If you want to start selling in Shopee, you should know all about the delivery services that they acknowledge. It will help you set up your shop because taking care of it is already one hurdle that is out of the way. Shipping settings in Shopee is important because your customers want to know how or when their orders are going to be delivered.

Delivery services provide merchants with logistical solutions for their customers and other orders. This makes business operations quick and more organized. In the Philippines, people love hearing the knock or doorbell rings from Kuya Shopee Riders! Make sure that your shipping is set up and fixed when starting to sell on Shopee. 

What is Delivery Services?

Trade and commerce rely on delivery, which entails transport and distribution. The study of how to effectively deliver and distribute merchandise is known as logistics, whereas the overall process of getting products from place to place is called distribution. Delivery services and distribution companies, firms that specialize in moving commercial goods from where they are made or stored to their place of sale, are typically known as distributors. 

Besides delivering personal mail, postal services, courier services, and moving companies also provide business and commercial deliveries. The arrival of an order might inspire people to schedule their day around it, thus setting a delivery time ensures customers will be happy with their experience and come back to your store.

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How to Set Delivery Services in Shopee Seller Center?

It is possible to configure your chosen delivery channel on the Shipping Setting page of the Seller Center or within the Shopee App. Please contact Shopee Customer Service or your respective Manager if you would like a Shipping Channel to be added to your list of available alternatives. 

If you are unable to view the requested shipping option in your account, it is possible that your location is not serviced or that the chosen courier does not support your location. There is a standard delivery Shopee follows so you should know more about it. 

Go to “Shipping Settings” on the left side of your screen. This can be found in the Seller Centre of Shopee, and will enable you to access all the Shipping settings that you need to fix and handle while setting up your shop. 

Afterwards, click on the toggle button until it becomes green to confirm that they are on. You can also edit the DTS or days to ship found in this page to manage expectations of your consumers and have them know how long they need to wait for the item they ordered from your shop on Shopee. 

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Best Delivery Services for Shopee Philippines

There are a lot of Delivery Services available in Shopee. These couriers are options that you can enable on your Shopee seller account when you start selling in Shopee. You should know about Shopee delivery partners and standard express tracking. 

Refer to this list (arranged according to popularity):

  • Shopee Express Delivery
  • JRS Express
  • J&T Express
  • GoGo Express
  • Entrego

You can research about the areas covered, prices and availability of these couriers and avail the one that meets your needs the most. This will help you look for Shopee tracking order J&T, or GoGo and more. 

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How to Track Shopee Shipping in Seller Center?

As soon as purchases are collected off or handed on, the courier will begin the process of delivering the packages to their respective recipients. Sellers can monitor reports from the delivery company in the Seller Centre or the Shopee app, which allows them to keep track of the status of their orders. Utilize Shopee delivery tracking PH. 

If you want to view it via the website:

  • You can gain access through the Seller Centre by going to the My Orders page and selecting “Shipping.”
  • To find out more about a certain order, select Check Details from the menu bar.
  • You may view any changes from the courier concerning your cargo by looking at the Logistics Information.

If you want to view it via the Shopee App:

  • To gain access through the Shopee App, go to the Me tab and select My Shop from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the More option from the My Sales drop-down menu.
  • Select the Shipping tab and search for the order that you wish to analyze in more detail.
  • In order to access all updates from the courier regarding the shipment, click on the Order ID and then tap View beside Shipping Information.

Now that you know about Shopee standard delivery tracking, you can now plot out and plan how to handle your shop’s logistical needs and shipping route. You can also refer to Shopee delivery schedule and Shopee delivery areas in order to fully be well aware of the shipping and delivery. Tracking overseas orders is also possible with Shopee international tracking. 

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