Boost your sales in Shopee Philippines in order for your hard work to pay off. When you start selling in Shopee, you are going to want to see to it that your engagement level is high and your visibility is increased. Customers come when you work for them to come. Learn about how to boost Shopee product Philippines!

After opening up your vendor’s office to look at your product sales, you notice that you have a huge amount of work to do! Though you are able to acquire visitors to your store, the stats are not showing it. You’re missing out on some sales because your website isn’t converting enough visitors. 

7 Ways to Boost Your Shopee Sales

The following ideas are from sellers like you and will help you boost your sales and raise the profile of your products. You can even learn Shopee boost product free because Shopee sales funnel down from boosts. Read for these helpful Shopee tips and tricks. 

Do Campaigns on Shopee

Did you know that Shopee has multiple in-app campaigns to help you market your products and boost your store’s visibility? For example, “My Campaigns” was developed to allow sellers to put their products forward for inclusion on category and main pages. Because new marketing campaigns are developed from time to time, everyone is invited to submit their items, as long as they meet the current campaign’s requirements!

Prospective sellers will then go through a series of screenings, and their product selections will be based on the following:

  • Item information accuracy. 
  • Your openness to giving discounts up to 20%.
  • Attractiveness of your product prices.

Why is it good: Totally free, and your store’s products are featured on banners in the in-app and desktop campaign as well as in an email blast to Shopee customers. Plus, your click-through rate to your store increases, which means your store gains higher brand awareness. Know more about Shopee advertisement Philippines. 

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Top Picks by Shopee

Shopee features another in-app function, “Top Picks from Shop,” that aids sellers in promoting their products to other customers. After that, you should set up a collection and choose a maximum of eight products that you want to display as your favorites from your shop. For maximum effectiveness, make sure your product photographs are attractive to the eye so shoppers will be encouraged to click on them.

Using this tool helps boost your cross-sales rate because customers are more likely to add to their carts while they’re shopping in your store. You’re raising the size of the cart in your business, since customers would rather buy more products at once in order to save on shipping. The company ensures that your top sellers will be visible at all times. Boost product in Shopee cost hard work and grit. 

Shopee’s Famous Flash Sales

If you frequently use the Shopee platform, then you will be very familiar with Shopee Flash Sales. Deals like these generally show up on the main Shopee homepage, and items that are given prime placement on the site are available at big discounts for a limited time. 

To give your products a boost in visibility and enhance your sales, there’s no reason not to invest in an ad space. With more than 4,000 average views per flash offer timing, it will surely pay off! Make sure to add an extra five days for the Flash Deals Slots in your seller center to be updated.

Successful application tips:

  • Products must be affordable.
  • One time slot per nomination
  • At least five equities must be available on the market.
  • The nominated product’s cover picture must be on a white backdrop.
  • We will not accept any pre-orders.
  • It must be free shipping.
  • The store must have a penalty of fewer than three points.
  • Stores must have at least four stars in reviews. To avoid rejection, follow these rules.

This will increase the exposure of products, therefore perhaps increasing revenue. Useful for shops that want to liquidate their inventory.

Use Ads on Shopee

Shopee “My Ads” is a valuable tool that will increase your product presence in Search results. There are two kinds of adverts that you can use for promoting your product: Sellers can bid for relevant keywords for your products, which will appear alongside the products the user searches for on the site. 

Sellers can target their advertising with the “Similar Products” function, which will have their ads placed on the product detail page of items that are similar to the ones they are selling. You may modify your ad settings, including budget, ad length, and bid price, from your My Ads account after picking your keywords. 

After a few days of running, you can assess your performance reports and learn how to better target your future adverts. This link provides further information on managing your advertising. Shopee ads cost reasonably when used correctly. 

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Explore Shopee Vouchers

Another really nifty option that we like as a Shopee merchant is the opportunity to make your own vouchers. Correct! It says just that. You can use the vouchers to attract shoppers to your merchandise. Shopee “My Vouchers” allows you to make customized vouchers for your shop, or even coupons that apply to certain products. 

An example of that would be having customers get Php199 off of any purchase of at least Php299, or 5 percent off of particular items with a purchase minimum of Php499, and so on. You have the freedom to design the vouchers anyway you want, and you will also have total control over the parameters of each one. It is very simple. 

Use Discount Promotions 

Have you heard about the following trick to become a power seller on Shopee? Shopee’s “My Discount Promotions” function lets you offer a limited-time discount on your products. You can choose to apply the discount to a specific product or across numerous items. Everything depends on you! Make sure to restrict the quantity of reduced items each customer may buy, so that everyone has a fair shot to acquire the bargains.

It helps because it is essential to stay price-competitive compared to other sellers, regardless of whether you are ready to decrease your price. Discounts are a great way to entice customers to your store to buy.

Stick to What is Available to You

We mustn’t forget these few easy rules to remember when you want to be a great internet merchant. strong photo taking In our current digital world, where platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter dominate our lives, it’s important to have excellent product photography if you want people to click on your products. 

Research has found that consumers have less patience to wade through piles of information on the Internet, preferring to scan and be done with it. Thus, vendors must find a technique to hold purchasers’ attention. Effective information processing is made simpler by implementing aesthetically pleasing content, thus increasing the chances that potential buyers will view your site for a longer period of time.

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