shopee log in, you can now proceed to set up your shop. It looks like you already want to start selling in Shopee Philippines, so make sure to follow the instructions as soon as you can.

Log in to your account and go to the Seller center. On the left side you will see “My Products”, you should click it.

Click the “+ Add a New Product” button to be redirected to the listing page for your items or products. 

Fill up the necessary information such as Product Name, Category, Type of Product, and Specific product classification. Make sure that all information is accurate. 

Upload the real pictures of your products that the customers will see. Professionally taken commercial photos are best encouraged to attract more customers. 

Fill up the shipping details that are needed such as weight of the parcel, the size, and the shipping fee in accordance with the courier.  Select the couriers such as GoGo Express, and J&T Express for the full experience. 

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Make Sure You Will Give a Good Shopee Experience

Follow these recommended practices in order to expand your Shopee business.

Satisfaction and Happiness of Customer

Deliver goods on schedule and prevent canceling purchases in order to earn the confidence and commitment of clients.

Authenticity of Products

Second, by uploading legitimate merchandise, with correct descriptions, you may build credibility in your store.

Quality Customer Care

Utilize Shopee Chat to respond to consumer enquiries in a timely, knowledgeable, and polite manner.

Advertise Properly

Using Shopee’s Marketing Center, you may increase targeted traffic and build a positive brand recognition.

Abide by Shopee Policies 

Shopee’s Minimum Performance Standards (MPS) to be followed in addition to the merchant guidelines. Make sure you follow the Shopee seller requirements and learn more about Shopee seller fee Philippines, as well as Shopee seller training. 

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