How to order multiple items in shopee? Most people in the world are doing online shopping nowadays and one of the famous e-commerce platforms is Shopee. Shopee, a Sea company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

Sea is a leader in digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services across Greater Southeast Asia. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

How to order in shopee for beginners? Shopee provides consumers an easy, secure, fast, and enjoyable online shopping experience that is enjoyed by tens of millions of consumers daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and seamless fulfillment. 

Shopee commits to helping brands and sellers succeed in e-commerce, and is highly tailored for each market in which it operates.

How to buy at shopee? As you know, Shopee is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan which offers several products such as consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries but for those who have never done online shopping will keep questioning how to buy multiple times in shopee?

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How Do You Buy Multiple Items on Shopee?

How to order multiple items in lazada or shopee? Shopee started out as a customer-to-customer (C2C), mobile and social media focused marketplace. Later, the company evolved to include business-to-customer (B2C) sales as well, and developed a desktop version to give access to people who prefer to use their computers when shopping.

How to order different variations in shopee? To purchase products from different sellers in the same order, simply add the products to your cart via the Add to Cart button while browsing so that you can pay for them together during checkout.

How to order same product but different color in shopee? To place your order after adding desired products to the cart, select the shopping cart icon on the Shopee App > Select products to purchase on Shopping Cart page > Checkout > Place Order to confirm your purchase.

Take a note that :

  • If you will use shopee Shipping Vouchers, it will only apply to orders that meet the minimum spend required for the voucher. For single checkouts, a Free Shipping Voucher can only apply to a shopee maximum checkout per day of 7 shops (effective August 1, 2021).
  • If you will use Product Discount or Coins Cashback vouchers, this will only apply to the applicable shops, depending on the voucher’s terms and conditions.
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Can I Combine Shipping on Shopee?

When you do online shopping in Shopee, you will be charged a shopee shipping fee per item. So what is the shipping fee? Shipping fee shopee is the cost used to ship items from seller to a buyer. 

As a seller lists an item, he or she can determine and disclose the cost to ship. The buyer can attempt to negotiate the shipping fee before payment is made by the buyers.

How to order in shopee with one shipping fee? As you know Shipping fees for shopee vouchers can impact your business. Buyers will buy the things more when there are discounts and free shipping. The question is can you combine  the shipping fee on Shopee Philippines? The answer is yes, you can combine it.

Shipping fee is the cost incurred by a seller when delivering a parcel to a buyer. As sellers will prepare and ship their own parcels, buying from different sellers means you will have to pay different shipping fees charged by each seller.

For example, if you purchase Item X from Seller A (shipping fee Php 40) and Item Y from Seller B (shipping fee Php 45), the total shipping fee of the order will be PHP 85.

How to know if your order in shopee is confirmed? If you are buying multiple products from the same seller in one order, you will only be charged the shipping fee once. For example, if you purchase Items X, Y, Z from Seller A in one order, you will only be charged the shipping fee once.  If you purchase 5 units of Item X from Seller A in one order, you will still be charged the same shipping fee.

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Can I Have More Than 1 Shop in Shopee?

Sub-Account Platform is a feature which allows sellers to set up different permissions for your shop(s) to process daily operations. This way, you can have a team of members to manage different shop functions, as well as varied shop decorations and shipping instructions which are more tailored for each shop.

Here are the benefits of sub-account platform:

  • Main Account can have a team of members (Member Accounts) to manage different shop functions, such as operations, customer service, and more.
  • Main Account can bind multiple shops under the same account to manage all of them together.
  • As both Main Account and Member Account can gain access to Seller Center and Webchat, it significantly increases business efficiency.

Sub-Account Platform helps you to combine all your shops and subsequently allows you to segregate the duties of your staff in one web browser at one glance. To begin using the Sub-Account Platform, you will need to create a Main Account for you to be able to manage all the Member Accounts that you will create later as well as to monitor their performance individually.

You can use the steps below, to create your Main Account :

  1. Login to your Shopee Seller Center.
  2. Move your mouse pointer to your Shop Username which is located at the right corner.
  3. Click on the drop down named as “Sub-account Binding”.
  4. Selection of account types (To bind shop / To apply Main Account)
  • If you have a Main Account, click To bind shop
  • If you don’t have a Main Account, click To apply Main account

You will be diverted into another page which requires you to fill up all the details respectively. Make sure all the contact details are correctly filled.

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Shopee is an online marketplace that connects sellers with buyers who can purchase products in several categories, including electronics or fashion. Shopee makes money via marketplace commissions, transaction fees, CPC advertising on its platform, fulfillment services, payment fees, as well as commissions paid by restaurants. Shopee operates on a marketplace business model.

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