Keyword Ads on Shopee are important because shoppers use keywords to look for shops and products when they will buy something online or on Shopee particularly. Keyword Ads are now under Search Ads which means that in order to optimize it, people will need to search the keywords that you bid on. Shopee My Ads help business owners on Shopee to put themselves out there for many customers to see. 

If you are an online seller on ecommerce platforms, chances are you are wondering how to boost your online sales on Shopee? The secret to this answer lies in the ads that you create and the ads that you bring out for your potential customers to see. Ads can be powerful when used correctly and more importantly, strategically. Read more below about one of the ads that you can make use of in Shopee Philippines. 

With this article, you’ll be able to create easy-to-make yet effective ads that won’t require you to force your store into Shopee Facebook ads or make an entire Shopee advertisement script all while minimizing Shopee ads cost.

What are Keyword Ads in Shopee Philippines?

When buyers search for terms that you have bid on, your products will appear in prominent positions on the search results page, allowing you to increase sales. This will help to increase the amount of exposure your products receive. This is where Keyword Ads come into play. You can see them appear in the Shopee App and the Shopee Website as well.

On the Shopee App, the first two product listings on the search results page are keyword advertising, which are displayed as the first two product listings. Following that, one advertisement is presented after every three listings. On the Website, the first five entries on the search results page are keyword advertising, which are shown as text links. Following that, five advertisements are presented after every 40 listings.

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How to Set Up Keywords Ads Using Search Products in Shopee?

Keyword Ads are now under the banner of Search Ads and joined with it is the Shop Ads. These are all found in the Seller Centre, with the Marketing tools that Shopee provides specifically for the ads. Here are the simple steps to set up a Search Ads on Shopee:

Step 1: Marketing Centre

In the Marketing Centre found on the left side of your screen you need to click on “Shopee Ads” in order to land on the page where you can create and/or edit your Shopee ads. 

Step 2: Create a New Ad

Once you land on this page, you will see a button saying “+ Create New Ads”, you need to click it in order to see the Search Ads option for your desired ads. 

Step 3: Search Ads Option

Once the option of ads flashes on the screen, you need to click on “Search Ads” in order to land on the page where you can create your Search Ads. 

Step 4: Information

You need to fill in the information section of the ad creating page. This will help Shopee know what your ad is about and what it intends to promote. One of the most important Shopee ads tips this article can leave you with is to make sure to double check the details that you will put here because these are the details that will be seen on your store and products once they are out in the public on Shopee. 

Step 5: Publish Your Ad

Once done with everything, you can now publish the ad that you created. It will now be seen across Shopee pages, both on app and website. 

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Benefits of Using Keyword Ads in Shopee

These are all quite beneficial when it comes to setting up your Shopee store for maximum success. Advertisements aid in the process of getting you found, and you should take advantage of this opportunity whenever possible. Start looking into your Shopee My Ads possibilities right away. Here are the benefits:

  • Increase in sales: After someone clicks on your ad, direct them to your business so that they can make a purchase.
  • Increase in your level of visibility: Display the information about your business at the top of the search results page.
  • You are in complete command: Decide on a budget and how much you want to pay for each click before you start shopping.

Check to see if Shop Ads is the greatest option for your business and your clients at this point in time. With the help of these tools, you can find yourself in a position where you need to come up with a Shopee slogan that the people of the Philippines would like. 

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