Are you curious about Shopee checkout rates and whether there is a transaction fee when selling things in Shopee? And yes, there is a transaction fee when selling in Shopee which is calculated from the total amount of buyer order times 2.24% transaction fee + VAT. If you want to know more about it. Let’s check these articles out!

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How Much Is The Transaction Fee In Shopee?

You might be curious about the Shopee delivery process and whether there is any transaction fee in Shopee. And yes there is a transaction fee when selling things in Shopee. So what is the seller ‘s transaction fee? Seller transaction fee is a fee that occurs for handling. This fee covers the cost of payment transaction. And from August 2020, every successful transaction in Shopee will be charged 2%  (+VAT) from the customer’s total amount. 

Here is how to calculate transaction fee, 

Total buyer payment x 2.24% transaction fee + VAT.

For example, if the product’s cost is P400 and the shipping fee is P50, you can deduct the total amount by using the voucher and your Shopee coins. Just said you have a P25 Shopee voucher and Shopee coins of P100. After you calculate it the total buyer amount becomes P325. Then to calculate the seller transaction fee the total amount of Customer payment P325 x 2.24%. So the seller’s transaction fee will be P7.

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And for your additional information all nominal values of 0.01 to 0.49 will be rounded down, while 0.50 to 0.99 will be rounded up. This seller transaction fee are applied and charged to all Shopee sellers except if it

  • Cancelled by buyers
  • Cancelled by sellers
  • Auto-cancelled by the system
  • Returned/Refunded

There is also a frequently asked question about Why is Shopee shipping fee philippines included in the Transaction Fee calculation? It is because the transaction fee is calculated and charged based on the total amount of the customer’s transaction, not from the amount that is credited to the Shopee Seller.

You might also be curious why there is VAT in Transaction Fee calculation. It is because the Shopee transaction fee is the subject to VAT under local tax regulations in the Philippines. The VAT imposed on the transaction fee that is charged by Shopee to Shopee sellers, not from the merchandise sold by Shopee sellers.

The official receipts of all the transaction fees charged will be issued by Shopee. You can ask and coordinate with Shopee customer service if you have any queries regarding this matter and as additional information,  Shopee seller is the one who has the responsibility to report their own taxes to the BIR and Shopee will not filed sellers taxes.

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Why Is Shopee Delivery so Expensive?

Are you curious to know how much is the shipping fee in Shopee? Actually there is Shopee shipping fee rates 2021 which can be used as measurements of the shipping fee. You also need to inform the correct Shopee packaging size as well as the dimensions to prevent any  additional cost or failed delivery. 

How to set packaging size in Shopee? To set your packaging size, you need to calculate the package volumetric weight. Measure the length, width and the height of your package. You can measure the longest side as the package length and the shortest one as its height. The formula to count the packaging size is :

Max Length x Max Width x (Sum of Height and Quantity) / 5000

Shopee sellers are allowed to only nominate and customize shipping fees to non-Shopee logistics partners like  j&t shipping fee philippines but of course sellers need to calculate and set their own packaging Shopee j&t measurement correctly.

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So how to set shipping fees in Shopee? The first thing that sellers need to do to set up the shipping fee is to activate the chosen logistics provider. Sellers will be asked about the product dimension and weight on the edit or add product page. Here are the tips on how to input the preferred courier.

  • Step 1 : Go to your Shopee Seller Account
  • Step 2 : Click on My Shop or Start Selling on the Me Tab page
  • Step 3 : Select My Products or Add New Product to set the Shopee shipping fee rates
  • Step 4 : Click on Shipping Fee
  • Step 5 : Fill in the accurate dimension such as size and its weight and toggle on the chosen courier for your shipment. After that click save.

For your information, shipping fee rates will depend on the total of the products actual weights or you can use the volumetric weight either. So if the buyer buys more than one product in your shop, the shipping fee will be based on the sum of the product’s weight. Therefore sellers need to count and set the volumetric weight properly. If the seller does not input the correct dimensions of the products, they will be charged an overcharged shipping fee.

What is the overcharge shipping fee? Is it different from the usual shipping fee rates? Shopee overcharge shipping fee is the additional shipping fee that occurs by the Shopee sellers when the supported logistics partners charge higher shipping rates than the calculated shipping fee by the Shopee system which is calculated based on the volumetric weight and actual weight.

This overcharged shipping fee happens when the shipping fee charged by the supported logistics partner and the Shopee systems is different. This difference might happen by 2 reasons such as:

  • Shopee seller wrongly input the dimension of the package
  • Shopee seller not input the dimension at all

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Actual order weight will be calculated as the total of actual weights of all items in one order by taking the maximum of the order volumetric weight with the actual one. If there is a difference between shipping fee calculated by Shopee system and logistics partner, you will be charged for overcharged shipping fee.

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