A Lazada advertising is one thing you need to do when selling in Lazada. You can increase your products visibility when advertising your business. Let’s read this article for more information.

What Are Lazada Campaigns?

Are you intending to open your online store on Lazada ecommerce marketplace? If yes, it might be a great decision you make because it will help you with your business. But your business will not work just by creating your Lazada account. You need to prepare your business and Lazada advertising strategy.

By setting up your business and advertising strategy, you can determine and focus on what you want to reach by selling things online. One of the things you need to do to help you with your business is by holding the Lazada campaigns.

So what are Lazada campaigns? Is it the same with Lazada Google shopping ads? Lazada campaign is a Lazada special event that helps Lazada sellers to generate more sales and views but is there any Lazada advertisement script? Here are the tips on how to join the Lazada campaigns:

  • Go to Lazada seller center and select campaign under the promotion page.
  • Then tap join button for the complete details.
  • Choose the product you want to promote by using + Add product button.
  • Insert the campaign price.
  • Click submit button after review it.

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How Can I Advertise On Lazada Philippines?

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Are Lazada ads annoying? Some customers might think that advertisement is so annoying but actually the advertisement will really help to increase your brand awareness and store visibility. What are the benefits of advertising on Lazada? Here are the benefits for you.

  • Get more orders and sales.
  • Higher visits.
  • Get higher revenues during campaign.

There are several ways you can choose to promote your business. Here are the options for you.

Lazada Sponsored Search Ads

You can increase your products visibility when using Lazada sponsored ads. This ads option will give the advertiser to reach more customers. Here are tips to use Lazada sponsored search ads to drive sales in a low cost:

  • Choose the product you want to promote.
  • Find and search the good keyword as well as the keyword volume.
  • Optimize the Lazada search ads by adding the negative keywords and change the keyword bid prices.

Lazada Marketing – Sponsored Product Ads

Lazada sponsored discovery also helps you to increase your sales and reach more customers. In these ads, you will not be able to choose the specific keywords for the promoted products your own because Lazada will be the one that detect the most relevant traffic and show your sponsored product ads.

Lazada sponsored product ads is the must-have ads campaign in your advertising strategy because it doesn’t have a huge impression. The charges of sponsored products are based on CPC. Beside that, you can also show your ads on your competitor product page and give more choices to the target customers.

Lazada Sponsored Display Ads

Another way to advertise your business is by using Lazada sponsored display ads. Advertisers will be charged based on the CPM model. By using this advertising strategy, you can see how your products visibility will increase.

Lazada Affiliate Program

There is a Lazada affiliate program which is a program that other people can use to earn more money by promoting your products on social media. To promote your business, you need to share the link into other social media and once a purchase is made from the link, the affiliate publisher will be paid based on commission payment model. 

Lazada Flexi Combo

There is also another promotional tool that you can use to promote your business which is Lazada Flexi Combo. Actually flexi combo is a bundle deal but with a time slot.

Lazada Bundles

There are also Lazada bundles that can be used to promote your products. You can bundle one product with another product. Bundle deals are an effective way to increase your sales but you need to remember that this bundle and flexi combo can’t be used to market your business at the same time.

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Lazada Seller Voucher

Another way to attract your customer is by offering vouchers. You can use this voucher as a promotion tool to increase your conversion rate. For your information, there are two types of vouchers such as seller vouchers and Lazada vouchers. The good thing is you can use both vouchers at the same time.

Lazada Free Shipping Promotion

You can also create Free shipping promotions to market your business and attract more customers. By offering a free shipping voucher, you will see how your sales will increase.

Lazada Seller Picks

There is a feature which Lazada sellers pick so this feature will help to improve your product visibility in the search result page. To have more product visibility, you also need to increase your performance as a Lazada seller.

Lazada Store Decorator

To attract more attention, you can use Lazada store decoration to help you. Lazada store decoration is a customization tool that decorates your shop which is to help their shop look more attractive. In this feature, you can choose the shop page theme as you want

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To use this feature, you can click and add the product categories that you’re selling on your shop homepage. After that you need to choose the banners and video materials to decorate your homepage. 

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What Is Lazada Marketing Fee?

Lazada marketing is a thing you need to do when selling things online in the Lazada marketplace. This Lazada marketing will help you to reach your business goals such as brand awareness, product visibility, products’ demand and many more.

How much is the Lazada marketing fee? Actually there is no fixed amount when you advertise your shop, business and products in Lazada because it will depend on the ads types you choose. Beside that, you can set your advertising budget or the amount of money you are willing to pay to advertise your business. The more competitive your bid,the opportunity your product will appear.


Lazada campaign is a Lazada special event that helps Lazada sellers to generate more sales and views. There is no fixed amount to advertise your business and products in Lazada because it will depend on your budget.

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