Are you looking for a payday sale shopee and curious on when the sale will be held? You go to the right sites. In this article, we will discuss the shopee Next sale and what promos are available there. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check this article out!

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January 15 Payday Sale

Sale shopee? Who doesn’t love it? You can enjoy this payday sale starting on January 15. You can see many vouchers there like free shipping vouchers, cashbacks and many more. That’s why you may not miss this payday sale. You will also get limited time discounts and no shipping fee needed on January 30.Beside that, there are special giveaways in this campaign. Don’t forget to turn on your TV on January 30 to see the Shopee Shake segments at 1 PM.

50% Bills Cashback

Are you curious about the Shopee sale schedule in the Philippines? Actually there is a sale every month. You just have to remember the twin numbers like Shopee sale 1.1 or Shopee 9.9 sale. You will get many vouchers there including 50% bills cashback. This cashback will save your money. In other words, you just need to pay half of the item you ordered.

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Hot Deals As Low As ₱15

There are hot deals on Shopee payday sale july. Don’t forget to top up your ShopeePay to hunt these hot deals as low as ₱15. These hot deals come in limited stock within a range of time. So, don’t forget to make a reminder.

10% Off Brand Vouchers

Payday sale shopee november offers 10% off vouchers. This voucher can only be used for selected brands. To use this voucher, you need to input and apply the voucher before check out.

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Promos You Can’t Miss On Shopee’s 1.1 New Year Sale

Promos, sales, cashback and vouchers are the tools to attract your customer. They will not miss the chance to get the promotions. Mark your sale calendar, so you will not miss this campaign. Here are the promos you can’t miss on Shopee sale, such as:

₱1 Deals

Nowadays, you can’t buy things with ₱1 but it might happen in Shopee. You might be surprised by the things you can buy in ₱1 deals. But to get these promotions, you need to hunt faster. That’s why you need to prepare your Shopee Pay wallet for a quick check out.

Daily 10% Off

There is a daily 10% off voucher in Shopee. You can save for ₱1,000 when you use this daily 10% voucher before checking out your order. Don’t forget to claim the voucher first before using it.

Discount Code Hunt From Partner Banks

Beside a shopee voucher, you can get a promotion or cash back from the bank. To get the code, you need to hunt and fulfill all the terms and conditions applied there. To get the promotions, you need to pay your shopee bills with the selected bank accounts or the credit cards on Shopee.

Watch And Win Big With Shopee

There is also another promotion in Shopee. You just need to watch and win the big prizes that are available there. This program will be held from January 31 to February 2. Watch the show until the end and see what prize you might get and for more exciting prizes, stay tuned in to Shopee Live!

If you are looking for discounted items in Shopee, you can use the trending program of #shopeefinds. By using these hashtags, you can find the products which are on sale and maybe those products are the ones you are looking for. Beside that, this feature helps you to save your time to search for discounted items.

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Celebrate Chinese New Year With #AngPaonalo

Chinese new year is about to come. There will be promotions regarding the chinese new years stuff like lanterns, red pocket, candies, cookies and many more. To save your time, just search with #AngPaonalo prizes on Shopee Feed to see all products related to Chinese New yearBesides that, there is a chance to get the giveaways in this #AngPaonalo campaign. You can also send virtual blessings and angpaos with shopee gift cards or shopeepay.

Hourly Flash Deals 

When is shopee 10.10 Sale? Shopee 10.10 will be held on 10 october, you just need to see the twin number there. In the shopee campaign, there will be hourly flash deals. These flash deals will be held within a range of time. It is usually for 2 hours only. For your information, there are flash deals waiting for you on February 2. The first deals will start at 12 midnight. Turn on your shopee notification to get more information about the deals.

Shop And Play Harder With Shopee Prize

Here is the place where you can shop, play games and get the prize in one application. You can get the coins which can be used to deduct your shopee bills when you play the games in Shopee. There are several games you can choose such as Shopee Claw, Shopee Candy,Shopee Farm and also Shopee Bubble.

Giveaways Of Stackable Voucher 

Do you know that you can use many vouchers in one order? You can apply for a free shipping voucher, shop voucher and also discount or cashback voucher in your order before check out.

Category Fair

There is a category fair in Shopee. Category fair can be used to help you to find the discounted products you are looking for. There will be many great deals in this category fair starting from January 31 to February 2. 

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Who doesn’t love sales? No one can avoid discounts, cashbacks and promotions. Shopee offers many benefits and cashback in their deals. Shopee usually held promotions and sales in the twin numbers like shope sale 8.8 and so on. Don’t miss the deals there. Keep turning on your shopee notification and set up your reminder so you won’t miss the deals.

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