The Shopee seller badges help buyers in identifying which sellers are better than the other. It is important for the buyers because they want to be able to trust the shops where they buy their goods from. There are four different types of badges in Shopee Philippines, the Overseas, Marketplace, Preferred, and Mall. Wondering how to be a power seller on Shopee? Getting and maintaining the badge is the way to go. 

Each of the badges identify different levels of shopee sellers. These badges help in the perception of the consumers in your store and overall branding. Having the badges give you different perks and benefits that other marketplace sellers do not have. Which is why you need to aim to get these badges in order to be an official trusted Shopee seller in the Philippines. Wondering what is Shopee preferred seller program? Read more below. 

What is a Preferred Seller on Shopee Philippines?

Shopee Preferred meaning it’s stores on the platform with great sales and customer service skills and labels them as preferred sellers. Being a Preferred seller on the platform your store will have a Preferred seller badge on your store and on your products. Preferred sellers also get a “Shopee 100% Authentic Guarantee” tag on their products which attracts more customers and raises your online store’s credibility on the platform

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Benefits of being a Preferred Seller on Shopee

There are many benefits that come with being a Preferred Seller on Shopee. Having this badge can help you in marketing, reliability, sales, and many more. Read below for the different benefits. This will give you a good grasp of how shopee preferred vs mall works. 

Greater Market Credibility for your Store

One of the most basic and immediate advantages of being a Preferred Seller on Shopee is that the Preferred tag serves as a sign of assurance for your products and service quality. This will easily attract customers to your store and away from your competitors. Since people know that the badge of Shopee preferred authentic products only, your credibility will soar indefinitely. 

Take Advantage of Exclusive Shop Ads

As part of the Shopee seller program, your shop will appear at the top of the search results page when buyers search for certain keywords that match your ads. This both boosts your store’s exposure and helps you grow sales quickly and easily. Exclusive Shopee ads have more potential of appearing on the homepages of people and this can result in very good things for you such as an increase in sales too. 

Boost Exposure with the Dedicated Search Filter for Preferred Sellers

When buyers search for products, they can opt to filter the results to only show products from Preferred Sellers. So if you are a preferred seller, you’ll have very distinct exposure to clients that will generate revenue for you in no time. Since they are Shopee managed sellers, exposure is a very rare perk. There are many new seller rewards programs Shopee has for good sellers. 

Shopee does its best to take care of sellers who earned the badge of Preferred Sellers. With this, the search filter will help you in appearing on top of people’s pages more when they search for the particular product that you are selling. 

Attract Consumers with Exclusive Vouchers from Shopee

Of course, one of the biggest highlights for those who use Shopee are the vouchers. So occasionally Shopee would release vouchers that can only be redeemed in Preferred Seller stores and this is where you can take advantage. These vouchers not only entices to spend more but it entices them to spend more on preferred vendors (like yourself). 

There is nothing more in the world that Filipino shopaholics want more than vouchers. Having not just ordinary vouchers care of Shopee will boost your advertising, and brand reputation. This will encourage a lot of your buyers to recommend your shop to people they know as well. After all, there is no greater marketing than the word of mouth. 

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How can you become a Preferred Seller in Shopee?

In order to actually become a preferred seller on Shopee your store needs to meet a certain list of requirements. Your store will need to have strong sales numbers, great customer service and high shop and product ratings. Additionally, your store should also comply with Shopee’s seller policies and must maintain a clean penalty record. 

Here are the qualifying requirements: 

  • Developing a great track record of sales 
  • Providing superior client service 
  • Providing prompt and reliable service for all orders 
  • Adherence to Shopee’s seller policies and a clean penalty record
  • Obtaining good ratings for your shop and products 

Here is a table guide:

Unique Buyers (last 30 days)≥ 30
Net orders (last 30 days)≥ 50
Chat response rate≥ 70%
Shop rating (all-time)≥ 4.5
Non-fulfillment rate (in the last 7 days)≤ 14.99%
Late shipment rate (in the last 7 days)≤ 14.99% 
Number of days which the percentage of active pre-order listings exceed 10% (in the last 30 days)0
Current number of seller penalty points0
Ongoing penalties for accountNONE
Past or ongoing account suspensionsNONE

Once you’ve got all of this done, you should receive a notification regarding your eligibility to be a preferred seller.

Upon clicking the notification, you’ll have to register your store and provide some additional information to Shopee. Once you’ve submitted all of these, Shopee will review your store’s application and you will be made and oriented as a Preferred Seller on the following Monday.

To make sure you avoid your application to be a shopee preferred seller denied, you’ll need to make sure that you pay close attention in making sure the information you’re providing them with is accurate and clear. In particular, you need to make sure you know what is IC in Shopee (the Identification card) and that it is updated and your photo of it is clear.

Can You Lose Your Preferred Seller Badge?

Your performance goals will persist to be reviewed after you’ve already entered the Shopee Preferred Sellers program in order to preserve the high level of quality of the program. You will lose your Preferred Seller title if your business fails to satisfy any of the performance requirements listed above.

Maintain a watchful eye on your progress on the Preferred Seller page in order to avoid jeopardizing your Preferred Seller designation. In addition, if you acquire a disclaimer notification, you must take proactive initiatives to strengthen your overall performance.

If, on the other hand, you do not take corrective action to meet the minimum performance expectations, you will forfeit your Preferred Seller designation. On the Preferred Seller page, you can find out when the status will be removed and when it will be removed.

Here’s a table guide:

Unique Buyers (last 30 days)≤ 29
Net orders (last 30 days)≤ 49
Chat response rate≤ 65.0%
Shop rating (all-time)≤ 4
Non-fulfillment rate≥ 15%
Late shipment rate≥ 15 %
Penalty points≥3 
Days of pre-order listing violation≥ 6
%POL≥ 20%
L7D counterfeit listing≥ 5

Make sure to keep in check all the time and refer to this guide in ensuring that your Preferred Seller badge will not be lost. It is an important status, and a prestigious one at that because Shopee themselves invite you so as a seller, you must take good care of it. 

Shopee is strict about upholding standards and experience for their customers which makes it even more difficult to be lenient about the little lapses of sellers. If you want the ultimate best for your shop, you should make sure that once you have the Preferred badge, you will continue to do your best in keeping it. 

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