Most people in the world are doing online shopping nowadays and one of the famous e-commerce platforms is Shopee. As a seller in Shopee Philippines, you have to think about how to boost up your sales and one of the solutions is by giving the Shopee shipping fee Philippines to your buyer. Shipping fee vouchers work effectively to increase your sales because all buyers love discounts and shipping fee vouchers.

You might keep questioning How to know the shipping fee in shopee, How much is the shipping fee in shopee and Shopee return shipping fee shopee. Don’t worry! In this article, you are going to know the shopee shipping fee and how to set them on your account. 

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What Is Shipping Fee?

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When you do online shopping in Shopee, you will be charged a shopee shipping fee. So what is the shipping fee? Shipping fee shopee is the cost used to ship items from seller to a buyer. As a seller lists an item, he or she can determine and disclose the cost to ship. The buyer can attempt to negotiate the shipping fee before payment is made by the buyers.

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How To Set Shipping Fee?

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As a seller you might wonder how to set shipping fee in shopee and why you need to set this Shipping fee on shopee. As a seller you need to enable this shipping option to increase your sales on shopee. You can add the shopee shipping fee rates and the minimum purchase to get the shipping fee voucher.

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Here are steps on how to set shipping fee on shopee:

  • Before setting up the shipping fee, the seller should make the activation of the preferred logistics provider
  • Then Go to the Me tab, then tap My Shop or Start Selling.
  • Choose My Products or Add New Product depending on where you want to set the shipping fee.
  • After that Tap Shipping Fee
  • Then you have to input the accurate dimensions such as the product’s size and weight.
  • Toggle on the preferred courier for shipment, then tap Save.

To prevent additional shipping costs or failed delivery, you have to measure the packaging size of the item and fill in dimensions accurately. It is mandatory to set the proper product weight to avoid discrepancy Sellers can only nominate and customize shipping fees to non-Shopee logistics partners.

Shipping fees for Shopee logistics partners are predefined. Sellers need to set the correct weight and dimensions as the shipping fee will be based on the actual weight of the items or the volumetric weight of the package inclusive of the external packaging, which might be higher.

How To Enable Shipping Fee For Multiple Items?

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As you know Shipping fees for shopee vouchers can impact your business. Buyers will buy the things more when there are discounts and free shipping. The question is can we enable the shipping fee option multiple times? The answer is yes, you can set it multiple times.

You can set up your shipping channel via the shipping setting page on the seller centre or within the Shopee App. You can reach out shopee customer service if you want to request for a Shipping Channel to be added to your options. You can use Shopee supported logistics for hassle-free shipping arrangements. It also allows buyers to track their orders, which helps to improve customer satisfaction. 

If you are not able to see the requested shipping option in your account, your location may be non-serviceable or unsupported by the chosen courier. You can choose your own shipping via non-integrated couriers.

Here are the steps on how to enable shipping fee in shopee Philippines multiples times.

  • Step 1: Tap Start Selling or My Shop under the Me tab
  • Step 2: Tap My Shipping.
  • Step 3: Toggle on the available shipping options and tap save.

For your additional information, you can also enable the cash on delivery payment. To enable the COD, you can kindly toggle on the enable COD. Couriers that you enabled in your Shipping Settings will automatically be your shop’s preferred courier.

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What To Do To Avoid Overcharged Shipping Fee?

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What is the overcharged shipping fee? Overcharged shipping fee is an excess fee in the shipping of an item usually borne by the seller. This overcharged shipping fee happens when the item weighs heavier on the courier’s end due to the additional weight of the bubble wrap and packaging of the item. That’s why the shopee sellers have to take their time to measure the item products properly.

When the shopee seller lists a product on Shopee, they are mandated to enter the weight and dimensions of the product item they sell but when the courier takes your product to the customer, sometimes there is a discrepancy between your entered dimensions and the one that the courier measured. Therefore, an additional charge is applied to the shipping fee to make up for the allowance of measurement.

To avoid the overcharged shipping fee in Shopee, the sellers have to do this tricks:

  • As a seller, you have your own weight measurement device so that you can accurately determine the exact weight and dimension of your products. Upon doing so, you have to give the allowance to the exact weight.
  • If your item weighs approximately 1kg, you can record it as weighing 1.4 kg on your product listing. 

By doing this, you can avoid paying for shipping fee overcharge since what the courier will be weighing won’t be the item but the entire package along with the bubble wrap and box.


Shipping fee shopee is the cost used to ship items from seller to a buyer. Shipping fee vouchers will work to increase your sales on shopee. The seller can enable shipping option shipping fee for multiple items but don’t forget to measure and list your product weight and dimension properly so you will not get the overcharged shipping fee in shopee Philippines and don’t forget that the package will be weight for the entire package along with the box and bubble wrap.

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