How to boost Lazada sales in the Philippines? Southeast Asia is a high-growth region for e-commerce. Many cross-border sellers want to break into this market, and Lazada is the best way in. Lazada offers so many things like Lazada Vouchers, Lazada Free Shipping, and Lazada Flash Sales.

According to Google and Temasek, Southeast Asia’s online economy hit $100 billion in 2019, and it is estimated to triple that by 2025. The population in this region is relatively young and has a very high internet and smartphone penetration rate, making it a tempting target for cross-border sellers.

As the world’s premiere eCommerce gateway to Southeast Asia, Lazada has created a vibrant and unique online shopping mall that connects consumers across Southeast Asia with merchants around the world. It’s one of the easiest ways for eCommerce retailers to push sales in the region.

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Why You Should Start Selling Online in Lazada Philippines?

Lazada is the leading marketplace eCommerce site in SE Asia and it’s quite difficult to say that one is better than the other. It’s a very aggressive eCommerce battle with the websites still offering great promotions and seller benefits in order to win market share.

Here are two reasons why using Lazada as a selling channel can be advantageous for online businesses:

You Can Cater The Needs of Buyers More Effectively

There are customers that prioritize the date of arrival of a certain product. However, some people prefer to wait for a couple more days as long as they are able to save a few dollars in the process. Lazada unique selling proposition tends to give more importance to quality and delivery time which benefits consumers who urgently need to get their bought items.

Lazada offers same-day delivery (only products that come from Lazada’s own inventory) as long as the order is placed before 11 am.

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Multi Payment Options Means You Attract More Customers

Lazada payment options currently offer Gcash, debit/credit card, Lazada wallet, Cash on Delivery (COD), and BDO installment.

Lazada focused on selling point centers on providing customers with installment options for their purchases.

Aside from being available wherever customers could go online shopping, leveraging also helps you to take your online business to the next level.

What Tools Can Help You Boost Your Traffic and Sales?

Lazada is a sales channel that attracts a lot of participation from online sellers due to the huge number of potential customers. Therefore, the level of competition when selling on Lazada is increasing fierce, making it more difficult to become a top seller than before.

Here are four tools that can help you boost your traffic and sales:

Decorate Your Store With Store Builder

How to decorate your lazada store? Store Builder is a tool available in Lazada that allows you to upload store banner lazada size and highlight your best products.

Well designed and organized stores help you attract customers and gain their trust, especially as a new seller. You can customize your own design or choose from available templates.

Add a Store Feed to Your Shop

Store Feed servers as a new channel for you to interact and increase your engagement with your customers by turning them into followers. Let your followers know about your store’s promotions, new product arrivals and more.

Increase Customer Engagement and Sales With Chat Now

The Chat Now feature allows you to answer your customer inquiries and turn them into sales. Utilize the feature to provide great customer service and connect with your customers.

Boost Product Visibility With Seller Picks

Utilize the lazada seller hacks tools and make sure that your performance metrics are good to have access to seller picks lazada, a free tool that allows you to promote your best products and boost your traffic.

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Tips How to Boost Sales in Lazada Philippines

You must already know how to create a store in lazada. For lazada sellers, incremental lazada sales is what they have been doing. Sales volume is the basis of the seller’s business, and it is also the seller’s greatest concern.

So, here are 7 tips on how to increase sales in lazada.

Simplify The Title and Set Keywords

For the convenience of customers to find your product when searching, short title and keyword settings are essential. It is recommended to be simple and neutral when naming the title, avoiding overly complicated and lengthy naming.

The description of the details can be placed on the product details page, highlighting the keywords as much as possible.

Accurate Classification 

It is very important to make accurate product classification. It is recommended that you fill in and improve the exact attributes of the products as much as possible. The more accurate the product classification information, the easier it is for customers to search for your products.

The Number of SKU

The number of SKUs can be directly related to your store exposure and traffic. The more SKUs, the more you can satisfy your customers’ shopping needs and better drive traffic. (Hot sales category uploads multiple SKUs works better).

Note: Searching for the total number of SKUs under the top category of keywords, you can see the proportion of the categories of the platform.

Upload Product Main Map of High Quality

A high-quality masterpiece can attract customers’ attention and make your products stand out. When uploading the main picture, you need to make sure that the main picture of the product looks clear and professionally follow the Lazada picture guide, giving the customer a good first impression and attracting them to click on your product.

Set a Competitive Price

For two identical products, pricing is a key factor in the customer’s decision to purchase. Lazada will group your products with the same products from other sellers. The cheap ones will be displayed at the top, and the cheapest ones will always be displayed at the top.

Therefore, before you determine the price of the product, you must do a competitive analysis of comparing the price of online shopping and offline stores.

Of course, you can also use the “lowest price function” in the back of the lazada seller center or discount on the original price to give an attractive discounted price.

Product Description

The more detailed the product description, the more customers can see the product information, and will be more assured to buy your product.

So you can fill in all the blank areas as much as possible in the product description, add as much detail as possible.

Long description is the key to persuading consumers to recognize the quality of the product. You may add more pictures / videos to show customers more details of the product, which will help irresolute customers eventually order.

Note: The description of highlights needs to be as simple as possible, highlighting the characteristics and selling points of the product, and it is easier to attract customers’ attention.

Upload High Quality Product Pictures

Because you can’t touch the product, the more customers get more product information, the more assured they are to buy your product. According to lazada layout research, customers prefer multiple product images.

It is recommended that sellers provide vivid product images and 360 degree no dead corner display products, which is essential to facilitate sales.


How to promote a product in lazada? promoting your product must begin with an adequate understanding of the customer journey and the application of the relevant techniques and best practices to maximize your performance at those levels.

Reread this article to know lazada seller tips, implement the techniques, make use of the other suggested materials and you will be on your way to massive sales.

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