One of the reasons why a customer chooses your shop is if you have a CoD option. Why? CoD allows the payment period to be shorter, and there is no delay in the receipt of cash.

CoD also protects businesses from the risk that a customer will not pay or pays late for goods and ensures reliable cash flow. On the other hand, CoD gives them additional time to fund the full payment for consumers. How do you enable cash on delivery Shopee seller in Shopee then? Read on to find out.

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What is Shopee?

Shopee is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers. It was established in 2015. It has since expanded its operations in the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Consider Shopee to be a typical mall for the sake of beginners. Buyers come to buy, and sellers come to sell their wares. The only difference is that the entire buying and selling process is carried out online.

As a result, three parties are involved: the seller, the buyer, and Shopee, who owns the site where the transaction takes place.

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The Reason Why Shopee is a Good Place to Sell 

For those of you already curious why Shopee is a good place to sell, here are the reasons. 

Shopee Offers Free Shipping

Free shipping naturally attracts more customers. Furthermore, the more customers Shopee attracts, the more potential customers will buy from your store, resulting in even more sales.

When a purchase exceeds 500 pesos, the seller will provide free shipping, not per order. 

Assume you are the buyer. You want to buy three shirts from Seller A. This purchase costs 501 pesos. That means you qualify for free shipping from Seller A. Shopee does not profit from this transaction.

But suppose you want to purchase another item. Unfortunately, Seller A does not carry the item you seek. Instead, you found it for 200 pesos at Seller B’s store. You no longer qualify for free shipping because you did not reach the free shipping Shopee CoD limit, which means Shopee profits from your 50 peso shipping fee.

Lower Commission Rate

Shopee Philippines charges a 1.5% transaction fee of the total payment you receive from your buyers. This is why Shopee items are so cheap despite the fact that they all come from the same suppliers.

Shopee Offers Cash on Delivery

Buyers are hesitant to share their credit card information online. After all, where there is money, there will be scammers. What is Shopee’s solution? Cash on Delivery.

Cash on delivery Shopee meaning buyers don’t need to share their credit card information. And, indeed, sales skyrocketed after COD. Customers are increasingly putting their trust in Shopee.

Don’t Need a Business Permit to Start 

You don’t have to register to SEC or DTI to run your Shopee business. But if you don’t want to deal with the confusing, complicated, tiresome permits and documents, you don’t have to.

If you want to establish your own brand name though, you do have to register your business and get the necessary government papers. The free permit only applies to sellers with unbranded items.

Expats in the Philippines Can Earn from Shopee

Are you an expat who can’t find a job that pays nearly the same rate in your own country? Then Shopee is an excellent business idea for you.

Expat business owners usually register their business under Filipino names. Needless to say, that’s pretty risky. In Shopee though, that isn’t something you’ll have to worry about.

How to Sell in Shopee?

Then how to start selling in Shopee? Here are the steps.

For existing Sellers

  1. Login to Shopee
  1. Tap My Shop in the Me tab, then tap Seller Assistant and select Shop Profile to complete your shop profile.
  1. There are 3 main components to your shop’s profile:
  • Shop Name

Choose a distinctive and memorable shop name that reflects your shop and products.

  • Images and Videos

Upload up to 5 images and videos to give your shop a strong brand identity. 

  • Shop Description

Create a short and succinct description to attract shoppers to your shop..

For New Sellers

  1. Login to Seller Centre via desktop 
  1. Select Shop Settings to complete your shop profile
  1. Tap Start Selling in the Me tab, then create a product listing

Add Pickup Address

  1. Tap Account Settings in the Me tab
  1. Tap Add a new address, and fill out the required fields, and toggle on the Set As Pickup Address, then tap Submit

Create a Product Listing

  1. Tap Start Selling under the Me tab
  1. Tap Add New Product
  1. Add Photo and upload high resolution and professionally taken photos of your product
  1. Fill in the product details such as Product Name, Product Description, Category, Price, Stock, Variation, Wholesale (optional), Shipping Fee, Condition. Tap Publish and your product is now listed on Shopee
  1. For adding Shipping Fee, add the Weight, Packaging Size Dimension, and toggle on the preferred courier then tap Save
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How to Activate CoD in Shopee Seller?

You can set up your shipping channel via the Shipping Setting page on Seller Centre or within the Shopee App. Here is how to enable CoD in Shopee Philippines.

Tap Start Selling or My Shop under the Me Tab

The first step is click on the Me tab on your Shopee App. Then tap on Start Selling or My Shop on the left side. 

Tap My Shipping

After the page loads, you can tap on My Shipping. Then you will be directed to Shop Shipping Settings.

Toggle Shipping Options and Tap Save

For those of you who asked how to change CoD in Shopee seller, kindly toggle on the Enable COD. Couriers that you enabled in your Shipping Settings will automatically be your shop’s preferred courier. Once you’re done, tap Save.

Working of Cash on Delivery (CoD) and its Process Flow

The seller can get the CoD money and CoD pending review Shopee seller if the order has been received by the buyer. That’s how cash on delivery works for the seller. 

If you want to use Shopee seller cash on delivery in the Philippines, you need to know several things, including its process flow. The first is you must make sure that you are located inside the covered area of the courier. If no CoD option Shopee seller, that means you’re located outside the covered area.

CoD payment option is available for sellers who are already participants on LBC and Black Arrow free shipping integrated promo with pick up address located inside Metro Manila, Rizal.

So, if there’s an option for Black Arrow or LBC integrated shipping for you, that means you qualify for CoD transaction. Shopee will also notify you if you once you qualify for the COD transaction.


Shopee is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers. Shopee also offers CoD payment for you. One benefit of CoD is it protects businesses from the risk that a customer will not pay or pays late for goods and ensures reliable cash flow.

To use Shopee cash on delivery seller in the Philippines, you must make sure that you are located inside the covered area of the courier. if there’s an option for Black Arrow or LBC integrated shipping for you, that means you qualify for CoD transaction.

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