Finding a best selling product is important for your business. Are you curious what are the top products in the Philippines?  In this article, you will get the information about it. Let’s check this out.

Top Products In The Philippines

What are the best selling products in the Philippines 2022? If you want to be an online seller, you need to find the best product in the Philippines. You need to conduct market research on trending products in the Philippines 2022 first.

You might be curious on why you need to do market research? It is because the top-selling items on shopee 2021 Philippines might be different from the 2022 booming products in the Philippines. What are the top products? Here are the trending products in the Philippines 2022

Spectacle Face Shield

Spectacle face shields are one of the popular products in the Philippines since the pandemic era. By using this spectacle face shield, you can protect yourself from the virus or any hazardous droplets. Beside that, it can be used by children over the age of four and ideal for any gender.

Medical And Non-Medical Disposable Mask

One of the in demand items in the Philippines is medical and non medical disposable masks. One box usually includes 50 packs with 3 ply filters. This mask will also help to protect you from viruses as well as pollution.

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Hand Sanitizer

One of the best product to sell in Philippines is hand sanitizers. To keep you and your family away from viruses and germs.These hand sanitizers are available in spray and gel and also available in many sizes.

Muji Humidifiers

To help you relieve your stress, you can use the muji humidifiers to help you. You can combine it with the aromatherapy scent. Beside that, it is easy to use and can function as a LED night light.


The other in demand products in the Philippines 2022 are dumbbells. To keep healthy, many people are doing workouts and dumbbells are one the most searching for dumbbells in the Philippines.


Looking for ideas to sell things? Appliances can be the solution. Many people will change their appliances if there are new appliances. The appliances you  sell have to be the new products in the Philippines 2022.

Home Improvement

One of the unique products in the Philippines is home improvement products. The home improvements you can sell such as gardening, kitchen, and amateur carpentry tools. 

Home Office

Selling a home office is perfect nowadays because many people work from home. You can sell home office things like chairs, desks, monitors, and other peripherals.


There is always a coffee addiction everywhere as well as in the Philippines. If someone is a coffee addict, they can’t stand to drink coffee because selling coffee is a great decision. You can try to sell several types of coffee variants.

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Skincare is a must have thing for women all around the world. You can try to sell the popular skincare since. You can try to sell the Korean skincare that is hype nowadays.


Selling jewelry is also a good decision. You can try to sell the good quality of jewelry with a beautiful design to attract the buyers.


Everyone needs shoes, that’s why selling shoes can be a good idea. You can find a shoe distributor or you can manufacture comfortable footwear with attractive designs.

Video Games

For home entertainment, many people buy video games to accompany them. That’s why selling video games is a good decision. You can try to sell the new and up to date games.

Kids Toys

To keep children away from boredom, parents usually buy the toys for kids. There are toys that can help children to concentrate while playing with their toys.

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Why Should You Start Doing Online Business In The Philippines?

If you are intending to start selling an online business, you might be worried on how to sell things in Lazada. Don’t worry because selling in Lazada is not difficult. You have to create and register your account first.

Besides that, you need to find the new products in the Philippines 2022. You can do market research. You also need to know your customers’ behavior and buying decisions. Here are the steps you need to take to find the top-selling items in Lazada Philippines 2021. 

Step 1: Log into Your Lazada Account

The first step you need to do to find the best selling products is log in your Lazada account by inputting your username and password.

Step 2: Go To Data Feed Manager

Then you need to go to the offer and click on the data feed manager. After that hover your mouse over and select to open the data feed manager.

Step 3: Select Your Country

After you have done step 2, now you need to select your country by selecting the products category LV1, LV2 and LV3 then see what you are looking for.

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Step 4: Download The Product Listings

The last step is, you need to scroll up to your right side after choosing all the categories, then hover your mouse again onto the download session and choose download now to get the Lazada best product categories for your reference.

After you have determined your business, don’t forget to do a campaign and offer a lazada voucher to increase your sales. You can try to promote your business on social media or other places. The question is why you should start selling online? Here are the reasons why you need to be an online seller.

  • Boost up more sales and conversion.
  • Easy to sell.
  • No stores and staff needed.
  • Easier to do promotion.

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Before you sell your things online, you need to determine what products you want to sell. After that, you need to create your lazada account. Once there is an order, you will get the notification and you need to pack the order as per the lazada packaging guidelines.

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