Times are gone when we could utilize November to save money on our bills before kicking off the season of giving in earnest on December 1. The prominence of online shopping platforms nowadays has spawned a new shopping concept known as Singles Day, which is celebrated on November 11th. This can be a way to boost your Shopee sales, or other marketplaces stores.

It is a shopping event that has been around for quite some time, however, it has only lately made its way into the Philippines’ consumer market. While this shopping festival is mostly geared toward, well, shopping, there is more to it than simply money-saving shopping offers to be found there as well.

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This article will help you answer a number of important questions like “How to write a discount offer message?”, “What is the best selling item on Shopee?”, and “What to sell in Shopee?” Additionally, this article will go over effective sales promotion ideas for retail, online promotion examples, good promotion names, and sales promotions examples that can help become trending on Shopee or any other e-commerce platform instantly.

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What is 11.11 Singles Day & How Did it Start?

The digits 11.11 have the appearance of ‘bare sticks,’ which denotes persons who are unmarried. There have been various hypotheses put forward to explain the origins of the 11.11 Singles Day festival, but only one has gained widespread acceptance: it has its roots in Chinese university dorm life.

Four male students in China came up with the concepts after debating how they could break free from the monotony of singlehood for a while. One of the things they agreed on was that November 11 would be designated as a day of celebration to commemorate singles. What began as a simple pledge and activity amongst friends grew to other campuses throughout China, and the rest, as they say, is history. Now the 11.11 campaign is everywhere.

Unfortunately, it has lost its Singles Day branding and is now more commonly known and adored as the Double 11, a shopping event that is becoming larger and more popular with each passing year. Given all these, you should know how to prepare for 11.11. 

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5 Best Selling Product Categories to Sell on 11.11

Here are the 5 best product categories to choose from as you think of what you can sell on the upcoming Singles Day, 11.11, the biggest sale of the year. Below are the top selling items on Shopee, Lazada, and other ecommerce platforms. 

Gadgets and Other Electronics

For this, electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, cameras, and gaming peripherals are not often purchased on a regular basis, and they are not considered everyday purchases. The 11th of November is a wonderful opportunity to complete your shopping list for electronics, especially if you’re in the market to upgrade some of your current equipment.

In the same way that stores utilize Black Friday and Cyber Monday to clear out last-generation gadgets, many retailers use this as a chance to clear out last-generation devices. Shopping for gadgets, on the other hand, can be a bit complex, and you must go with caution. Only shop for electronics if you’ve already decided on the model you want to replace your current one with. Electronics purchases made on the spur of the moment may turn out to be a mistake because the items on sale may not contain the characteristics that you desire or require.

Home and Lifestyle 

Because it is the holiday season and the New Year is approaching, now is the ideal time to put your home improvement plans into action. Not only is now an excellent time to begin planning for a home renovation project or upgrade, but it is also a less taxing time on your bank account as well.

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Home improvement is not a cheap endeavor, and it can even cost you a small fortune in some circumstances. Because of the range of bargains and discounts that will be available on 11.11, you will most likely spend a fraction of what you would have paid on a regular day for home renovation products, furniture, lighting, and décor on online platforms, according to the National Retail Federation. Get your home improvement project underway in time for the holidays and New Year’s celebrations.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is quickly approaching, and if you want to be as efficient with your funds or budget as possible for the holiday season, you might as well take advantage of the offers available in November rather than during the month of December. On top of that, we Filipinos attend one Christmas party after another every December since we have so many inaanaks and pamangkins. 

While that may not be the case right now, we are confident that it will not prevent Filipinos from sharing gifts whenever the opportunity arises. Consider taking advantage of the largest online sale to stock up on thoughtful gifts for your manito and manita if you received your 13th-month pay early this year, or if you just have enough money to fulfill their Christmas wish lists before the holidays start to roll around.

All you need is a list of the people you want to give gifts to, as well as a list of any festivities you might be attending during the month of December. Browse around until you discover something you think they will appreciate, and don’t be concerned about how much it will cost you in the process.

Groceries and Home Supplies

The 11.11 sale isn’t just for high-end merchandise. Using this chance to stock up on household necessities such as food, diapers, face masks and even milk for your baby, if you have one, is a good idea. Currently, e-commerce sites sell non-perishable commodities such as canned goods and beverages; these items are frequently on sale around 11.11, and with good cause. This is something you need in your home regardless of whether there is a sale going on, and if you want to save money in the long run, taking advantage of sales like this is a smart choice.

Fitness and Activewear

The term “activewear” refers to garments that are meant to provide a combination of esthetic, style, comfort, and practicality in a less competitive mode, such as casual wear and exercise, rather than for competition. Parkas, hoodies, slacks, and crew-neck fleece sweaters are examples of activewear clothing that are available.

People were more willing to use athleisure clothes outside of their workouts as the comfort of the clothing improved over time. Today, that innovation is one of the primary reasons why athleisure has gained such widespread acceptance. The appeal of athleisure is also attributable, at least in part, to the ease with which it can be incorporated into a hectic lifestyle.

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