Are you looking for clothes but don’t have much of a budget? Don’t worry you can use shopee finds clothes features to help you find the clothes you are looking for with a low budget. But before you buy products, you need to read the description and the review so you will not be disappointed. Do you want to know more about it? Here are 10 aesthetic shops in Shopee you need to know.

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Top 10 Shopee Finds Clothes

Finding suitable clothes is not easy because sometimes it is too pricey or no size, or even it is not your style. You might be curious whether there are affordable clothing shops in shopee philippines. And yes, there are many clothing shops with local brands, international brands and of course with an affordable price. Here are the best shops in shopee ph list for you.

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1. Xiaozhainv

One of the best shops in Shopee Ph for clothes is Xiaozhainv. Xiaozhainv offer many kind of clothes such as dress, blouse, shirt and many more. All Xiaozhainv clothes are on trend. You can get stylish clothes at an affordable price here.

Chinese New year is about to come. If you haven’t bought your new clothes, you can try to find them in Xiaozhainv. Beside that, Xiaozhainv also offers discount vouchers up to 25% off regularly. Xiaozhainv is a trusted clothing shop. You can take a look at their review. It got a great rating of 4.7 out of 5. Xiaozhainv will respond to all the customers in just a few minutes despite being a relatively new player (6 months) in Shopee.

2. RayPro

Looking for local clothing brands in shopee? Raypro is the answer, the shop with the rating of 4.5 out of 5. You can find men and women’s clothes here. For your information, they sell many kinds of clothes with many sizes. If you are looking for an extra big size, you can get it in this shop. You can also choose your favorite color here but some of their products don’t get the 5 stars review so you need to choose it properly before buying it.

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3. Meowmeowshop

Another recommended shopee finds clothes is Meowmeowshop. For those who looking for cheongsam, you can go to Meowmeowshop directly. Meowmeowshop has a lot of cheongsam collections for the ladies which is perfect for Chinese New Year or any other special occasion.

In this shop, you can have many kinds of cheongsam dress styles, colors and also sizes. The size available from S to 6XL and with free shipping. So what are you waiting for, go to Meowmeowshop and see the perfect cheongsam for you.

4. Joylife

Joylife is the best shopee finds because this store sells complete clothes from babies, kids, women and men. You can purchase your family stuff just in one shop. Joylife has a high rating of 4.8 out of 5. You can find many cute clothes for your babies and kids here. And of course with the high quality and affordable price.


OGYA is not only the best clothing shops in Shopee but a perfect one for women. It is because OGYA sells all the things that women need such as beauty tools, beauty care, make up, personal care, hair care, watches and many more. Besides selling women’s stuff, OGYA also sells the men’s stuff too. You can find the 3XL clothes size here too.

6. Hodroad

One of the affordable shops in Shopee is Hodroad. Have you ever heard about it? Hodroad is not only selling the clothes for women, babies, toddlers but also selling beauty tools and even home decor.

You can find your chinese new year clothes and your home decor in one place which is really saving your time. There are many Chinese New Year decorations there such as lanterns, rose stickers, wallpaper, and many more.

7. Geeker

Looking for affordable men’s clothes? Gerker is the solution. Geeker is recommended because you can find many types and sizes of men’s clothes here. They have crazy prices. One review said that they buy clothes in Geeker for $7 only and there is a free shipping too.

8. Meefashion / Xiaoliuliu_11

Are you a Kpop lover and looking for Korean style clothes? If yes, you can go to Meefashion/Xiaoliuliu_11. They offer a complete style of Korean artists such as tops, dresses, skirts, pants. You can find the style from the Korean drama you watch here.

9. Kimidress

If you can’t find the suitable clothes for you or your babies, you can try to look at Kimidress. Kimidress is one of the popular  shops in Shopee. Not only selling clothes, you can find many things here such as women’s fashion, kid’s fashion, home stuff and also beauty tools. Let’s visit Kimidress store and see what you can buy there.

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10. Buy A Lot

The last recommended shop in Shopee you can search is Buy A Lot. Buy A Lot offers many kinds of women’s products starting from clothes, beauty tools, make up, skincare and even lingerie. You can find all your needs here. Buy A Lot is women’s heaven which offers a complete women’s stuff. Buy A Lot offers a discount and shipping voucher. Don’t forget to read the product description and the review before buying it.

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If you are looking for a low budget clothing shop, you can find it on Shopee. You can try to look after the shops mentioned above. Don’t forget to read the product description properly and also the reviews from other customers. By reading it properly, you can consider before buying it.

For your additional information, the price might fluctuate because they might discount the products or join the Shopee deals. That’s why you need to look at the products and see whether they are in promotion. Don’t forget to use the voucher if you have any.

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