Saying that Filipinos love to do online shopping is an understatement. If you look left and right, you probably have more than 1 friend or relative that holds a Gold or Platinum membership in Shopee, or is waiting for 10 “To Receive” orders from Lazada. Now if you’re on the other side of sales, and you’re an online store owner who’s very committed to online selling, you should start to think about the best product to sell right now. 

High demand products are no longer hard to come by because social media is full of trendy items that people use these days. Knowing what’s trending and making use of them is a good way to make sure that your business is riding well with the trend wave. 

10 Trending Products That You Should Start Selling

These 10 products will surely have your customers lining up to get a spot in your shop. Your stocks will be sold out in no time. The best news is, they come from a wide variety of selections from clothes to appliances, from workout gear to video games, these products will bring the best sales record for you.

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Workout Gear

Workout routines are all over Youtube. From 10-minute low impact workouts to 30-minute cardio workouts, everything has a tutorial made available to you. This made workout gears like dumbells, waist bands, and jump ropes a best selling product online because people who could not go to the gym want to bring the gym to their homes instead. 

Marketing also comes easily for workout gears because a good number of Instagram influencers are gym junkies who like to market your products using their everyday routines. After all, word of mouth is the best marketing and workout gears will surely grant that for you. 

So if you ever think about what to sell online, always remember that workout gear is a good choice for you.

Workout Clothes

People who workout at home need to look the part in order to feel the part. Cater to people’s needs to post a mirror selfie in the gym by selling fitness clothes. This can go from leggings, to amphibian shorts, or thermal jackets, or sports bras, or literally anything. The options are limitless with this kind of product. This is a good idea for a saleable product because online shoppers surely search for it during mega sales. 

You can market these apparel anywhere and to anyone. All you need to have is a trendy color selection like neutrals or solid colors, an affordable price offer, and a good online shop page to place all of your available products on-hand. This is also good for courier services because these are non-fragile items that do not get broken in transit and will safely arrive to your customers eager to try it out.

Home Appliances

Everyone is stuck at home, and everyone gets bored. Sometimes people, especially moms, get the urge to replace appliances that are not even broken yet. Just recently, there was a craze about air fryers and everyone, even celebrities, were buying one. Appliances are actually surprisingly a good example of in demand products in the Philippines. There are a wide range of options that you can choose from like electric fans, light lamps, air fryers, or tables.

The famous facebook group Home Buddies PH with over 2 million members often shares their appliance finds and you can definitely use the group to market your products as well. Home savvys are always on the lookout for great appliances so you will never run out of customers to sell them to.

Home Office Supplies

I know, I know, work-from-home can be tiring. But it doesn’t have to be. Making sure that your home office isn’t dull is the best first step to alleviate your boredom with the work-from-home setup. Office Supplies mean a lot of things such as cute coffee mugs, or a cool tape dispenser. These are trending products to sell and you can’t go wrong with them. You just need to have an idea of what people want to see on their desks at home.

The best thing about working from home is that you have a say on how your work station will look like. This also means that as a seller, you’re very versatile on what you can sell. You just need to make people think that there is a need for office supplies because it increases productivity and you’re good to go. Take advantage of moment marketing while you still can.

Makeup Products

You’d think that not being able to go out and wearing a mask will stop girls from wearing makeup? Then you should think again. Surprisingly, makeup products still get sold out every single time there’s a sale online. One of the best-selling brands, Sunnies Face, actually reports on their Instagram that they get sold out in less than an hour. This means that makeup products are another trend that you can for sure ride on. 

#SupportLocal is a trend that has been flooding Filipino social media for a while now. This can be good for you because this means that locally made products including makeup items are officially in demand in the Philippines. If you’re ever wondering, for the sake of your business, what’s the best products to sell online in the Philippines, then always remember that makeup is a sure path to take for you.

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Skincare Products

The Hallyu wave in the Philippines is a pretty strong wave. Korean dramas and Korean artists have influenced our pop culture in so many ways and skincare is not an exemption to this. The 10-step Korean skincare routine is a strong trend that’s still being followed by many. Re-selling big skincare brands is a promising and easy way to make money and is definitely included as important business trends in the Philippines.

You can have famous Hallyu pages or marketing elements put to good use. Online marketplaces like Shopee or Lazada even have an entire section dedicated to these products. Skincare is definitely famous and its fame is not going away anytime soon. Both celebrities and average people now see it as an integral part of their life, so it is here to stay.

Shoes and Clothes

OOTD selfies are totally in! Shoes are for sneakerheads, and clothes are for fashionistas. These are things that are so easy to sell because the initial capital you need is not that expensive, especially if you branch out to sources like Taytay Rizal. If there’s anything that we’re thankful for in the influencer culture, it’s definitely the abundance of marketing strategies for clothes and shoe businesses.

The best products to sell online in the Philippines are the ones that people use on a daily basis. So if you’re having a hard time thinking of ideas, worry no more because shoes and clothes are always the way to go.

Selfie Tripods and Ring Lights

Speaking of OOTD selfies, you can’t take one without a ring light and a tripod. Or else, your photos will not be instagrammable as you want it to be. Even for online classes or online meetings, the best lighting and angle is key. A good example of trends in the Philippines are pictures circulating online about their ring light setup for meetings, this is something that you can capitalize on to start your ring light and tripod business.

Video Games

PS5, Xbox, or even mobile games like CODM or Mobile Legends are a hit in the Philippines. Valorant has recently reached our gamers and this is another opportunity to sell online and earn money. Google trends PH will tell you that people are now buying accounts for online video games in order to boost their ranking. You can definitely be a bridge for people who sell their accounts and people who like to buy them. 

These kinds of deals are also searched by people on Shopee and Lazada, proving that the demand for video game products are everywhere. Just find the right people selling, and people who want to buy then you’ve got the perfect commission for you.

Food and Coffee

Last but not least, is food and coffee. Binge watching on Netflix is now everyone’s favorite hobby. Of course enjoying your favorite series or movie won’t be the same without food, or sometimes coffee too. Going to the grocery store can be a lot of work so selling food online is also a trendy thing for Filipinos. 

You can sell anything from snacks, ulams, or even beverages and people around your neighborhood or even beyond will surely buy. You can sell tteokbokki, ramen, or turon. Everything that can be eaten while sitting down, definitely will be a hit! So if you love food, you can share your favorite food to people and earn extra from it.

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