Gaining more new customers and increasing your sales by getting your Shopee seller account tagged as “Preferred Seller Shopee”. If you are still confused on how to get that “Preferred” badge attached to your account, then you’ve come across the right place because here you will find every guide you need in order to transform into a preferred seller by Shopee.

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What is a Shopee Preferred Seller?

Shopee Philippines has four different types of badges to differentiate each seller. The badges are divided into: Overseas, Marketplace, Preferred, and Mall. Each of these badges identify different levels of the sellers that helps sellers in overall branding. By having one of these badges, sellers were given different perks and benefits that will be useful for the growth of its store.

By having Shopee Preferred Seller badge, sellers showcased their store having great sales and amazing customer service skills among Shopee’s platform. Once you’re qualified as a Shopee Preferred seller, you will get a “Preferred” badge shown on both your shop and listings.

Is Shopee Preferred Legit?

Buyers won’t have to worry about the legibility of a Shopee Preferred store. One of the reasons why many sellers are pushing themselves to get the Preferred badge as fast as possible is because, once a store is listed as a preferred seller, they will also get the “Shopee 100% Authentic Guarantee” tagged on their products.

So, no need to question “are Shopee preferred authentic” or not because, the Shopee platform itself already gives you a guarantee.

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Benefit of Seller Preferred Badge

Having a preferred badge shown on your store comes with a lot of perks. Here’s some of Shopee Preferred Seller benefits that you can enjoy once your store is listed as one:

  • Gain a greater market credibility for your store;
  • Take advantage of exclusive shop ads;
  • Chance to boost exposure with the dedicated search filter for preferred sellers.

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Need more insight about how Shopee Preferred vs Mall is different and need to grasp some idea about how to actually register to become a preferred seller? Keep scrolling, we will also provide you some tips as a closing of the whole article.

How Do You Get Preferred Seller on Shopee?

In order for a seller to be on the list of Shopee Preferred sellers, a seller’s store has to meet a certain list of requirements set by Shopee. Aside from that, the seller’s shop should also comply with Shopee’s seller policies as well as maintaining a clean penalty record.

What are The Criteria to be a Preferred Seller?

Citing from Shopee Seller Education Hub, the criteria that a seller has to fit in order to be qualified for the preferred seller program by Shopee is:

  • Seller has to build up a strong sales record;
  • Seller and the store listed has to offer excellent customer services;
  • Have to fulfill all orders not only quickly but also reliably;
  • Complying with Shopee seller policies;
  • Maintaining a clean penalty record;
  • Achieving high shop and product ratings.

Shopee guarantees that the seller’s performance is measured in a fair and transparent manner and that the seller has to meet all these performance targets in order to be listed as Shopee Preferred. The performance target mentioned is:

  • Net orders in last 30 days reach 50 or above;
  • Unique buyers in last 30 days reach 30 or above;
  • All time shop ratings reach 4.5 or above;
  • Both Non-Fulfillment Rate (NFR) and Late Shipment Rate (LSR) in the last 7 days have to be on 14.99% or below 14.99%;
  • Responding chat rate has to be 70% or above;
  • Zero number of days during which the percentage of active pre-order listings exceeds 10% in the last 30 days;
  • Zero number of current penalty points;
  • Having no ongoing penalties;
  • No record of past or ongoing account suspension.

The difference between net orders and unique buyers are

  • Net orders: total amount of orders placed in the last 30 days excluding all canceled, returned , and refunded order cases;
  • Unique buyers: number of unique buyers who have their order paid in the last 30 days, excluding all canceled, returned, and refunded orders.

Starting from March 14, penalty points will be applied when Non-Fulfilment Rate (NFR) and/or Late Shipment Rate (LSR) reaches 10%. Not only that, your product listings should also fulfill the following criteria such as:

  • No counterfeit items;
  • No prohibited listings;
  • Make sure to have read all the “Listing Guidelines” and kindly follow it.

As mentioned above, if your account is detected to have counterfeit listings, then Shopee will automatically put your shop on the blacklist for one month and will get Shopee Preferred Seller denied. 

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5 Tips to Become a Shopee Preferred Seller

To have your store faster become on the list of shopee preferred seller Philippines area, here’s some tips you might find helpful:

Snap Your Product in HD

Unlike real time shopping in offline stores where buyers can get to feel the product, marketplace and online shopping only rely on images and sometimes video to attract consumers until they decide to make a purchase.

With that being said, you have to make sure to upload your product images in at least three different angles to let your potential customers grasp the idea on what kind of item they’re going to get once they made a purchase. It will also be great if you can invest a little bit more on a DSLR or flagship smartphone with good camera quality as well as some backdrop for your product shooting necessities.

Craft Your Product Description in Effective Ways

You have to enable your customers to get a general idea of what to expect from the product they’re gonna buy from your store in terms of both features and functionalities. Avoid doing the hard selling caption on your description because people won’t pay attention to that. Also, avoid utilizing too many terms that common potential buyers don’t understand because it’s going to get your description misinterpreted and incomprehensible.

Use everyday words to make it easier for everyone to understand. Talk or if you can, do a story telling about the benefits of having the product, not just the specifications. Don’t forget to make sure you’re using the appropriate keyword to make your product searchable. In conclusion, learn a bit about content writing to make your product have more selling value.

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One of the Shopee Preferred criteria requires you to get at least 50 net orders in the last 30 days. Aside from that, you are also required to gain 30 unique buyers in the same sort of time in order to be qualified for registering yourself as Shopee Preferred Seller.

Shopee provides each of their sellers with a free marketing feature called “Boost Now” where you can use it to expand your audience. By activating this feature, Shopee will automatically create ads for you and make your product visible in various page among the platform.

Use Other Platform to Promote Your Product

Aside from using either free marketing tools or paid marketing tools by Shopee, it’s wise to also promote your products and store through social media pages. Mainly because the audience in social media like Facebook and Instagram is wider so it could increase your chance to make a sale. 

Besides, you can also use social media as a channel to gain customer trust by giving honest reviews for example. And you can keep Shopee running as the channel where your customers can officially buy your product.

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Honor the Community Rules of Shopee

There’s a golden quote called “do as the Romans do”. Shopee is also blatant about how a seller should comply with the rules and regulations they made in order to be qualified to become a Preferred Seller. Follow the dos and the don’ts below:

The Dos:

  • Maintaining a good selling record;
  • Respect your customers regardless of the feedback they left on your page;
  • Use the Shopee platform only for selling and not advertising.

The Don’ts:

  • Create multiple listings for the same products;
  • Publish misleading information such as price, shipping information, and/or products description;
  • Scamming buyers.

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