The COVID-19 epidemic, which began last year, has had a massive impact on human society. People lost jobs, businesses were closed, and many lives have been lost. Finding sustainable means to earn money from home has been the priority for most individuals given the stay-at-home society caused by the lockdown. But thanks to innovations in eCommerce, the online marketplace flourished and it’s about time you took advantage.

Perhaps you have thought of taking advantage of the developing digital market by selling goods and services online. With the success of these online markets, I mean why wouldn’t you? The rise of the internet has resulted in countless Filipinos making fortunes as online sellers. No matter if you’re a beginner, trying to get into the industry, or a seasoned internet entrepreneur seeking to branch out, this article is for you!

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What is an E-Commerce Marketplace?

E-commerce is defined as the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet, with both the money and data needed to complete each sale being transferred via the internet. An e-commerce marketplace is a virtual marketplace from which one can locate a variety of different products and brands being sold by multiple sellers or companies.

Another seller deals with production and delivery, whereas the marketplace manager draws in clients and processes transactions. It makes production more efficient by allowing producers to sell to direct customers through a single portal, bypassing the series of steps of stock keeping.

Top 10 E-Commerce Marketplace in Philippines

The expansion of e-commerce over the last year has caused an entire dynamic development, not only within online shopping but also in other digital platforms. In nearly every developing industry throughout the world, e-commerce has become an accepted means of doing business because of its accessibility, which has led to a craze of key manufacturers trying to make a claim on it.


Shopee is one of the leading marketplaces in the Philippines developed following the former, and eBay in most asian countries. What launched as a smartphone app has also branched out and has drastically increased in numbers globally.

As a key participant, Shopee attracts around 14 million subscribers monthly and provides services, medical and environmental to food supplies, even in Thailand, Indonesian, Taiwan, and other asian markets. 


While it has some similarities to Amazon, Lazada is an online marketplace that allows its merchants to advertise their services. It’s the largest online company in the Philippines, and it’s available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. In 2016, the Foreign e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba bought a majority share in the Southeast Asian online marketplace Lazada.


Metrodeal focuses on restaurant, recreational, retail, and airline offers, with the added service of processing financial transactions, placing this in the same bracket as e-commerce. Metrodeal seems to have been able to quickly grow their business internationally, due to the excellent business to consumer approach.


BeautyMNL is a fashionable, cosmetics, and skincare online shop in the Philippines. The marketplace has both an entertainment website and an offline publication, both of which report on the fashion industry trends, recommend relevant goods, and inform readers about several brands in the industry.


The leading e-commerce website in Southeast Asia when it comes to fashion trends is Zalora. This e-commerce marketplace, which was launched and established in 2012 by Rocket Internet, lets clothing brands increase their profits to all the app’s users. Zalora is now operating in Taiwan, and all of the Southeast Asian countries.


Prior to the creation of a new website, Carousell was an app for smart phones. Through the Carousell portal, Carousell shoppers are able to purchase goods immediately from Carousell merchants, who would use the app to photograph their items and connect with their customers. Aside from the Philippines, Carousell is used in Singapore, Hong Kong, and more.


From the United States and around the globe, eBay is among the most famous e-commerce sites, and its national Philippine website was established for the convenience of native buyers and sellers. eBay Philippines is now geared to provide everything from business-to-business products to exceptional discounts to all public commodities including marketplace Philippines cars or marketplace Philippines motorcycles.


The Argomall online marketplace focuses on selling PCs, electronics, online devices, and adapters. The web’s premier retailer of electronic devices such as laptops offers several different manufacturers and countless products in the market. This is a good digital player in marketplace Manila.

Galleon is a Filipino-specific e-commerce site with a diverse imported product portfolio not sold in the country. A comprehensive range of classes helps Filipinos locate things they want, with deliveries from America and China brought to their home.

Globe Online Shopping

The Globe Online Shop gives smartphone, electronics, clothing, and subscription plans customers access to the newest items and innovations from major electronics manufacturers. Globe Corporation, one of several major corporations in the Philippines, has an e-commerce store called The Globe Online Shop. It is truly a good time for marketplace online shopping. 

5 Steps to Think of When Preparing to Start on the E-Commerce Marketplace 

To develop a successful ecommerce business and grow it swiftly, this is the ideal moment to get started. Experts forecast that the global e-commerce market will experience a large increase in the future. Many merchants on the Internet drive the expansion of the industry, because online marketplaces are where they operate. It’s simple to build a marketplace on your own.

It is possible to incorporate inter-merchant marketplace capabilities in your online marketplace thanks to full integration with the Magento and Shopify store platforms. It doesn’t require a lot of investment. Not only does this integration deliver you greater results than you would receive from a single-vendor online store, but it also offers you other benefits.

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Get a Website Address

Before you begin your own online marketplace, you should get a website address. You are not bothered by this part very much. With a few straightforward steps, you can get a great domain name. This website address prepares your marketplace for significant sales. This is a good step to be a part of marketplace Philippines online.

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Choose Your E-Commerce Software

Moving on, the next thing you have to choose is your e-commerce software. This will be the foundation of your digital commerce business. Your marketplace will be able to supply suppliers and customers with necessary services thanks to the technology. Software is important for marketplace buy and sell Philippines. 

Know About Digital Payments

A basic payment method like PayPal is an important feature in this online marketplace tutorial. Because of this, financing is absolutely critical in any inter e-commerce firm. Knowing about the different banking systems will be crucial for you to avoid problems as you begin an e-commerce platform. Select a payment option that works well with your marketplace and ensure you’ve picked the right payment gate.

Know Your Products

Without merchandise, an e-commerce platform has no heartbeat. Because of this, you should gather suppliers for it. To assist with this part, we will be discussing how to determine which products are being sold, who your sellers will be, and how to draw them to your market. Products are the most important in social commerce such as facebook marketplace Philippines.

Convenience is Key

When consumers find the marketplace inconvenient to use, they will go. They refuse to push trolleys since they’re a hassle. To complicate matters, clients must contend with expensive shipping fees, slow shipping speeds, time-consuming shipping options, and drawn-out transaction methods. Convenience is so important, why else would you think marketplace grocery Philippines is famous?

What are the Courier Services Available in the Philippines?

There are a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to delivery services in the Philippines.

Grab Express

Grab Express is a courier company from Grab Philippines that will arrive within minutes of the request. You can select a time and location to have your goods delivered, and that happens within hours.

JRS Express

You can leave your packages in any of the 400+ locations that JRS Express maintains countrywide. Delivery by courier company provides door-to-door, same-day, and transportation management options. Other places to ship products include certain countries.

J&T Express

J&T Express launched its Philippine service in 2018. It has grown from over 400 outlets around the country. The cost of this shipping service varies based on the point of ordering and drop. You can schedule a delivery using their site, apps, social media profiles, and by calling their help center. J&T Express is a very prevalent delivery service utilized by Shopee and Lazada customers.


Founded in the Philippines, Lalamove is a same-day, on-demand shipping service that delivers inside a specific city. In addition to carrying smaller shipments, this delivery software can convey big corporate objects. You can also select your favorite shipping timeframe while using Lalamove.


LBC is a renowned Philippine shipping service. You may drop it off start picking up your shipment at 1,000+ locations across the country. Including its cash on collection function, LBC also includes payment for your things in money.

Ninja Van

A Singapore-based service, Ninja Van has developed into one of the most successful courier companies in Southeast Asia. One to seven business days delivery is available with rear service in the Philippines.


In Luzon, you can use this courier service to send any item to any location. For those who want immediate pickup or want to schedule a delivery more than a week out, the option is available. It has been one of the domestic Filipino couriers that provide moving delivery services.


2GO provides countrywide door-to-door delivery for PHP 60 for their minimum price. You must see one of their local branches or organize a pickup through their Contact Center Channel to mail an item. Shipping is generally completed within one to five business days.


You can make a door-to-door transport reservation with Zoom Courier’s site. In addition to offering delivery services, this company also provides an automatic scheduling system to get customers’ packages to them from your online marketplace when they make a purchase.

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