If you want to pack your products easily, you can simply get the packaging materials from Lazada Philippines to ensure quality, uniformity, and most importantly, accuracy in the packages that you will use for the products that you will send out. Lazada fortunately offers standard packaging materials that you can avail and make use of in your online selling journey. Knowing how to pack properly is not enough if you do not have the right materials.

Have you ever worried about failing to send good packages? Or ever worried about whether or not the packages you outsourced are durable and efficient enough? No worries! Lazada has got your back with their packaging that you can get in LazMall or the Lazada Seller Center. Shipping and packaging is now made easy, convenient, and worry-free. 

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What are Lazada Packaging Guidelines?

Lazada’s Packaging Guidelines are safety measures placed as a responsibility of the sellers to send out quality packaged products to their customers. These packaging guidelines consist of different things like information about pouches, boxes, and even invoices.

Following Lazada’s guidelines will help you as a seller to identify whether or not you are doing the right thing with your products and your couriers. These guidelines are important for all sellers because it will be the one to determine whether or not you are really not delivering under the bare minimum.

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What are Standard Packaging Materials in Lazada Philippines?

If you want to purchase Lazada pouches or boxes, you can do so by searching for “Lazada Packaging” in LazMall. Otherwise, you can also look for it in the Lazada Seller Center by navigating around the shipping settings on your end as the seller. 

If you would like to check on the status of your orders, you can find information on how to track your orders in the Track My Orders option of LazMall if that’s where you got your packaging. If not, you can contact Lazada’s Customer Service by clicking on the Chat Now button that can be found in the Seller Center or the Help Center of Lazada’s Website

Types of Lazada Packagings

Below are the list of different standard packaging materials by Lazada Philippines:

  • New Lazada Small Pouches (18.6 cm x 30 cm)
  • New Lazada Medium Pouches (23.7 cm x 39.8 cm)
  • New Lazada Large Pouches (32 cm x 44.6 cm)
  • New Lazada Bubble Pouch XS (17 cm x 20 xm)
  • New Lazada Bubble Pouch S (20.6 cm x 27.4 cm)
  • Compostable Small Pouches w/o Sleeve (18.6 cm x 30 cm)
  • Compostable Medium Pouches w/ Sleeve (23.7 cm x 39.8 cm)
  • New Lazada Box (3 size choices, set of 25)

Guidelines to Avoid Overweight and Underweight Parcels

Always use the proper-sized box or pouch to prevent having to measure your product more than once. Investigate the application of sticker labels on air waybills. The use of sticker printers results in air waybills that have more accurate printouts of barcodes, which allows for proper identification of packages and their respective dim weight measurements during the sortation process.

Seller Center should be configured to accept item dimensions that are based on the final external packing rather than the item weight and size. The actual shipment size is determined by the logistics partner. 

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When entering dimensions and weight, make sure to use the correct unit of measurement:

  • Package dimensions are measured in centimeters (CM).
  • Kilograms (KG) are used to measure package weight.
  • Be aware of the number of decimal places when reporting measurements.

Package Dimensions

Package Dimensions are defined as the dimensions of the box or pouch in which your item will be packaged for shipment. This is a three-part measurement consisting of the following dimensions: length, breadth, and height. When adding a product, this information should be entered in the Delivery & Warranty part of the product page, as seen below.

Product Dimension Definition

This term refers to the physical measurement of the object. It provides the consumer with a better understanding of the object’s size and helps them assess whether or not they will be able to fit it in the manner in which they intend to use it. Place this information in the Description section of your product page when you are adding a new item to your cart.

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