Who doesn’t know Shopee? Shopee is one of the leading marketplace in Southeast Asia. Shopee also offers cashback vouchers to attract customers. How does Shopee cashback work? You will receive the cashback in the form of Shopee coins which you can use to offset your next order. Do you want to know about it? Let’s read this article for more information needed.

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What Is Shopee Coin Philippines?

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Shopee Coins are Shopee’s official virtual currency which is created to reward Shopee’s customers with more savings in their next order. This Shopee can be used to redeem for vouchers which buyers can use in their order. 

Shopee coins cannot be exchanged for cash but you can use it to deduct the amount of your order. For example if your total amount is ₱200 and you have 50 coins, you will need to pay ₱150 since the deduction from your coins.

The Shopee coins you get will expire at the end of the third month you received the coins. This means if you get the coins on 1st September, the coins will expire on 31st December. So make sure to use your coins before it expires. You can your Shopee coin and the expired date by following this steps

  • Go to Me Page
  • Choose My Shopee Coins or alternatively from the Coins Rewards page
  • Tapping on your coin balance amount

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What Is Shopee Coin Cashback?

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What is cashback in Shopee? Actually Shopee cashback meaning is the same with other cashbacks. Cashback means getting money off things that you buy.This cashback usually comes in a percentage of your shopping total amount. 

There is a cash back Shopee program which is called coins cashback special. Coins cashback special is a program for sellers to promote their shop to increase daily orders. This program gives buyers the option to earn coins using coin cashback vouchers. 1 Shopee coin you get can be used to offset ₱1 on future purchases.

Seller will be charged for each Shopee coins cashback voucher that used by the buyers. The seller will be charged for 3% Service Fee, limited to ₱100 per item on all completed orders and 2 % Service Fee, for sellers under specific categories which is also limited to 100 per item.

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How Is Shopee Cashback Calculated?

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What does 15% cashback Shopee means ? if you receive this cashback voucher, it means you will get the 15% coins from your order in Shopee. How about 100% cashback Shopee meaning? Does it mean we don’t need to pay for our order? When you receive 100% cashback, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay for your order. You still need to pay your order like usual but you will receive the coins which you can use in the next order.

If I get Shopee 15% cashback how does it work? Cashback vouchers allow the buyer to receive cashback in the form of Shopee coins that can be used to offset their next order. So if you have a 15% cashback voucher when making a ₱10 purchase, you will get 150 Shopee coins which is equivalent to the amount of ₱1.50.

How Do I Claim My Shopee Coins From Cash Back?

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You already know what Shopee cashback meaning is. You might be curious on how to use cashback in Shopee. If you want to use cashback in Shopee. You need to claim the cashback voucher first and check whether the voucher can be used or not. Here are the steps to check the voucher’s availability and how to get cashback from Shopee.

  • Select the items that you want to buy and put them in the shopping cart. Then go to the checkout and click on all the items you wish to pay for during this checkout.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will also see “Shopee Voucher—select or enter code” and “Coins to redeem” (if applicable).
  • Click on the Shopee voucher.
  • It will then take you to all the vouchers you have, including the free shipping.
  • Then click on, for example, the 10% cashback voucher—it will show you how many coins you will earn.
  • Then click on another cashback voucher, say 35% cashback. It will similarly show you how many coins you will earn with 35%.
  • Compare which gives more, then use that cashback voucher.
  • You will automatically get your cashback coin once your order is complete

How Does Cashback Work In Shopee For Sellers?

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This Shopee Cashback program was introduced to help sellers drive more sales by giving buyers the Shopee-sponsored 10% or more coins cashback. This cashback program will also give the additional marketing exposure as buyers usually choose sellers with cashback incentives.

By offering this cashback voucher, the seller can attract buyers and increase the size of each order and also increase traffic to the seller’s shop. Sometimes there is a minimum spending amount required to qualify for this voucher but in a particular promotion period, no minimum spending amount is set.

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How To Ensure That Shopee Cashback Is Tracked For Sellers?

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Here are the steps you need to take to ensure your Shopee 10% cashback is tracked 

  • Download the ShopBack App
  • Download the Shopee App 
  • Click through ShopBack App to the Shopee App
  • Buy as usual and enjoy your cashback

When your customer uses the shoppe cashback voucher, the cashback will be tracked at the lower amount but will be uplifted once Shopee confirms that the order is made by a new customer. You will know your final cashback amount after 75 days from your order date. If your buyer makes 3 separate transactions and uses the voucher 20% cashback Shopee you offer, they should click through ShopBack 3 times, each time before making a new purchase.


Buyer can use the cashback voucher offered by the seller. They will receive the cashback in the form of Shopee coins which you can use to deduct their next purchase. To use this voucher, they need to claim it first. Sellers also can end this cashback program. If you want to know more about how to remove cashback Shopee sellers, try to contact the Shopee call centre.

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