Once you receive your first rounds of orders in Lazada Philippines, it can be quite daunting. Especially when you are still figuring out how to handle and manage these orders. But, do not panic because there are definitely guides and fixed steps set in place to make sure that you know what you need to do as an online Lazada seller. 

When you know how to sell products in Lazada, the next thing you need to figure out is how exactly do you fulfill Lazada Orders in the Philippines? Fulfilling orders is necessary in order to get good feedback from your customers and have good standing with Lazada. This will open you up to opportunities like being the seller type you want to be.

Lazada and its Benefits 

It’s no secret that Lazada Philippines is a great place for online businesses to thrive. As one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in the Philippines, it definitely opens you up to a lot of services and more importantly to a lot of people who can be potential customers. 

Lazada values its vendors, both marketplace and corporate sellers, in the same way that it values the millions of buyers that visit the platform on a daily basis. While customers can always get in touch with customer service, sellers also have specialized channels for platform and logistical issues.

Lazada’s online platform is intended for both online buyers and sellers, and it is available in several languages. Sellers manage their stores on the backend using all of the tools and services that are accessible to them – stock and order management, marketing and promotions, sales, finances, and a slew of other functions.

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How to Fulfill Your First Order in Lazada Philippines?

The information in this post will assist you in fulfilling your very first order as a new merchant!

When a consumer places an order, you will receive an email notification to the email address you have registered with Lazada as well as an app notification (if you have the Seller Center mobile app).

When an order is placed in your Seller Center, you have up to 24 hours to complete the seven processes necessary to process, pack, and deliver the order to the customer. Please adhere to this 24-hour limit in order to avoid order cancellations and, maybe, the deactivation of the business.

Acknowledge Receipt of Order

The order will appear in your Orders Management page under the To Pack tab, under the To Pack section.

Determine the Type of Fulfillment.

A store can be assigned to either the Pick-up Fulfillment or the Drop-off Fulfillment types of fulfillment. Check your fulfillment type by following the instructions outlined below. Select Profile from the My Account drop-down menu. Under Shipment Provider, you will be able to see your Shipping Provider (2nd column) as well as the Type (4th column) that you are using for your shipment.

There are several different types of shipments. Upon completion of your order, our pick-up team will arrive at your warehouse address to pick up your product and deliver it to you. Place an order online and then drop it off at one of the Drop-Off Points (DOP) in your area after you’ve finished creating your order. 

Print Off Your Documents.

Select the orders that you are ready to fulfill from the To Pack page, and then click Create and print chosen orders from the drop-down menu. When fulfilling orders, use the First-In, First-Out (FIFO) technique to ensure that you meet the deadline for shipping the order on the first attempt. To do this, you should know how to print the Lazada Air Waybill

Make Arrangements for Shipment

In your Seller Center, your order will immediately change from the To Pack to the To Ship status after you have printed all of the appropriate documentation for it. When you are ready to give over your package, click the Arrange Shipment button to begin the process.

Sellers that wish to be picked up should follow the following guidelines: When you do this, the Pick-up team will be notified that you have a package available for pickup. When packages are not ready for pick-up when the pick-up team arrives, sellers may face monetary penalties. More information on the Package Not Ready policy may be found here.

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Steps to Prepare and Fulfill Orders

As soon as an order is received in your Seller Center, you have up to 24 hours to complete the following tasks: (1) processing the order, (2) packing the goods, and (3) delivering it to our courier. When a new order is received, you will receive an email notification to the email address that you have registered with Lazada. You will also receive an app notification if you have the Seller Center mobile application installed.

Step 1: Print out the Inventory Checklist.

You can utilize the stock checklist on Seller Center to figure out which item has to be processed and when. Navigate to Orders & Reviews > Orders > Pending in the Seller Center. Select the orders to be handled by selecting the checkboxes next to the order numbers in the list. After you’ve selected the orders, pick “Print Stock Checklist For Selected Items” from the print menu options after selecting them.

Step 2: Picking the Items from Checklist

Select the things from the stock checklist that were previously mentioned. Pick items from your inventory and do a quality check to confirm that they are in good operating and cosmetic condition before putting them away.

Step 3: Prepare the Invoice

In accordance with local rules, merchants should issue a sales invoice for each order received. More information on why a seller should produce a sales invoice may be found in this article.

Step 4: Pack Items

Pack the items in accordance with Lazada’s packaging specifications. Following the packaging requirements provided will ensure that your item is protected from any damage during transportation. Damaged commodities in transit, angry consumers, and ineligibility to file claims are all consequences of non-compliance with the law.

Before you seal the package, insert the sales invoice within the package. It is possible that different tracking numbers will be assigned to a single order including numerous items. It is recommended that orders that generate two different tracking numbers be packed separately in order to minimize order cancellations. There is just one tracking number for each package.

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How to Handle Abusive Buyers?

Sellers can report Unfair Buyer Reviews using the Seller Center, which is accessible from any computer. Partner Support can be contacted if a chat message is deemed offensive. When a buyer’s failed delivery and return rates are particularly high, the COD option can be eliminated from the Checkout page entirely. This can be sought by contacting Customer Service. Buyers who have a high rate of cancellations on Lazada may be blacklisted from the site.

How to Check the Daily Average Orders?

Open your Seller Center and select Business Advisor from the drop-down menu. Navigate to the Key Metrics section of the Business Advisor Homepage from the Business Advisor homepage. Select the last 30 days and then filter “Orders” on the Metrics page by selecting “Orders” as the filter. Divide the total orders to 30 to get the daily results. 

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