Selling in Shopee Philippines is very easy. However, to be fully prepared and ready there are many things to consider. One of the things to consider and most new sellers think about is how to upload products in Shopee. Luckily, there are easy-to-understand settings in the Seller Centre that are available just for you. Be sure that you meet Shopee seller requirements too. 

If you want to start selling in Shopee, you need to make sure that all information and preparation are fixed beforehand. You must have done Shopee seller center sign up Philippines. Aside from that, you also need to be sure that you know how to handle backbone operations like uploading a product. These are essentials for all Shopee sellers in the Philippines.

How to Upload a Product for Listing on Shopee?

Getting started with Shopee is a simple and fast process. To begin your selling journey, simply follow the steps provided below. Read our Shopee listing guidelines and Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy before generating your listing to ensure that your goods can be posted for sale in compliance with Shopee’s Terms and Conditions before starting the listing process. Following that, you can begin by following the procedures outlined below.

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Step 1: Locate My Products

You can find this on the left side of your screen in the Shopee Seller Centre Philippines. This is the beginning of the listing process. 

Step 2: Add Products

Click the “+ Add a New Product” button to begin selecting the products that you want to sell and to arrive at the official listing page. 

Step 3: Categorize the Product

In this part, you will need to input the product name, your customers will see and use this to refer to your products, The mother category, the subcategory, and the specific classification. This is important for Shopee to know where to put your product in when it comes to searches. 

Step 4: Add Photos

You need to select the best and most accurate photos for your products. It is highly encouraged to use professionally taken pictures for better quality. The photos that you upload here will be the ones that your customers will see and identify your shop with. 

Step 5: Specifications

In this part, you need to fill up all the necessary information. The asterisk or * symbol will represent the required information. Items that are marked with this symbol need to be filled before you can proceed fully with the listing. This is to assure that you give customers enough information about the product that you are listing. 

Step 6: Sales Information

Here, you need to update the prices as well as the stock of the item. The same principle goeas for Step 6, all fields with an asterisk are required and must be filled out before you can proceed to the listing proper. 

Step 7: Shipping

Shipping is important. In this part, you need to update the weight of your parcel in order to guide both the buyers and couriers. You may also give additional information such as the parcel size. Click the toggle button to activate courier choices for your customers. 

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There are many more features that you can explore once you get the hang of it just like Shopee mass upload template, and bulk upload, and more. Once you master these steps, you already know how to be a Shopee seller Philippines, and you will not have a hard time figuring out how to sell in Shopee Philippines. You can also check out their education hub for more in-depth Shopee seller training. Learn about other tips like how to sell in Shopee COD. 

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How to Mass Upload in Shopee

Wondering how to mass upload in Shopee? It is possible to speed up your processes by using the Mass Upload tool to publish a large number of products at the same time via Seller Centre’s Seller Center.

This is especially handy if your company is expanding and you want to launch new items or variants to your existing products.

Mass Upload is an option that enables sellers to post a large number of items to Shopee at the same time. Sellers that use this option will be able to save effort when uploading a big quantity of products through the Seller Centre.

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