Have you ever got Shopee shipping problems? If you recently received a negative balance on your Shopee order, this may be the result of overpriced shipping charges. What is an excess shipping fee and how to avoid overcharge shipping fee Shopee? Here is the explanation how do you avoid payment discrepancy Shopee.

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What is Shopee Overcharge Shipping Fee? 

Overcharged shipping fee refers to the excessive shipping fee that will be borne by the sellers when the actual shipping fee (ASF) or shipping fee charged by the logistics partner is higher than the estimated shipping fee (ESF) paid by the buyer or shipping fee calculated by Shopee’s system. 

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Why Does This Happen?

For one thing, the deviation could have arisen because the seller didn’t really take the time to measure the item. Instead, he made an informed estimate of how much his item weighed. 

On the other hand, the item may have been heavier due to the added weight of the bubble wrap and the packaging of the item on the courier side.

The difference between the shipping fee charged by the logistics partner and shipping fee calculated by Shopee system could be attributed to the following reasons:

Seller Didn’t Input the Dimension of the Product

Does Shopee charge shipping fee to seller and how does Shopee calculate shipping cost? The Shopee system will calculate the shipping fee based on actual weight or volumetric weight depending on whichever is higher. 

Thus, when a seller does not input the dimension in the product listing, the Shopee system will automatically calculate the shipping fee based on the actual weight that the seller has inputted. That’s why overcharge Shopee happens.

Seller Inputs Incorrect Weight/Dimension of the Product

When an incorrect weight or dimension is inputted (e.g. not factoring in the packaging into the weight or dimensions input in the product listing), the shipping fee calculated by Shopee’s system will also be incorrect. Hence, this will result in an overcharged shipping fee.

Actual Pickup Address is Different from the Default Pickup Address

Besides the weight of the package, how far a delivery travels from the seller’s pickup address to the shipping destination affects the shipping fee calculation. In essence, the further the distance, the higher the price. 

Shopee system calculates shipping fee charged to buyer based on the default pickup address of the seller. However, when the seller sets a different pickup address upon arrangement of shipment, the logistics partner will adjust the shipping fee according to the actual pickup address. Any discrepancy between the system-generated shipping fee and that computed by the logistics partner will be borne by the seller.

How Does Shopee Mitigate This Issue?

When the logistics partner charges an unusually high shipping fee, this may result in the “negative payout”. 

Due to major complaints about negative balance sellers receive when delivering an order, Shopee’s policy is to temporarily mark orders with abnormally high shipping costs. This refers to when the shipping fee costs more than the amount to be credited to the sellers.

To avoid this from happening, Shopee’s system flags orders with unusually high shipping fees, and payout will be temporarily withheld until further actions are taken. 

Shopee will then check with the relevant logistics partner to confirm the actual weight, pickup address, and shipping fee of the order to validate what the system had calculated.

If shipping costs need to be adjusted, Shopee will contact both parties involved (seller and buyer). 

Once the logistics partner has confirmed and verifies the actual shipping costs for each order, Shopee will then update the new shipping fee accordingly in the record of Shopee API and the payout will be released to the seller’s Shopee wallet. 

Due to this process, it will take three to five working days for the payment to post to the seller’s account. 

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What You Can Do to Prevent Shipping Fee Overcharge

How to fix overcharge Shopee shipping fee? To avoid payment discrepancies due to overcharged shipping fees, please strictly observe the guidelines highlighted below.

Use Quality Packaging of the Right Size

Make sure that items fit snugly in the external packaging (i.e. box) to secure the products and avoid being charged with higher shipping costs. 

Ensure Weight and Dimensions of the Product are Correct

It would be a good idea to take home a weight measuring device so that you can accurately determine the exact weight and dimensions of your item. You have to take this weight into account.

By providing both weight and parcel size, Shopee’s system can accurately calculate the shipping fee to be charged to the buyer, minimizing mismatch with actual shipping fee as calculated by the logistics partner. 

Make sure to enter values for weight in kilograms and for dimensions in centimeters. Convert measures to required measurement units if needed.

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Set Your Pickup Address as Your Return Address

To avoid payment discrepancies during returns, set your return address to the same location as your pickup address.

If you are using the drop off option, don’t forget to set your pickup address as your return address.

Factor in External Packaging when Measuring Weight and Dimensions

Can you overcharge for shipping? Yes, you can. When logistics partners compute actual and volumetric weights, they take into consideration the entirety of the parcel including its external packaging. Thus, when measuring weight and dimensions to be inputted in the system, take into account the packaging as well (e.g., box, bubble wrap, plastic film, etc.) 

If your item weighs approximately 1 kg, it may be a good idea to add it to your list of products with a weight of 1.3 kg. 

In this way, you can avoid paying excessive shipping costs as the courier weighs the entire package including bubble wrap and box rather than the item.

Set Default Pickup Address

The system automatically uses the default pickup address in calculating shipping fee charged to the buyer. However, if a seller sets a different pickup address upon arrangement of shipment, the logistics partner will adjust shipping fee accordingly. To avoid payment discrepancy, stick to your default pickup address.


An overcharge shipping Shopee fee is the result of the discrepancy between the Actual Shipping Fee (ASF) charged by the logistic partner and the Estimated Shipping Fee (ESF) paid by the buyer. 

You can ensure weight and dimension are inputted correctly, set your pickup address as your return address, and the other ways that explained are what to do to prevent overcharge shipping fee Shopee.

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