The online business world requires merchants to always be on the go. One way to keep up with the market is by utilizing an Ecommerce Website. These websites are good in a sense that you can cater it to your own personal taste, and not just that, you can also tweak it personally to what your product needs to attract more and more buyers. 

E-commerce Websites are helpful in marketing as well as tracking sales and store performances. Websites in general offer a lot of digital tools that allow you to see your business from different angles so that you can be at your best and optimize outcomes. There are a lot of different E-commerce websites available for you to try which regulate different website traffic, you can read more about it in the article.

What are Ecommerce Websites?

Ecommerce websites examples are websites which allow merchants and customers to  buy and sell goods and services, both physical and digital online. In the past e-commerce in general was done through emails or phone calls but thanks to the latest innovations in technology these websites can pretty much facilitate the entire transaction process quickly and efficiently online. 

There are many kinds of e-commerce websites you can find online. But while there isn’t a strict set of categories for these sites, they can generally be grouped into four based on the functions they have. The kinds of ecommerce websites are as follows:

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Business-to-Business (B2B)

These ecommerce websites generally facilitate online transactions between companies. An example would be a website of a company that sells specialized wheels to other companies who need these wheels to produce a car.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

These ecommerce websites facilitate online transactions of goods and services between companies and consumers. One great example is Apple Inc’s website from which you can buy your next phone directly from them.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

These ecommerce websites facilitate online transactions of goods and services between consumers as a third party. Great examples of ecommerce website Philippines are Ebay and Carousel from which you can buy pre-loved items from other people through these sites.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

These ecommerce websites facilitate online transactions of goods and services where the individual offers products and services to businesses. An example of this could be a popular YouTube personality’s website wherein companies could partner with the personality for exposure in exchange for a fee. 

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Why Own an Ecommerce Website? 

To call ecommerce a booming industry would be an understatement. Its ability to make transactions both easy and extremely efficient has made it one of the largest, most profitable marketplaces today. With new innovations constantly being introduced to the marketplace and more consumers being introduced and more invested in the online marketplace, owning an ecommerce website can be the successful business opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Owning an ecommerce website has a variety of advantages to help you achieve success. One advantage as the owner of the website, you have complete creative freedom to curate the ultimate shopping experience for your consumers. You’ll no longer be left frustrated having to adjust to the designs and demands of another website owner. As the owner, you’re the captain of your ship sailing your creative ecommerce website towards business success.

Another advantage of owning an ecommerce website is that its potential to generate lots of revenue at a relatively low cost. For only the website itself, setting it up with the right tools can be free of charge and other costs will mostly go towards maintaining the domain. Other than that though, your website has the potential to generate tons of revenue for your business. You can even plaster a few ads which will generate easy revenue for your site.

In a time where the online marketplace will probably only continue to grow, owning an ecommerce website can really help you take advantage.

How to create an Ecommerce Website?

You’re probably worried that you’ll need to be an experienced computer wizard to create your own website. The truth is though, you really don’t have to be. Thanks to some solid innovations, all you’ll need is a little computer literacy and a willingness to learn and you can do great things without having to hire a team of dedicated developers

On the most basic level, you can use sites like WordPress and WooCommerce to create your  high-quality ecommerce website. It’ll come with some costs but it’ll be one of the closest you can get to making an ecommerce website free.

Another very viable option is to use the services of the best ecommerce website builder sites such as BigOption, Shopify,  and Wix. Finding a great ecommerce website template or an eye-catching ecommerce website design becomes a breeze. 

Once you get your website set-up and well designed, you’ll need to work on securing a domain name and finding the right web hosting service. The domain name of your website is the web address of your website so just come up with one that really captures your business then choose “.com” as the extension. One important thing you need to do too is to make sure your chosen domain name isn’t taken is to check on websites like Namecheap.

For the web hosting service, a great website you can use is Bluehost. Once there you’ll need to choose the plan that best suits you and your website’s needs, enter the domain name, and you should  be up and running in no time.

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