Most people in the world are doing online shopping nowadays and one of the famous e-commerce platforms is Shopee. As you know, shopee is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan which offers several products such as consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries but for those who have never done online shopping will keep questioning How to order in shopee?  

Don’t worry! In this article, it discusses how to order in Shopee Philippines and how to get free shipping voucher in Shopee Philippines. So do you want to know more? So check these articles for more information!

How To Order?

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For those who have never done online shopping in Shoppee, you have to download the apps first or you can use the shopee website Philippines and make and register your shopee account. In order to make a purchase on Shopee, you must have a local delivery address as Shopee.

To start shopping on Shopee, you have to follow the following steps :

  • Browse the items on the homepage
  • Then search for the item you are looking for using the search bar.
  • Once you have selected an item, you will be directed to the product page where you can click onBuy Now to place an order directly, Chat Now to message the seller. Add to Cart to save the product to your shopping cart.
  • If you decide to buy the products already, click on Buy Now.
  • Select the preferred item variation, if any.
  • At the checkout page, you will be able to change your delivery details, delivery options and apply any available Shopee Voucher.
  • Select your preferred payment method and click Place Order.
  • Successful purchases will be reflected under To Ship in the My Purchases page.

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Shopee Shipping  

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In shoppe ecommerce platform, there are shopee vouchers free shipping that are offered by shopee. These Shopee voucher free shipping will make your online shopping experience feel more exciting besides that you can save your shipping fee too. Free shipping voucher shopee is a voucher that is offered by Shopee which can be applied during checkout so that you may enjoy free shipping for your order.  

This Shopee free shipping is not available to all sellers and products. You can only use the voucher for the selected products and sellers that join this program. So before you do the check out, you have to check properly whether the free shipping voucher can be applied to the products you want to buy.

Shopee Free Shipping Program

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What is a free shipping program? Free shipping program is a programme introduced and offered by shopee to help sellers drive more sales by offering free shipping for buyers with some purchase budget. This means, the buyers will get the free shipping if they reach some budget that is set by the seller.

For example, if the seller who joins this free shipping programme sets a budget for a minimum purchase of Php 500, it means the buyers will get the Shopee free shipping voucher when they buy the products of Php 500 and above. If they do not reach the minimum budget, they have to pay the shipping fee.

How To Claim Your Free Shipping Voucher

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How to get free shipping in shopee? To claim your Free shipping code shopee, you have to follow these steps:

  • Step 1 tap free shipping then tap Claim to claim Free Shipping Vouchers or tap View to view the Free Shipping Voucher.
  • Step 2 Tap My Vouchers under Me tab, this is where you can view the claimed Free Shipping Vouchers.
  • Step 3: Under My Vouchers, you can view all your saved free shipping vouchers.
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How To View Free Shipping Voucher 

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To view your Free Shipping Vouchers, you can follow this steps:

  • Log in to your shoppe account
  • Go to My Vouchers
  • Under My Wallet via the Me tab on Shopee App
  • Successfully claimed vouchers will automatically be stored in My Vouchers.
  • Free Shipping Vouchers are renewed and distributed every month. You can claim the vouchers when they are available. Any unused Free Shipping Voucher will be forfeited and non refundable.

How To Use Free Shipping Voucher

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To use the Shopee free shipping voucher 2021, you have to select shopee voucher on the shopping cart page after you have chosen the products to purchase, select voucher, then click OK. The free shipping voucher will apply to your purchase. Free Shipping Vouchers can be used together with discount vouchers offered by sellers. You can use up to 3 types of vouchers during checkout.

These vouchers will only be available for selection if your order meets the terms and conditions for the use of Free Shipping Vouchers like the minimum purchase amount, payment methods and other terms and conditions applied by the sellers. One Free Shipping Voucher is valid for a maximum of 7 purchases from different sellers in one checkout 

Why Is The Free Shipping Voucher Isn’t Working

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Some of you must have felt this. The are several reason on why you shopee voucher code free shipping is not working, such as:

  • The voucher code has expired
  • Products in your shopping cart are not eligible for the discount
  • Terms and conditions are not met
  • If applying a “new user only voucher” and our system detected that another account has logged in using the same device before
  • The user’s phone number is on our fraudulent blacklist

In some conditions, your voucher code can be reused again if  you cancel the order before making payment, Seller cancels the order or your entire order is being refunded. For your information, every voucher code has its own terms and conditions such as the minimum spend, redemption period, for specific shops and others.


Shopee offers shopee vouchers free shipping in the Philippines which are distributed and renewed every month which you can claim them every month. The free shipping voucher can be applied when you order products on shopee Philippines. But you have to fulfill all the terms and conditions before applying for this free shipping voucher in Shopee Philippines.

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